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  • My occupation is Irken Invader/ Irken Scientist
  • I am Male
  • Invader Plazatrax


    - My reaction to old stuff (well not actualy)

    I just thought I'd let everyone know I plan on revamping  most of my stuff, but try and keep it so any references to them in other atricles will still hold true. I hope this will make my cahracters more interesting overall.


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  • Invader Plazatrax

    This is the first thing I have done on the wiki for a while now, So I’ll just shout out some things to nobody in particular.

    First of all, I will be on the wiki more often because of Summer break.

    Second, I will try and add more of my OCs to the site

    Third Im going to set about getting some new users possibly on this site.


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  • Invader Plazatrax

    Hello fellow Invaders! this is Invader plazatrax back to bring you the admin news once more!

    (Note: Due to time constraints and frustrating errors some of this admin news was lost forever)

    -Nothing noteworthy to anounce.

    -I am hosting a promotion opportunity for members wanting to become chat mods. Check out my blog for more information!

    -To be obtained

    It has been sugested that we change the backround image of this wiki. Post your sugestions on what ti change it to below

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  • Invader Plazatrax

    Internet problems

    November 2, 2013 by Invader Plazatrax

    Well, due to a twist off fate, the day I come back from vacation my internet breaks. I am currently posting from my friends house. I am very limited on my ability to get on. Sorry guys, I realy am...

    I am Invader Plazatrax! Fear me! (or you know leave me a message)

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  • Invader Plazatrax

    Welcome to the Weekly Admin news!

    I will be gonw for a while in the middle of october and will be very limited on to when I can get on

    They updated the rules so check the new rules out!

    The new poll is up! thank you Vex!

    Want to edit your signature but dont know how? follow these steps!

    1. hover over your picture and name on the top left of the page but DONT CLICK
    2. Click on the " my preferences " section
    3. scroll down and check the "enable wikitext " box below the signature button.
    4. Edit your signature and your done!

    To make a link to a page type this in : [ [User:yourusernamehere| insertTheTextYouWantItToShow]]

    (dont leave a space between the brackets or it wont work)

    Still want the link to make a cool sig and are you lazy? well here it is!: LINK


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