I couldn't wait to see her. My enthusiasm was a bit much to handle, but I couldn't wait to see her. I rang the doorbell to an odd looking house. A pale girl with long, black hair answered the door. Her cold, green eyes intimidated me, although I could not see her other eye because her overhang was covering it. " I-Is Dakama here?" I stuttered.

" Yes, this is she," she said in a bored,sarcastic tone. My eyes widened, I hugged her. " What the hel-"

" It's me, X2, don't you remember?" She smiled and held me closely.

" I've missed you," she said, her teeth showing like diamonds. Dakama gestured me to come in. I sat on a brown couch in what seems to be a living room. She looked displeased.

" What's wrong?" I asked questionly.

" Did you forget? We used to do it all the time," at first I didn't understand, but then I had an "oh" moment. I grabbed her hand and rested her head on my thigh. She let out a sigh of relief and placed my hand on her chest. This felt like old times. " Remember how we used to do this all the time."

" Yeah, it got Elij so mad," she looked shocked, her eyes tracing away. Patting her cheek gently," I'm sorry."

" It's all right," she tried to smile, but her eyes still looked away. My finger slowly reached towards her eye, taking off her contact, showing her blood red eyes.

" I remember when your eyes where purple, like fluoride. That's why your teeth are so white," she giggled at my joke. " I've something to tell you."


" I know this might be a shock. Especially since the attack, but- I love you." She propped herself up.

" I know, I love you, too," she smiled.

" No, you don't understand," I looked down and slowly looked up, moving my face towards her's, lips almost touching, " I love you." She looked shocked, but as I was drawing my face away, she pressed her lips against mine.

" It's okay. I told you, I love you, too," Dakama slowly moved towards me, resting her head my shoulder, " I loved you for a long time. Like Elij. But- our love was forbidden, so I stuck to just being friends. Since you are not Irken. Well, at least your race is all tall. I make other people feel short, but with you, I'm the short one," she laughed. I laughed ,too. I kissed her, just to make sure this was real. Zim ran in.


" It's an old friend, cool your jets." He looked at me coldly, and jumped into the toilet elevator.

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