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  • IrkenMAI


    November 13, 2011 by IrkenMAI

    Hello fellow other irkens, I wish to tell you a story that happend earlier today! Many of you may not have met this creature, half cyborg, that is guarding the center of the galaxy.....THE GROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! SCARY!!!!!! SCREAMS IN TERROR!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! Ok, it all started when Tallest Red told me to put a vortian stallac sample into a secracory system. Soooo.... I asked my sister if she could drive the voot cruiser to the vort secracory system on the reasearch station-3. She said she'll wait in the b-90 section of the 4r-f parking lot while I go in and drop it off. suddenly, this figure came close to me and asked 'can i have your boots?' I didn't know why he asked me that, and he came closer and it turned out to be a hobo…

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