Me, a PEN unit semi-programmed with SIR technology.

Hello, Irken creators. This is the brilliant PEN-SIR Unit BUNS speaking. Myu is unable to make her log today due to an indisposition. She contracted Invader's Plague and cannot move for 48 hours, or she'll die. So, I'm gonna show the world how awesome I am! LoLo, are you there, baby??? LoLo, my wafffle face?!?!? I AM AWESOME!

So, I am guarding the base today, prominently in Duty-Protection Mode, but now I don't feel like it. That pathetic Nio won't come here; he doesn't know of Myu's conditi-oh. Hold that thought.


NIO: I knew sssomething was up when Myu wasssn't at the academy!

ME: Pathetic boy! I must protect my Myu master!

NIO: I have unmatchable ssspeed when ssslithering! I will capture Myu in her groggy, weak state, and-

ME: Clearly, your mouth is not the same size as your wings.

NIO: Okay. One, my wings are normal sssized. Two, I MUSSST SSSAVE SSSERPENTIA!


NIO: Hiyah! Facccce the wrath of my ssssneaky sssnake powers!


NIO: Ow! No fair! Ow, it's in my eye! I can't sssee-oh! Eeee...

ME: I knew that would hurt. Serpentians are weak in the wings!

NIO: Urgh! Fine! But Myu is still weak, so-

MYU: Ughhh...what? Are the 48 hours up?

ME: Yes, master!

MYU: Nio, you twit! Stupid Serpentian! I have the upper hand! BUNS! Blast him away!

ME: In the wings?


NIO: Not the wings! Not the wings!

MYU: He's gone. He limped away in cower of MYU! Thanks for weakening him, BUNS. I guess you really are capable of protecting me. Can I finish my log?

ME: Heck, no! I'm on a roll!

Now that Myu finally respects me, I can do anything! And she'll let me! I finally have free-

Sorry BUNS, but I call the shots around here. Anyway, I overcame that virus with ease! My plan is almost in action! With BUNS's newfound capability, I CAN RULE THE UNIVERSE!!! And I know what you're thinking. I was indeed careful with the virus containment! It just....escaped....when I dropped it....Aw, whatever. Invader Myu signing off. AND BUNS! No, not BUNS! Hahaha, they love me! BUNS, stop jacking thee signal! Ugh.

Don't be a sourpuss, Myu! I will write as much as I wan- Hey....don't cut the power! I have more to say-

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