Irken Experiment 225-12, or Vel, is a mix of Comatose and Vira's DNA.


Comatose decided to try out a DNA experiment. She fused a sample of Vira's DNA and her own. The result was 225-12. When converted to letters, the numbers turned into the word VEL. This became her name.


Vel is a perfect balance between Comatose and Vira's personalities. She's very kind and smart, like Comatose, yet possesses the destructive nature and strength of Vira.




Vel is very tall, has one red eye, one green eye, one red PAK spot, and one green PAK spot. She wears an all-black scientist uniform. Her gloves have red buckles and her boots have green.


Even though Vel has only been alive for 1 year, she appears to be 19, in the middle of Comatose and Vira's ages.

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