Years ago,when smart robloxians thrived,there were many demands for new stuff. Hats,Tools,cars.

More and more things were being mass produced,creating tons of the pollution. 

Eventually the pollution began to deteriorate robloxian minds,creating idiotic robloxians.

Soon most of the population had become unintelligent fools.

The idiots demanded stupid things,like new laws and privileges for the rich(BC)

The leaders(admin) decided to listen to their demands. The remaining smart robloxians were ignored.

Eventually the smart robloxians grew tired. A war broke out between the morons and the intellligent ones.

The dumb robloxians decided to use nuclear warfare. Not realizing the horrible consequences.

The dumb ones slaughtered the smart robloxians because of their large numbers and brute force.

The aftermath of the nukes mutated robloxians and wildlife. Resulting in the creation of of new species(Draccobloxxers,zombies,slime,etc)

Some of the smart robloxians were affected. Resulting in cancer and deformities. One of these deformities were mental retardation and damaged voiceboxes. Resulting in...


The guests are silent robloxians. Most of them don't talk because of their harmful mutations. While others mimic other robloxians.(Ex:Hi! Hello. Do you want to be my friend?)

The admins decided to help increase the guest population. So they could annoy other robloxians.

The smart robloxian survivors were let back into their society. But with unequal rights.

This explains why smart robloxians are picked on and treated unfairly.

The noobs are the result of dumb robloxians being mutated. Resulting in MORE brain damage and limted vocabulary.

Also,have you ever thought why robloxians are all diffierent colors? MUTATIONS

So the leaders are actually corrupt sadistic rulers that only rule because most of the population is too stupid to rise up. 

The guests are brain damaged sad little robloxians. They express their anger of being deformed by causing destruction and chaos.

Noobs are deformed mutants with the intelligence of toddlers. 

Robloxian Noob

A noob. A result of the nuclear war.

OBC,TBC,and BC are rich selfish morons who get support from Robloxia's leaders.

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