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Randomness 8

InvaderPD October 18, 2011 User blog:InvaderPD

PD:Well i'm out of here.

  • Crash*

PD:I'm sorry i didn't see you there.

Girl:It's all right.

PD:I'm PD and you are?


Pd:So...You want to be friends.

Zara:Sure...So what do you want to do first?

Pd:Maybe we should pick up this mess.

1 Minute Later

Pd:That took forever.

Zara:It was only a minute.

PD:So tired must rest.

  • Falls asleep*

Zara:Wow your lazy.



Pd:Must have...

Zara:What do you need.

Pd:I need i need...

Zara:Tell me.

Pd:Cheese Puffs.

  • Drops*

Zara:Well go gets some yourself!

Pd:Okay then.Hold on come with me.


  • Transmission*

PD:Need Cheese Puffs NOW!!

Zara:Wait your an Invader.


Zara:Me to.

Purple Tallest:No!!


  • Windows Shatter*

Red Tallest:OK OK JUST STOP!!!!!

Pd:Why are you guys yelling?

Zara:I know right.

Pd:Let's go destroy these awful, dispiculbul,ugly,filthy, B

  • Grabs Mouth*

Zara:I know what you where going to say.


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