Today I began my INVASION!!! I arrived at Impending Doom, but the Tallest were nearly done. They had even finished up with that little runt Zim. Good thing he stalled them, or else they wouldn't have noticed me.

Me before the Tallest, looking awesome.

"My Tallest, where will I invade?"

"The only planet left is Serpentia, home to the winged dragon snakes. But Serpentia is too menacing for a n00b invader like you."

"So what? MYU can handle ANYTHING! and I AM MYU!!!"

That shut them up. Course. I'm awesome.

Received my first SIR unit. Anj made it for me. Its name is BUNS. Horrifying.

Anj gave me BUNS, whose first words to me were, "This invasion is a waste. Irk is a practical utopia. We don't need some filthy snake planet." I asked Anj, "What? She should share my opinions?!?!" Anj smiled at me and said, "BUNS is a PEN unit: Personal Entertainment Nursing unit. She isn't as violent as SIR units."

My filthy peaceful sister has foiled me again! Giving me a SIR with zero protection!

Anyway, I climbed in my voot. I call her Blue Streak. Ol' Blue S carried me 100000 miles to Serpentia. On the way, I passed my rival: Invader Gok.

Gok smirked at me. He banged Blue a few times. He thinks he's perfect because he's an inch taller and high-rank invader. Of course not. I AM THE BEST!!! Okay. Meen may be better. And A. BUT I COME IN A CLOSE RANK. I AM THE EIGHTEENTH BEST!

We arrived in Serpentia, me landing awesomely. Sure enough, there were the winged dragons. Anj had told me legends of the dragons fighting off Invaders in the past. Their military, consisting of high-flying, heat-spitting, x-ray vision venomous snakes, killed seven of our medium-rank invaders. But they're not that bad. Most looked pretty satisfied with their odd, filthy little planet. One Serpentian child with small wings stared at me.

I will report more when I get my disguise and base ready. MYU signing off!!!

TDI! Gotta win it all! I AM MYU!!!! (talk) 03:00, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

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