Hello Irken Imperials. This is my first Admin news in a while, so I just want to say a few things really fast, and other Admins can if they want to.

Admin Announcements


We need people to sign up to help if we ever want to make an RP comic series of some kind or another. I will be helping, but we need more people and ideas!

Community Announcements

Nothing has really been going on around here, so we need some fresh new ideas of things to do! One thing is, of course, the comic, but I think we need some kind of new event or activity. Leave suggestions in the comment box.

Other content

Instead of the classic content for the admin news, I'll be giving you an update about some stuff that is going on outside the IE Wiki, mainly some stuff from the Irken Conquest Minecraft server (SpartanMC). If other Admins want to do anything besides normal content, feel free to post it.

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