The War of 100 Years is the war between Irk and Vort.

The Invader assigned to the enemy's capital planet, Vort, was Invader Larb. This was also a part of Operation Impending Doom 2.
War of 100 Years

The War of 100 Years.

Thresh vort

Commander Thresh and Irken Elite Crux on Vort.

The top militia was Invader Szar, Doobla, Meen, A.

This was a lifetime of action because they went though a warp that would make the war 10 times longer.

This war was the deadliest in Irken History and Vortian History.

The Irkens lost 36,000 and the Vortians lost 67,896. This was when the Vorts gave in due to losing too many lives and devastation.

This was the most historic event in Irk History, because one of the Tallest was killed at this time.

Eventualy the Vortians surrendered when they ran out of Vortians to fire from cannons.

Vort lost the war, and Irk won. Every year the victory is celebrated on Comfortable Couch Day.

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