Time for the Weekly admin news! I think its time for another Admin to join the wiki! its a bit lonely and I've been getting more busy by the day. It would be nice to have some help. So over the next few weeks ill be deciding on who the next admin will be!

Admin Announcements:

Invader Plazatrax:

As stated above, I have been quite busy lately and I have little time to spare to get on the wiki often right now. That does NOT mean I will become inactive, it just means I wont get on as often or as long.

Community Announcements:

In this section, for the next few weeks Ill be holding little "competitions" to help me decide on how to pick another admin, Plus, I may be able to give winners of these competitions special badges!

Admin Competition:

This week's challenge:

Help the Empire grow! do as many of the following as you can!:

  1. Recruit a new member
  2. Make a new page
  3. Make at least 20 USEFUL edits on pages
  4. Tell as many Invader Zim fans about this wiki as you can!

Comment below what you have done!

This week's tip:

Annoyed at all those useless emails you get from wikia? I know how to help! Its a simple process:

  1. hover over your little picture at the top right of the page
  2. click the preferences tab
  3. click the "Email" tab
  4. Un-Check the option to follow pages you edit,

That stops the new pages you edit from sending you emails every time it is edited. Alternatively, you can just turn all the emails from wikia off a bit farther down the page

Pictures of the week:

Invader Plazatrax:


Now this picture... I just don't know what to say about it other than it looks so cool! (again mocking my dismal drawing abilities, but I like it non-the-less)

Article of the week

the article of the week is: Invader Nny. I don't personally like this character, but its one of the best examples of a good Crossover ( and one of the first) on this wiki. It was not a simple Cut and paste of something else. Although it could be improved upon, the idea is great.

Thats all for this week! I am going to move the "poll" section to the main page poll, as soon as I figure out how to work wikia Polls....


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