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X2 is leaving

Zim was mad. He knew X2. X2 was an enemy. A million times worse than the Resisty. Not Vortion, nor was he a stupid Blorchian, he was a highly intelligient Floradite from planet Peridox. But, I will not let Zim touch him! I've already lost Elij stupidity. " You need to get rid of him!" Zim said with strong overtones of anger.

" Leave him alone!" I looked at him, the glare was icy. He backed down. Zim knew I was taller than him, and more powerful. He could never scare me. I turned around, only to get a sneek attack on my right leg. Falling down, I gave him a cocky look, " Is that all you got?" But my leg hurt alot, since when did he get so strong? But I will not back down. I threw a fury of punches, mostly aiming for his weak spot, the center torso. Zim fell back, coughing up blood.

I was about to deliver the final blow, when someone grabbed my arm. At first, I thought it was Skittlez, ready to lecture me, but it was X2. His face had a sad, pained expression. What's wrong?" I asked.

"Well...," he ran his hand through his thick, turquoise hair. That was habit of his when he was upset.

" Your upset, aren't you?"

"Please stop it, I'll leave." I turned around, what the heck is he talking about?

" No! I'm protecting you! I can't lose you!" I cried, collapsing to my knees, sobbing. X2 sighed, and left into the fog. I tried reaching for him, but Zim held me back. He embraced me in his arms, and I sat there, sobbing. Zim had a guilty impression on his face.

" I HATE YOU!" I screamed in his face. His eyes were teary. What the HELL was he so sad about. He didn't lose his love. He just stood there, with that stupid face. I wanted to punch it, but I was too weak, and just ran into my room. I collapsed on my bed, sobbing. GOD DANG IT!

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