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Remember, this is the hidden story of Xeno's life. (Written by Xeno himself.)

My name is Xeno. I am the emperor of the Irkens. This is the story of my life. I remember...I remember my friend, Krenzo. When I was born, I met him. Krenzo raised me as if I were his son. He taught me everything I know about the early Universe. I worked my way up through the ranks using Krenzo's encouragement. When I was an Irken Elite, I was tall. Krenzo was proud of me. But then Krenzo had to go to Planet Entio to seal away the Nightmare Irkens. I didn't see my friend for 10 years. During that time, I fought to gain power. I was banished for trying to launch an invasion on a planet. I got back to Irk and slaughtered the Irken council. I gained control over the Irkens. I was now Emperor Xeno. When Krenzo came back, he asked me what happened to the Irken Council. I lied to him so that he would not figure out what I was up to. He could tell I was lieing. He now knew my plan to conquer the Universe. I was gaining so much power, that I launched him and the Galactic council to the other side of the Universe where they would not get in my way. I soon conquerd many planets. Posssibly the Universe. But then, Rebellions took back their planets. I may need to use the Ultimate Annihilator, but I fear I might end up with traitors...

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