Invader Zak here. I have come up with an idea. In order to help the empire even more I will create this blog post. That sentence probably didn't mean anything, THAT'S BECAUSE THE SUBJECT IS, I being the AMAZING engineer that I am am going to create tools and weapons, as well as upgrades that you, the Irken invaders, wish. Now this does not mean that you say I want a laser pistol on my SIR and I say It's done, go play now. It means that you leave in the comments the invention you want and I will make a page explaining in detail how it works and ways to use it. This will mean that the invention will be open to anyone who also wants it. Please leave in the comments and I will check them regularly and work as hard as I can to find logical ways to make your desires work. Well, invader Zak signing out. LEAVE COMMENTS!

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