Hello. First, this is where I will keep other Invaders and my Tallest up-to-date on my Earthly conquest. Today I landed on the rock, crash landed, I might add regretfully, however I was lucky enough to land near Zim's house where GIR recognized me as an Irken and led me to the base portion of the house. There, I constructed my own SIR unit, as the Tallest forgot to give me one, based on the look of GIR. I named her SIRA, Service and Information Recall: Advanced. However, moments after turning her on, I noticed she malfunctioned a bit, and now has multiple personalities, all relating to the colors her eyes turn. I noticed three personalities today:

Gold=a somewhat normal, mature personality

Blue=Immature, probably of the cause she is based off of GIR

Red= standard Duty Mode

Soon after I discovered these personalities, I left Zim's house. Then, I found a suitable place for a home base. SIRA notified me that now would be the best time to set up my house, as adult humans were at work, and child humans were at 'Skool'. So, I proceeded to make my base. Tomorrow I will enroll myself in this 'Skool' in order to gain more Intel on Earthlings and Earth itself. For now, Invader Mas, signing off!

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