Greetings. In my last post, I landed in Serpentia, the land of the filthy snake dragons. Here are some observations I've noticed:

They live in holes, whch they curl into at night. They seem to judge peers on wing size. Thye are quick, agile. Serpentians own Snakanines, which are creepy little "mutt-snake" combinations. Dumbest of all, they drop parts of their body when scared too much.

From these observations, I have made my disguise:


I am one of the filthy snake people and BUNS is a Snakanine. We make these things look good.

Also, my base is a hole in the ground, which I will cram all of my materials into. I am reporting from my ship now. The WiFi is lagging.

The little Serpentian child stared at me again. He slithered off like the coward he is. He seems to FEAR my power!

With my base finished, here is a photo:

I plan to report to the Serpentian Academy of Young Warriors And Geniuses soon, posing as a young Serpentian child. By then the boy will be revealed!


Mysterious snake boy and my hole in the ground.

Invader Myu, Beta-rank Invader, signing off. TDI! Gotta win it all! I AM MYU!!!! (talk) 00:37, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

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