Time for the Weekly admin news!

Admin Announcements:

Invader Plazatrax:

Ive decided on the date for the new admin to be announced and promoted: it will be on the 7th of October!

Community Announcements:

The new poll is still running into some minor problems It will be up and running soon though!

Admin Competition:

This week's challenge: In the comments, post your case for you wanting to be an admin! 

it MUST be at LEAST 3 sentences long, not "I want to be an admin! PLEASE?!?"

This week's tip:

Here are some badges you can get that most people don't:

1. Make 100 edits in one day

2. Make an edit on 100 Different new articles (1-hour or less old)

3. Post a comment on 3 different blogs

4. Make a blog post

5.make one of the 1,000th edits on the wiki (1,000th 2,000th 3,000th ect.)

Pictures of the week:

Invader Plazatrax:

Graf calc

This picture is just so awesome!

Article of the week

Almighty Tallest Ken! I personally just like the way this user integrated this character into the cannon of invader zim. He just seems to fit in. The article is also nice and stuffed with info.


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