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    Exciting news! I finally settled on a title! It's called "Stories to Tell". My friend read this, and he let me know (in no uncertain terms) that he was confused. So, I'll explain again.

    The entire objective of this story was to be about the smeethood of Zara, Maria and I. I tried as hard as possible to have it form to all three of our charactors. It's been fun insofar, if only because I can pretty much write about any misadventure that pops into my head, which is always fun.

    I'm calling it Stories to Tell because it's a bunch of fun and shocking stories anyone would tell if they had it under their belt, if only to scare the children. I'll try and change the name on the other post but, if not, part one should be called Maria's Story. I'll als…

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  • InvaderTenn

    Maria's story Part One

    December 26, 2011 by InvaderTenn

    So, this is a story I'm writing for Maria and Zara. It's in Maria's character's Point of View, first person.

    DISCLAIMER: I don't own Invader Zim, relax, I am not the almighty JV and am making no profit from this.



    For as long as I can imagine, I cannot believe I was not able to see it inside of her. This depth, this emotion. This amazing need that drove her to become what she is. And I stood by, and let it happen, because I was happy, and I thought she was too. She was always the stronger of us, and she took care of us. She was deceptive, the one who kept the secerts and told the lies. I always thought she kept everything inside because she wanted to, but not because she had too.

    But the story does not begin here. It…

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