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InvaderPD October 19, 2011 User blog:InvaderPD

Soldier:There's one.

Purple:There's an another.

Irk:It's it's coming.

Red:Bring it here.

Purple:What gender is it.

Irk:It's a...

  • Explode*

Soldier:The Machines...They exploded.

Red:Doesn't matter we'll just say it's a girl.

Purple:Her name is PD.

Irken:What about the other?

Red:Take it away.

Soldier:Tallest there's destruction.

Irken:It's Zim.

Purple:Banish him!


PD:Why does the sun have to come so early?

Irg:Today your being assined a planet.

PD:Then i need to get ready!

Tallest:Your late.

1 Hour later

PD:Hey what's this.

Irg:It's some kind of Necklace.

PD:It's broken but,I'll keep it.

Irg:We should be on our way.

PD:It says Zo.....The rest is burnt.

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