Volcani, Magmoni.


2 (Pargim and Orgia)


Factory Planet, while its moon Orgia is used as a storage and shipping center for products made on the planet.

Notable Facts

Despite its name, a large majority of Volcanus is plains and mountains. The only lava is in small lakes and the Magmoni Capital.


Volcanus is the first planet assigned to Invader Nox. It's main terrain is yellow grass plains and rocky mountains, with lava lakes dotted on the surface. City's are built at the foot of a mountain surrounded by large walls.


After it's conquest by Invader Nox, Volcanus was turned into a factory world, with the Volcani; as its workers/slaves. On the other hand, Volcanus's moon Orgia is is a Storage Facility and Shipping Center for products made on Volcanus. Orgia is currently run by Magmoni workers.

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