Invader Damie here. After about a month of exploring Veg-lo, I've been gathering enough data to tell you guys what's been going on. Anyway, the next day after I got to Earth, I put on my costume, went to my Voot Cruiser, and headed to Planet Veg-lo. When I got there, I realized that (like I figured) everyone is a vegetable or fruit. Then, I went to the school and made myself a student. I made Steve (who, like I mentioned in my previous blog, is dressed as a pea) wait in the ship and told him to not touch anything. I entered the classroom, but they knew I was coming cause I told the principal. I see some fruits and vegetables and say hi to them after class. I even met a grape, but the strange thing is is that he doesn't look like a grape. I wanted to get home to investigate, but after all of that school stuff made me tired. So, when I went back to Earth, I told Zim about it, and he thought it was strange too. He also mentioned that tomorrow, Myu was gonna visit. After that, I decided to take a nap. This has been Invader Damie, signing off!

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