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  • Keswicksnumber1fan

    OC Requests

    March 6, 2012 by Keswicksnumber1fan

    Okay guys! I have gotten alot better at Irkens x3. Very much better!!! Just look at my dA!!! EPICNESS!!!!! So, I'm just bored, and no one on dA thinks I'm good at drawing >_> So, up for requests!!!! Just anything for Invader Zim OC!!!!

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  • Keswicksnumber1fan

    Maria opened up the force field and stepped out. Zim aimed his gun at Maria. Maria aimed her gun at Zim. Maria ran into her ship and flew up to Zim. She opened up the lid and jumped in. She took her gun and aimed it at Zim’s head. Zim backed up slowly, accidently pressing the self destruct button. The robot imploded, leaving them to fall to the ground. When they got to solid ground, Zara walked over to Zim. Zara started hitting Zim. The Tallest came out, and then thought Zara had this under control. It took Zara three hours to stop. She stopped after she saw Zim’s head puff up of pain. After this, Zim was banished to Foodcourtia, the Irken snacking planet. Years later they started Impending doom two. Maria and Zara got into the crowd, want…

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  • Keswicksnumber1fan

    New wiki

    December 28, 2011 by Keswicksnumber1fan

    I have just made a new wiki for fan characters for ablsulutly anything. You can put anything up for your fan character, and ill check it. Please check the rules before you do ANYTHING

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  • Keswicksnumber1fan

    “Help!” Maria called out as her hand was slipping. Miyuki stood up from her chair and noticed the helpless child. Miyuki dashed from her spot and started running over to Maria. Miyuki quickly pulled up Maria. “Zim! Your team has lost for cheating!” Miyuki called out to Zim. “What rule did we break?” Zim asked. “You tried to kill our leader!!” Zara shouted out. “Because of you, Zim, your team will not become invaders. Maria’s team will become invaders though.” Red and Purple looked angrily at Zim as Maria and her team skipped off. A few years later Maria, Zara, and Tenn gathered at the soldier training test. They had only come to see Zim fail once again. This time Red was their leader. The race started, and Red ran off. Minutes later, Red s…

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  • Keswicksnumber1fan

    As Maria ran off she ran into a fairly tall Smeet. The Smeet turned around to notice three little Irkens. “I’m sorry, it seems we haven’t met. I’m Nihya. What about you?” Maria stood up and said “I’m Maria, and this is Tenn and Zara.” Tenn and Zara leaned over Maria’s shoulders and waved. “Well it’s nice to meet you all! Would you like to hang out with me for the day?” Maria nodded and they started walking off. “Why do you have no eyes?” Maria asked as she looked at the empty eye sockets of Nihya. “I was born like that.” Maria looked very confused. She had heard of something like that with Tenn. Tenn was born with one red and one purple eye. That was something weird with both of them indeed. “So, what’s your opinion on Red and Purple?” Mar…

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