This an RP Taking Place In: Irken Conquest:Season Three

Summary Edit

It is a Normal Day on Hobo 13, Like any other. The Training process is still going on with a few cadets, Everything seems stereotypical and normal in a sense. It is when Averii spots something in the distance Lurking on a ledge above the sandy delve in the surface on the desert like planet. He is intrigued as seeking this phenomenon is a Local Legend, The Legend of the 'Metal Man' On Hobo 13. Averii Has always believed this to be a hoax, something to scare the Cadets, something to motivate them. It says he snatches them up from the course and eats them alive. Finally after all this circulation of this Myth he finally is intrigued by it's details and begins to consider. Is there something else on this Planet with them?

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