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  • MightyMewtron

    An Update

    April 25, 2015 by MightyMewtron

    If you forgot who I am, I am Invader Myu.

    I have not succeeded in a new invasion, as I let my ego get the better of me. The quality of my work is slipping.

    My conquest in conquering the Pokemon world failed because I put off the completion of my base to enter BUNS into several Pokemon contests. She won one, then failed the several I entered into afterwards holding onto the idea that we could become famous, gain respect, and take the world over.

    Serpentia is still under Irken control, despite a few failed rebellions. Nio is imprisoned and pathetic. I became embarrassed socializing with a Serpentian and essentially ditched Mika. Do I feel bad about it? ...Somewhat...I don't have many other people to rant to, except BUNS who mostly just makes f…

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  • MightyMewtron

    Whooooa. I have been so out of it. I totally forgot to invade another planet! Luckily BUNS smacked me across the face today and screamed for me to go do something. I figured invading would be doing something!

    What is my new plan, you ask? Simple: I will travel to the Pokemon World and invade the Kanto region. I figure the strength of these creatures will be a great aid to Irk.

    I've researched the Pokemon World. I have decided to be a human, as then I can control Pokemon. What will BUNS be, you ask? She will be the hideous yellow Pokemon known as a "Psyduck". She wasn't happy about it.

    "Myu! You fool! Why would I dress like that?! I look like a moron!"

    "BUNS, we have to for the mission. Put on your bill!"

    I dressed as a powerful trainer known as "M…

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  • MightyMewtron

    Today, Tak and I began our plan to conquer Serpentia. It was a simple plan: manipulate their minds, then access their strengths to play for our own good.

    We started at SAYWAG. First, we went over to a Serpentian child, one we knew was very skilled.

    "Orok," began Tak, "Pon said your wings are small."

    "What? Pon!" Orok screamed. "Pon, you said we were besssstiess!"

    "Huh? You're getting mad over nothing, Orok."

    "They said! And the generic girl is hot, and Myu has big, magically changing wings! They won't lie!"

    "Orok. You're insssane."

    Sure enough, Orok attacked Pon with his snakey fangs! Tak knew that since Serpentian children are trained for war so early in their lives, and they are so ruthless and dim-witted, tturning them against each other was the b…

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  • MightyMewtron

    Surprise Guest

    October 21, 2012 by MightyMewtron


    With new assistance, I am this close to conquering Serpentia!

    You can't see it, but I'm making a pinch with my fingers to symbolize how close I am.

    Remember that Serpentian girl Nio gawked over? Here's what happened today.

    I was at school, and Nio was complimenting the girl on her wings. She made fun of his, he ran away crying.

    "Nice job of handling the Serpentian boy," I told her, "who is one of us! Heh." (I am so convincing.)

    "Thank you," she said with a voice I somewhat recognized.

    I liked the cut of her jib. I told her so. "Would you like to come to my bas-er, place later?" I needed a test subject, and this girl was it!

    "Okay. I'll be there at 4:00 S-Time."

    She came to my base, and I grabbed ahold of her! "BUNS! TIE HER UP!" …

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  • MightyMewtron


    October 20, 2012 by MightyMewtron

    Hello, Irken creators. This is the brilliant PEN-SIR Unit BUNS speaking. Myu is unable to make her log today due to an indisposition. She contracted Invader's Plague and cannot move for 48 hours, or she'll die. So, I'm gonna show the world how awesome I am! LoLo, are you there, baby??? LoLo, my wafffle face?!?!? I AM AWESOME!

    So, I am guarding the base today, prominently in Duty-Protection Mode, but now I don't feel like it. That pathetic Nio won't come here; he doesn't know of Myu's conditi-oh. Hold that thought.


    NIO: I knew sssomething was up when Myu wasssn't at the academy!

    ME: Pathetic boy! I must protect my Myu master!

    NIO: I have unmatchable ssspeed when ssslithering! I will capture Myu in her groggy, weak stat…

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