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InvaderPD October 13, 2011 User blog:InvaderPD

Red Tallest:Pd your are choisen to rule Mercury.

PD:That is awsome!!Oh.. wait thank you master.

Purple Tallest:Now go.

  • Pd gets into ship*

Pd:Wait for my return.

Purple Tallest:Pd i detecte a large item coming your way.

Irg:Master it's another Irken ship.

Pd:If it's an Irken it will steer away from us.

Irg:There's no one inside.

Pd:Must steer clear.

  • Wheel breaks*

Pd:Hold on to something.

  • Crash*

Irg:Master! Master! Please wake up!Please!

  • cough*

Pd:Ughh...Oww where are we?

Irg:It's not on my map.

Pd:Can't breath...

  • Faints

Irg:It's not your nap time yet.

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