So, you know their has been some serious NOOBS who have been adding random pages, and random pictures of themselves( WHICH IS NOT AS BAD). But they use pictures from things that are NOT bases, which I've read, is against the law. Not always, so don't get me wrong. Also, don't use other peoples characters without permission. It's rude and annoying, trust me, it's happened to me. And if you have bad grammar, or can't speak very good English, do not use a translator, especially if you speak an Eastern languege, such Asians. It causes words to be in the wrong positions because the difrences in sentence structure. Use only proffesional translator, never google. Google is a little off sometimes. Oh, and this a warning to all you noobs, touch Dakama and Elcom, your dead. Skittlez, mmm, I thinks takes a little more to provoke me about Skittlez. Although that's only because, she's kind, so she'll let you have a little. Dakama is emo and disobidient. Elcom's nice too, but she doesn't have a huge background since she is still young.

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