Zaztrix was the last lord of Delta Zantrangatus, and of The Watchers. He died (most likely) in the explosion of the planet.

Appearance Edit

Zaztrix looked like the usual Watcher, but wore a big, sinister outfit, for that was what the Watcher lord usually wore, and was 5'10.

Personality Edit

Zaztrix was psychopathic, merciless, vicious, mentally unstable, and was known throughout the galaxy for being a megalomaniac.

History Edit

Zaztrix was borne like any other Watcher. He lived the first bit of his life like any other Watcher. Watchers are borne adults, thanks to cloning, and Zaztrix learned all he needed. When the previous Watcher lord, Gilvan, died, Zaztrix was unexpectedly chosen, and was only 7 when he became lord. It wasn't until age 117 that he and his subjects ended up in a war with The Miyuki Raiders. And it wasn't untill age 119 that it ended. Zaztrix had been left, trapped, while his planet exploded, most likely taking him with it.
Pokemon FR LG E Deoxys Battle Music02:45

Pokemon FR LG E Deoxys Battle Music

Zaztrix' battle theme.

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