Hello, everyone! This is the final week of our amazing bureaucrat Invader Plazatrax's vacation, so the Admin News will be published in his blog after this week.

Admin Announcements

Invader Vex

-Congrats to Invader Jib for his outstanding activity record! 60 days in a row is quite an achievement!

Invader Jib

-No announcements. Sorry.

Community Announcements

The Irken Empire Wiki's members have been meeting on games like Minecraft and ROBLOX, so if you like to have fun and or drink the blood of your enemies in Irken Conquest, please join us!

Tip of the Week

-If you have pages that are short and could stand to be improved, please increase their lengths to better represent the kind of fanon we really do appreciate here.

Article of the Week

Invader Vex:

Zim The page dedicated to Zim used to be as plagiarized as any article I've ever seen, but thanks to Invaders Jib, Plazatrax, and myself, it is now rewritten and blends well with the rest of the Wiki.

Invader Jib:

Invader Myu This is a good example of how bad pictures can ruin anything. The grammar is good, it has tons of information-but what is you're attention drawn to? That's right, those hideous pictures. Seriously, having no picture is better than a bad picture. 

Pictures of the Week

Invader Vex

Inside a Spittle Runner by Half dude

I know this wasn't made by anyone here, but it shows very well what Irken engineering is under the hull. It is well drawn, and overall very impressive.

Invader Jib

Zim.Oh gawd why

A purposely bad picture, it's just sad how acurate this is. What a horrible fanbase we live in. -Invader Jib

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading the Admin news, we'll see you next week!

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