Hi, my name's Phoebe.

I live in a tiny town in the middle of no-where in Australia, and I LOVE Invader Zim. It's my fave cartoon, and has been for a while. I love the computer, and usually when I'm not on it, I'm at school, drawing, or watching DVDs in my room eating something. I am sworn enimies with Justin Bieber and Edward Cullen, little turds... ¬3¬ My bffs names are Jacinta and Rochelle, their fave show is Invader Zim too.

My Irken's name is Phoebe as well. She has a little G.I.R unit (totally orignal amirite? :D) named G.E.R.D (made by Jacinta). She's one of the worst ranked soldiers in the Irken army, probably because of her height. Eventually, she gets sent down to Earth, for a reason I don't know yet. :D And obviously, she diguises herself as a human being, and G.E.R.D as a ginger cat. Then there's MELL (made by Rochelle). D: Fahaha, real life for a sec, I love Mell, she's epic. xD But Phoebe hates Mell to her every last cell. No really. Well, Phoebe likes Zim (my eyes are BURNING from orignality T3T).

God damn, I need to stop typing, I'll just stop.

I need food.x } ( phoebe | female | straight | single | red ) 07:36, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

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