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InvaderPD September 30, 2011 User blog:InvaderPD

Dib:so how old are you?

PD:I'm 150.

Dib good one no really.

PD:Fine i'm 16.

Dib:So am i!

Pd: I'm going to the bathroom.

  • transmission*

Zim: Who are you !!

PD: Your not the tallest!!!

Kat:Zim intruder in the front!!!

PD:Invader Kat is that you?

Kat:Of course master.

Pd:You serve me well.

Shishi:Kat master how are you doing?

Kat&PD:Fine very well and you?

Pd: Jynx

Dib:Pd were are you!?

Pd:Contact you later!!

Pd:Dib where were you?

  • pant*

Dib:I was looking for you.

Pd Let's go home i'm tired.

Dib:Okay where you live?

Pd :Umm i live with Zim.


Pd : Yah he's my cousin.

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