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SPORE pictures

This is some pictures of stuff I made on SPORE.

CRE -10b2ed5f ful
CRE -10b2ed67 sml

It's vicious predator,the Serphaziner,it uses it's 4 arms to slice flesh and tear it's prey apart. It also has a nasty bite and poison sprayers on it's head.

CRE -10b2ed65 sml
CRE Serphaziner-10b2ed6c ful
Spore 2013-11-18 00-29-11

The Krinkrusak's ancient ancestor,the krinkussit. A simple worm creature living in Planet Ravinaxam's distant past. Emerging from the ocean.

Spore 2013-11-18 16-58-33

Double trouble at the Krinkrusak nest

Spore 2013-11-18 16-52-01

The Krinkrusak(Pink lobstery ant thing) attacking it's natural enemy.

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