Spockiteer was conquered long before Impending Doom II. No one knew of it, though. It was a planet used for top secret Irken engineering. However, because of how high tech it was, the Spockians wanted freedom, and could easily get it by revolting against the Irkens. Lee decided to give up on being the Tallest and travelled through the universe, trying to find a planet to conquer. When he found Spockiteer, he realized it was at war, so he went to help Irk. The Spockians were winning, and since Irk hardly knew of the planet, no help came. Lee and his Irken friends charged through Spockiteer, eliminating all Spockians. Eventually, Irk won, and Lee, his SIR Unit, and his friends, Invader Lex, Invader Jem, and Invader Rem were rewarded dwarf planets.

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