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November 28, 2012
  • I live in HELL
  • I was born on February 9
  • MysteriousTriangleguy


    Cravitus jib we must secure the closet

    but was there even a closet

    fuck I really fucked up by eating more of these nuggets 10:49 MysteriousTriangleguy jib quickly block the closet entrance before its too late 10:50 Invader Jib fuck that closet im not afraid 10:50 Cravitus but there is no closet Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 10:51 Uncle Samsonite You should have listened to the dorito, boy. 10:51 Invader Jib no fuck you 10:51 Cravitus hobo sexuality 10:51 Uncle Samsonite * Uncle Samsonite grabbed MTG and dipped him into a pit of guacamole, proceeding to eat him.  10:51 MysteriousTriangleguy jIB yOU stUPId FUCK- 10:52 Cravitus the plot twist is jib planned for this to happen if only so that lurk's waifu could be his 10:52 Uncle Sams…

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  • MysteriousTriangleguy

    Invader Jiblurk loses focus and rationality when off meds

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  • MysteriousTriangleguy


    • ButterflyMask 
    • Invader Jib 
    • 12:28MysteriousTriangleguy
    • 12:29Invader Jibblue fire
    • k00l
    • 12:33MysteriousTriangleguymeanwhile purple and yellow are lurk personality
    • yellow fits more
    • 12:34Invader Jibo
    • 12:34MysteriousTriangleguyiso and bill intensifies
    • 12:35Invader Jibo my god
    • i didnt even think of that
    • Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 
    • 12:40ButterflyMaskso theres a hack now that allows you to stream 3ds games to pc without a capture card
    • might do this
    • 12:41Invader Jibo
    • cool
    • 12:43MysteriousTriangleguylurk personality type is a triangle
    • 12:44Invader JibSquare’s ideal is a planned, regular, life where everything is predictable
    • welp
    • 12:45Mysteri…
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  • MysteriousTriangleguy
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  • MysteriousTriangleguy

    welcome to hell

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