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Alt. Vex: We have to get out of the jail! Everyone run that way!

LIR: Yeah!

Alt. Vex: The guards are mostly Irkens, so please try not to kill too many, ok?

LIR: Ok..

Alt. Vex: The portal is about five hundred feet away from the back entrance of the palace.

Alt. Vax: Vex...I came here for something...

LIR: Wait. If those.. jelly..things.. came at us..


King Nark: Now....hmmm

King Nark:Let's check on the prisoners. *presses button on a screen*

LIR: *stops running, and looks at a security camera, then facepalms*

Alt. Vax: Vex...You can help me...

LIR: Great.

  • King Nark sees the prison cell destroyed,and them talking*

King Nark:They escaped!

Jab: *Slices the security camera in half*



Alt. Vex: RUN!

  • guards rush to their stations*


LIR: Uh.. oh...

  • the group starts running to the entrance of the palace*
  • an irken scientist/engineer walks up to him*: Yes my King.

King Nark: Is it ready?

Engineer: Yes,it is fully functional.

Nark: Good,open up a portal immediately you globbin idiot.

Scientist: Yes my king.

Alt. Vax: Vex...I can help you if you can help me...

LIR: Umm... With what?

  • the floor starts to shake*

Alt. Vex: What the?

LIR: I have a bad feeling about this...

Alt. Vex: Ya think so? GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!

LIR: *looks over shoulder*!!!!! *millions of Nark minions are stampeding towards them*

  • red circle appears on the floor,it splits in two,two poker spikes come out*

LIR: AHH! *turns thumbs into knives, and stabs a poker-spike*

  • the poker spikes swirl through the hole into the air*

Pokers:FZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT *they make loud vibrtating noises*

Alt. Vex: Whoa! *he uses his repulsorlift engine to maneuver over the pokers*

  • the poker spike throws it's large tail at LIR and the others*

Alt. Vax: Together, we can destroy "King" Nark and free our home...

Jab: *uses sword to climb on the celing*


the first poker spike shoots plasma disks at alt vex and alt vax*

  • the 2nd poker whacks LIR with it's tail*


Alt. Vex: Whoa! *one disk cuts his arm* Agh!

  • Grape-bots begin to converge on LIR, who begins to slash them with his thumb-knives*
  • two plasma disks fly into a stone column with KIng Nark's face carved into it,it collaspes*
  • stone blocks fly everywhere*

Alt. Vex: GO! The back entrance isn't too far away!

  • they fly into fionna statues*

LIR: Whoaaaaaa!! *a large stone block lands squarely on him*

Alt. Vax: We can expand the Irken Empire through the entire Omniverse...

  • Most of the group makes it through the falling rubble*

Alt. Vex: There's the portal! Run!

  • Most of the group makes it out just in time before the whole ceiling collapses*

Alt. Vax: Vex...Soon I will turn into a full Xenomorph...The only thing I won't loose is my ability to talk in our language...

  • ground rumbles*

Vax: *Jumps through*

  • two Nark bots burst through the ground near the entrance*
  • rocks and concrete fly everywhere*
  • LIR is completely hidden, crushed under all of the rubble*

Jab: *Doesn't jump in the portal, but just stares at it*

  • Behind Jib, there seems to be a light shining through the rubble*

Alt. Vex: That's deep space out there, so get ready for it.

  • The light dims and disappears*

Lurk: *jumps onto a nark bot's knee*

  • Alt. Vex puts on a filter and flies into the portal*
  • The light in the rubble shines brighter now*
  • A shining LIR climbs out of the rubble*

Lurk: *climbs onto the nark bot's head and stabs it's eye with a spider leg*

  • The 2nd nark bot throws it's fist at Lurk*
  • LIR stops glowing, and has a puzzled look, but runs to fight the Narkbots*
  • Lurk jumps off it's head and dodges it*

LIR: Hey!!! Come and get me!

Alt. Vex: *his head pops back out of the portal* Everyone! This way! The portal is becoming unstable, and could collapse with all the energy being given off in this area!*

LIR: *jumps into the portal*

  • The 2nd narkbot hits the 1st narkbot instead,the fist bursts through the 1st Narkbot's head,it explodes*
  • The fist is destroyed along with the 1st narkbot*
  • Alt. Vax's antennae disappear, his tongue turns into a second mouth, and his eyes disappear, making him fully Xenomorph*

Alt. Vex: Remember to activate your helmets before coming in here, or whatever!

Alt. Vax: *Starts to roar*

  • The Nark bot flails it's destroyed "hand" around in anger*
  • LIR hears this a second before he moves through the portal*
  • The Nark bot topples over,crushing minions*
  • Lurk runs towards the portal*

LIR: *floats around in space for a bit*

Lurk: *his spider legs retract and he runs*

Vex: *In the Plague runner* We have three signals coming through the portal... Make that four... Plixx, get me a visual!

Alt. Vax: It has been done...This way, I am unstoppable...

Jib: AH! *Puts laser gun at the portal*

  • the signal indicator says there's another signal from behind them, not the portal*

Vax: Everyone, this has been one of the worst days of my life... 9:38

  • Lurk gets dragged into the palace, and Lurk's uniform gets burnt and ripped from the heated plasma tail,his face gets burnt too*


  • Vex identifies the people coming through the portal to be Alt. Vex, Vax, Alt. Vax, and LIR*

Vex: Ok... Computer, retrieve them! Teleport them in here!

LIR: *looks behind the Plague Runner, gasps, and screams*

  • Lurk bursts through the back palace entrance door and flies onto the floor*
  • the four are teleported inside the plague runner*

Jib: AH! What IS THAT? *points at alt Vax*

  • Lurk rolls on the floor and crashes into another statue*

Vex: A Xenomorph! *pulls out a gun*


Vax: He's on our side!

  • Lurk begins to bleed from wounds*
  • Nark minons surrround Lurk inside* Lurk's vision gets blurry*

Lurk:W-wait...N-no...*passes out*

Vex: *turns around* Oh... I see.

  • Lurk wakes up in a hollow glass cylinder like the one VIR was in*
  • VIR is in a glass tube next to him*
  • VIR seems dead* head-

  • Lurk's cylinder is hanging over hundreds of scientists on computers on a floating podium in a sphere shaped room*
  • Lurk sees a giant cylinder looking thing,it's pink and has a heart on it*

Vex: There is no way we can hold them all off. We need to collapse the portal and get out of here!

LIR: I saw them. There were so many..

  • Lurk also sees a giant vat of green goo*

Lurk:WHAT THE?!!

  • King Nark is on a floating podium covered in a glass shell*
  • Vex starts to collapse the portal to the Nark dimension, and it soon closes*

Nark:Like the science experiment?

Nark: It's a little gift for your dimension. *spazzes randomly*

Lurk:What are you talking about!?!

Nark: Heheheh.....soon I will the perfect Fionna I always wanted.

  • The Plague Runner flies behind a moon*

LIR: I have a feeling that whoever that was isn't going to take that portal closing lightly.

Vex: Did everyone make it out of the Nark dimension? 4:49 Invadervax Vax: I did. 4:49 LIRLIR LIR: *looks around and gasps* WHERE's LURK?! 4:49 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk: What do you mean by "perfect Fionna" 4:49 Invadervax Alt. Vax: I did. 4:49 LIRLIR LIR: I did. LIR: But where's Lurk? Invader Jib has left the chat. 4:49 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark:Heh....soon I will launch this ooze into your dimension. Lurk:and? 4:49 INVADER VEX Vex: Lurk, and VIR are both gone!

  • Lurk and

4:50 LIRLIR LIR: Oh.. yeah... King Nark kind of.. killed VIR. 4:50 INVADER VEX Guard (to Nark): Sir! Someone... Or something... has closed the portal out of your dimension! 4:50 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark: Your entire universe will be altered in the perfect world. THE FIONNA WORLD Nark:WHAT?!! 4:51 LIRLIR (We should wait for Jib.) 4:51 Mysteriousjillguy Nark: WHO DARES TO MESS WITH KING NARK'S SWIRLY GOLFBALL THING! 4:51 INVADER VEX Guard: AGH!!! please don't put me in the story room, sire, I DIDNT DO IT!!! 4:51 Mysteriousjillguy Guard2:Ermm I think it's a portal sir. 4:51 LIRLIR (XD that sounded hilarious and wrong at the same time XD) 4:52 Mysteriousjillguy

  • King Nark presses a button,a robotic tube like tenecle comes from the ceiling and sucks the guard into it*

4:52 INVADER VEX Guard: NOOOOOooooooo! 4:52 Mysteriousjillguy Guard:AGAHH AHH AGGHH

King Nark: Once the ooze is concentrated enough,it will go into a special nuke. King Nark: As soon as it goes into your dimension,it will go off,altering the organic lifeforms and non living structures of your universe. King Nark: It will create.. a world full of Fionna... 4:58 INVADER VEX Guard: S-sir... We can't launch it through the portal if there is no portal... 4:58 Mysteriousjillguy

  • mechanized gears are heard running*

4:58 LIRLIR Guard #3: Sir? Why do you need Lurk for that? 4:59 Mysteriousjillguy

  • a platform holding a giant pink missle with a heart on it rises up into view*

King Nark: JVBJJBBHK you EEDIOT! *slaps guard* 4:59 LIRLIR Guard: SIR! THERE IS NO PORTAL! 4:59 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark: This inferior copy of me will be a TEST SUBJECT

King Nark: Oh yea right,well then,GO FIX IT YOUR MORONS. 5:00 LIRLIR Guard: YES SIR! *runs straight into a wall and flops over, lifeless* 5:01 INVADER VEX Guard: Sir, we didn't open it in the first place... Also, I might be stupid... I'll ask my doctor...

Lurk: How dare you threaten to damage my home universe in the name of Fionna! When I GET OUT OF THIS TUBE,I"M GOING TO RIP OFF YOUR-

  • lurk gets shocked* 
  • (Let's continue)
  • a service droid walks in, the counterpart of LIR*
  • Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 
  • 7:16LIRLIRKNSV-1: Hello, King Nark. You seem... busy today! *looks around*
  • 7:16Mysteriousjillguy( OK,but after King Nark,I have to study for those..TESTS..T_T
  • 7:16LIRLIR(Aww. Sympathy. OK lets go.)
  • 7:16YourFavoriteFangirl(..Can we ever get to do the Dream rp sometime, Lurk?)
  • 7:17MysteriousjillguyKing Nark: SILENCE!
  • King Nark presses a button again,a tube sucks the guard up*
  • 7:17LIRLIR
  • a food service droid walks in, the counterpart of LIR*
  • 7:17MysteriousjillguyKing Nark: Ah..LIR...
  • King Nark: How;s that new obdeiant programming I installed into you going?
  • 7:18YourFavoriteFangirl(.. .-.)
  • 7:18LIRLIRKNSD-1: Hello, King Nark! you seem busy today. *looks around*
  • 7:18InvadervaxGuard: YAY! STORY TIME!
  • 7:18MysteriousjillguyLurk: WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS CELL-
  • Lurk is shocked* Lurk:GAGHHHHGGHGHGHGH *spazzes in pain*
  • the shocking stops,Lurk falls over,covered in burns*
  • King Nark: Yes,yes I am.
  • King Nark: KNSD,activate Fionna hologram 01
  • King Nark: HEH HEH
  • 7:21LIRLIRKNSD: *sighs and activates the hologram*
  • 7:21MysteriousjillguyKing Nark: Hello my sweet. *Nark grins creepily*
  • 7:22LIRLIR(Does it make KNSD look like FIonna, or is it a separate hologram?)
  • 7:22Mysteriousjillguy( It makes him look like her)
  • 7:22LIRLIR(Lol.)
  • 7:23MysteriousjillguyKing Nark chats with KNSD,now in a fionna hologram*
  • 7:23LIRLIRKNSD: I'm.. not.. Fionna. It's just a hologram, My King.
  • 7:23Mysteriousjillguy
  • meanwhile in the tube Lurk awakens*
  • King Nark: *angry face*: )
  • 7:24LIRLIRKNSD: *looks at the tube* Uh.. your.. uh... person. is waking up.
  • 7:24MysteriousjillguyKing Nark: Thank you Fionna....*slaos KNSD in the behind*
  • KIng Nark pushes him away*
  • Lurk:Guhh...ugh...*smoke comes off him*
  • 7:25LIRLIR
  • while King Nark has his back turned, KNSD mouths to Lurk "Help me."*
  • 7:26MysteriousjillguyLurk looks at KNSD* Lurk:LIR...?
  • 7:26LIRLIRKNSD: What?
  • 7:26MysteriousjillguyLurk: Is that you...?
  • Nark whacks KNSD up the head*
  • 7:26LIRLIRKNSD: My King, your.. person.. seems to know me.
  • 7:27MysteriousjillguyNark: Presses a button,Lurk is electrified again*
  • Lurk:AGHHHHH
  • 7:27LIRLIR(Is anyone recording this?)
  • 7:28MysteriousjillguyKing Nark: You schpamcking EEDIOTS. I'm heading to the control room to see how reopening the portal is going.
  • 7:28Invadervax(I thought you were...)
  • 7:28MysteriousjillguyKing Nark:If they fail,I shall dip them in molten chocolate.
  • 7:30LIRLIR(Vex, can you record?)
  • (Just in case I copied it up to here..))
  • 7:30Invadervax(I cant recoord...)
  • Record*
  • 7:31Mysteriousjillguy
  • a square shaped hole opens up under Nark,revealing a platform under him,the platform goes down a glass tube,leading the control room below the sphere shaped nuke room*
  • 7:31LIRLIR(Copy it and paste it T_T)
  • 7:31Mysteriousjillguy
  • the hole closes*
  • Lurk: LIR...what happened to you..?
  • 7:32LIRLIRKNSD: I don't know how you know my name. But the fact that it gives you hope makes me happy.
  • 7:33MysteriousjillguyLurk: I'm from another dimension...I'm a counterpart of your horrible King.
  • 7:33InvadervaxGuard: *Happily listens to the stories in the story room*
  • 7:33LIRLIRKNSD: That explains why he has a missile.
  • 7:33Mysteriousjillguy
  • the guard is in a small cramped room,a speaker is infront of him*
  • 7:34InvadervaxGuard: *Licks it*
  • 7:34MysteriousjillguySpeaker:*computer voice* ad then Fionnaa and Iz went to thethehthe icecreamland,we got marrieddeded and got fat until we died. The ednd
  • 7:35LIRLIRKNSD: it's horrible. He forces me to look like this *gestures to the hologram* and.. well.. to do things that are not comfortable for anything sapient
  • 7:35Mysteriousjillguy( AT refernce)
  • Speaker: Now for the 1000th story. King Nark and Fionna make babbies.
  • 7:35InvadervaxGuard: *Claps* YAY!
  • 7:36LIRLIRKNSD: And.. *cringes at the annunciation*
  • 7:36Mysteriousjillguy
  • a guard in the next room:GAH! *creepy music* he shivers*
  • 7:36LIRLIRKNSD: Well, if he had his Fionna instead of me, i'd be happier.
  • 7:36MysteriousjillguyLurk: I see.
  • 7:36LIRLIRI just wish there'd be a less destructive way.
  • 7:36MysteriousjillguyLurk: Nark is to far gone,if he had one Fionna,he wouldn't stop until he had hundreds.
  • Lurk: Then thousands.
  • Lurk: He will pay for mocking me with his alternate existance,I swear.
  • 7:37LIRLIRKNSD: I'm not supposed to help you. The guards are watching..
  • 7:38MysteriousjillguyLurk: Guards? Watching?
  • 7:38LIRLIRKNSD: Not directly, at least.
  • 7:38Mysteriousjillguy
  • the guards on another podium are playing checkers*
  • Guard1:Checkmate!
  • 7:38LIRLIRKNSD: Actually, they're.. quite occupied.
  • 7:38MysteriousjillguyGuard2 flips the chess board*
  • 7:39LIRLIR
  • the table blows up in Guard2's face*
  • KNSD: Explosive checkers.. Never really understood that game.
  • 7:40Invadervax(BRB)
  • 7:40LIRLIR
  • There's a crowd of guards in the story room now, listening to the story*
  • 7:40Mysteriousjillguy
  • a floating podium with 4 missle waddles floats next to the podium KNSD is on that's near Lurk*
  • the missle wads stare directly at KNSD and Lurk,watching them*
  • ('s_minions the missle waddles,incase someone didn't know)
  • 7:41LIRLIRKNSD: Well, that cancels out any chance of winning THE CHESS GAME..
  • 7:41Mysteriousjillguymissle waddles*
  • Speaker in the "story" room: {Insert graphic description of Nark and Fionna "makin babies" here}
  • One Irken guard slams his head on the speaker repeadtly*
  • 7:43LIRLIR(If this were made into a show it would definitely not be on Nicktoons... xD)
  • 7:43Mysteriousjillguy
  • circle hole opens on the ceiling,a sphere comes out*
  • 7:43YourFavoriteFangirl(..I smell bad fanfictionsXD)
  • 7:43MysteriousjillguySphere: Hmm it seems you made a noise,you're listening!
  • ( King Nark writes tons of mary sue fanfictions.
  • 7:44YourFavoriteFangirl(Makes snese XD)
  • 7:44Mysteriousjillguy( He forces his subjects to read them
  • 7:44YourFavoriteFangirl(..Menami would not like him, she'd probably shoot him if he annoyed her. XD)
  • 7:44LIRLIR(They're sorta... childish about it. XD)
  • 7:45Mysteriousjillguy( Plus the fan fictions are horribly written
  • 7:45LIRLIRKNSD: Um.. no! We weren't listening! Carry on!
  • 7:45YourFavoriteFangirl(..Yeah Menami would shoot him XD
  • 7:45Mysteriousjillguy
  • the speaker only talks to the guards in the rooms*
  • 7:45LIRLIR(Oh, ok.)
  • 7:46Mysteriousjillguy
  • the guard sighs in reliefe*
  • the guard gets sucked in a hole below him* Guard:AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHH! *the hole closes*
  • 7:47InvadervaxGuard: I LOVE THIS STORY!
  • 7:47MysteriousjillguySphere: Have a nice day *calm voice*
  • 7:47LIRLIR(i'm laughing right now XD)
  • 7:47Mysteriousjillguy
  • the sphere goes back into the hole*
  • 7:48Invadervax(NOTE: That guard is actually Alternate Larnik.)
  • 7:48MysteriousjillguySpeaker: Ohz Fionnannna let us rideh int0 the suns3et. WE have no id3a how we got here in the firstst oplace,but let's run into the sunseset
  • 7:49LIRLIRKNSD: I hate those stories..
  • 7:49Mysteriousjillguy
  • a screen comes out the ceiling* Screen:*it shows a poorly drawn Fionna and Nark running into the sunset,the animation glitches and is choppy* *romantic music plays in th backround*
  • 7:49InvadervaxAlt. Larnik: I LOVE THESE STORIES!
  • 7:49Mysteriousjillguy
  • the animation is made with crayon,btw*
  • 7:50LIRLIR(Lol)
  • 7:50Mysteriousjillguy( Is anyone recording?
  • 7:50LIRLIR(Can you do it, Lurk?)
  • Lurk: How did Nark take over the universe?
  • 7:53LIRLIRKNSD: *facepalm* It was HORRIBLE
  • KNSD: *facepalm* It was HORRIBLE
  • KNSD: Super-robots of doom that conquered entire planets and duplicated to conquer more planes.
  • planets/
  • 7:54MysteriousjillguyLurk: Woah...
  • Lurk: How'd he take over Irk?
  • He hacked the Control Brains and threatened to blow them up, along with Irk.
  • 7:55MysteriousjillguyLurk: Heh..sounds like something I would do...
  • Lurk: What's the world like with me as ruler?
  • 7:57LIRLIRKNSD: *gestures to the palace* Like this
  • KNSD: Twisted, insane
  • 7:57Mysteriousjillguy
  • a screen behind KNSD is floating*
  • It's a NARKTV screen*
  • Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 
  • 7:58LIRLIR
  • It depicts Conquered Irk, now known as Planet Fi*
  • The buildings that are weird and stuff*
  • 7:59MysteriousjillguyNews channel: Hello fellow slaves of our glorius King Nark!
  • 7:59LIRLIR
  • the King Nark symbols*
  • 7:59MysteriousjillguyNews guy: Today,another species died on planet Malk Tyrhan today. Another planet added to our glorius empire! *whispers*
  • Irken guards tackle him*
  • News guy:AHHH!
  • 8:00LIRLIRKNSD: It's pitiful.
  • 8:00Mysteriousjillguy
  • technical difficulties screen* *there's a derp eyed King Nark on the screen holding a Fionna doll* *TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES*
  • the screen changes to the "WORSHIP ME CHANNEL"*
  • millons of citizens of all races are in crowds*
  • 8:05LIRLIROne guy: WE DONT BELIEVE IN YOU! I BELIEVE IN THE MUFFIN MAN! SAVE ME, MUFFIN MAN! *he gets stabbed with a spear and the spear is stood on a special stand*
  • 8:06MysteriousjillguyGuy 2: THE MUFFIN MAN?
  • Guy 3: THE MUFFIN MAN!
  • (Guess the refernce)
  • refernce*
  • reference*
  • 8:06LIRLIR
  • A big crowd begins chanting the Muffin Man*
  • (Yeah.)
  • 8:06Invadervax(What?)
  • 8:06Mysteriousjillguy
  • a guard fires an irken plasma cannon,it makes a loud boom noise*
  • 8:07LIRLIR
  • There's a commotion as all of them are stabbed with spears and stood up*
  • Citizens* start to sing national anthem*
  • Citizens: Oh Nark,oh nark. We love you so,we're all idios. and we will gladly save Fionna for you.
  • iddiots*
  • Idiots*
  • 8:08LIRLIR(>_<, Lurk, we'll work on better anthem later, ok?)
  • YourFavoriteFangirl has joined the chat. 
  • 8:09MysteriousjillguyCitizens: If I have gum,I will give it to you,Nark. If I have candy,we'll give it to you.
  • 8:09YourFavoriteFangirl(Sorry, internet--)
  • 8:09MysteriousjillguyCitizens: and..umm...what? *crowd mummers*
  • Invader Jib has joined the chat. 
  • 8:09LIRLIR(Lurk, we'll work on a better national anthem later, OK?)
  • 8:09Mysteriousjillguy
  • the screen with the lyrics are unfinished*
  • 8:09LIRLIR(Jib.. About time.)
  • 8:10LIRLIR(Lurk, it's ok if you record for now, ok?)
  • 8:10MysteriousjillguyScreen: and now time for..NARK'S GREATEST CLASSICS
  • millons of classic popular movies popup,all the characters have Nark's face crudely pasted on their heads*
  • 8:11Invader Jib(LOL)
  • 8:11LIRLIR(LOL)
  • 8:11Mysteriousjillguy
  • 8:13
  • 8:13LIRLIR
  • Ten Thousand Slaves Under Nark's Feet*
  • 8:13MysteriousjillguyScreen: nOw for the moment you've been waiting for,NARK JACKSON.
  • 8:13YourFavoriteFangirl(Nark = Porky, but worse.. and more stupid)
  • 8:13Mysteriousjillguy
  • a shirtless Nark pops up,he dances with micheal jackson music playing*
  • (k.)
  • KNSD: As you can see.. that's life in the Nark Empire.
  • 8:18MysteriousjillguyLurk: He will pay..
  • version of LIR should be coming back soon...
  • Lurk:Hopefully..
  • Lurk:Say..
  • 8:20LIRLIRKNSD: Hm>
  • ?
  • 8:20MysteriousjillguyLurk: I know Vex,Jib,Vax are still alive..but where's the others? LIke Graf and Ark?
  • 8:21LIRLIR(The alternate versions of them?)
  • 8:22Mysteriousjillguy( Yes)
  • 8:22LIRLIRKNSD: *frowns*
  • 8:22MysteriousjillguyLurk: THey didn't make it did they?
  • 8:22LIRLIRKNSD: Well, no. THey were brutally destroyed.
  • 8:23MysteriousjillguyLurk: Ugh..
  • 8:23Invader Jib(Btw, Jib was spared by he was sentenced to life torture)
  • because
  • 8:24LIRLIR(Oh ok.)
  • KNSD: Well, most of them were destroyed.

  • 8:25LIRLIRKNSD: Well, I guess i'm supposed to stay here until Nark is back. *watches the NARKTV screen*
  • 8:26MysteriousjillguyLurk:*sighs*
  • Lurk: Wait...maybe I can activate my PAK quipment...
  • Lurk's PAK makes a screwing noise*
  • 8:26LIRLIR
  • the screen depicts the same newsman, who has visible scars this time, and his voice is quivering in fear*
  • 8:26MysteriousjillguyLurk: Nark must've locked my PAK quipment.
    • Vex: *Starts pacing, looking quite distraught*
    • 10:19 LIRLIR LIR: Gaurgh! I hope Lurk's OK in there..
    • 10:19 INVADER VEX NT-001: What's the matter with him?
  • points at Vex*
    • 10:20 LIRLIR LIR: Oh, Vex likes to pace when he thinks. Or he's very disturbed.
    • 10:20 Invader Jib Jib: He's just worried..probably about the stuff going on down on Foodcourtia..
    • 10:20 INVADER VEX Vex: Yes, yes... All that... But also... You do know that... VIR is now... dead...
    • 10:21 LIRLIR LIR: Stuff? What stuff?
    • 10:21 Invader Jib Jib: Oh..I didn't know that..*In response to Vex*
    • 10:21 LIRLIR LIR: Oh! That too. I liked VIR.
    • 10:21 INVADER VEX Vex: *pulls up an HUD of the Nark Bots blowing stuff up* This stuff, LIR.
    • 10:21 Mysteriousjillguy ( )
    • ( I rushed on it.
    • 10:22 LIRLIR LIR: O_O
    • 10:22 Invadervax Alt. Vax: *Lays head down*
    • 10:22 INVADER VEX Vex: Yeah.... Umm... *his face lights up, and he goes over to a big computer, turning it on and searching for a file*
    • 10:23 LIRLIR LIR: Oh. Well.. that's some... stuff.. ·_·
    • 10:23 Invader Jib Mep: VIR? Being that he's a machine, like myself, couldn't he be, well, restored?
    • 10:23 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark:REopen a portal,imdiately!
    • Guard:Ermm..sir,we already opened one 10 mintutes ago,we kept telling you...
    • 10:24 LIRLIR LIR: Of course. His whole memory and everything could be transported back to a RECONSTRUCTOR!
    • 10:24 INVADER VEX Vex: My thoughts exactly... That is, if he ran the protocols to save his data to my computer... *pushes a button, and a light can be seen down a small hallway*
    • 10:24 Invader Jib (Lurk, we shouldn't have mutiple perspectives at discombobulates the RP..)
    • 10:25 INVADER VEX (Yep.)
    • 10:25 Invader Jib *multiple
    • 10:25 LIRLIR (Yeah. Wait a bit.)
    • 10:25 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark:SHUT UP YOU FLIPPIN GLIP GLOP!
    • 10:25 INVADER VEX (Let's focus on the story on the Plague Runner)
    • 10:25 Mysteriousjillguy ( Ok...)
    • 10:25 LIRLIR (... Lurk it's like two conversations going on at the same time.)
    • 10:25 Invadervax Vax: Ugh...
    • 10:26 Mysteriousjillguy *another portal opens up below foodcourtia*
    • 10:26 INVADER VEX *Mep and LIR are short enough to see two blue eyes light up down the hallway*
    • 10:26 Invader Jib Mep: Hm?
    • 10:26 Mysteriousjillguy *energy indicates that it's stable*
    • 10:26 LIRLIR LIR: Eurgh. Who's that down there?
    • 10:26 Invader Jib Mep: *Inches toward the blue eyes*
    • 10:26 INVADER VEX Vex: Uh oh... It seems that Nark was able to reopen a portal...
    • 10:27 LIRLIR LIR: *follows Mep*
    • 10:27 Mysteriousjillguy ( Was Sevn on the ship?
    • 10:27 INVADER VEX *The figure belonging to the eyes shoots a hand out and grabs Mep around the neck*
    • 10:27 LIRLIR (I don't think he was.)
    • LIR: HUH?!
    • 10:27 Invader Jib Mep: ...Excuse me?
    • 10:27 Mysteriousjillguy ( DArn..)
    • Invadercowlord has joined the chat.
    • 10:28 Invadervax (UGH...BRB, I have to do chores... T_T)
    • 10:28 LIRLIR (Let's just continue, please?)
    • 10:28 INVADER VEX *The arm drops Mep on his butt*
    • 10:29 LIRLIR (Probably not.)
    • 10:29 Mysteriousjillguy ( Btw,I have 10 mins,I'll try to stay longer...
    • 10:29 LIRLIR (K.)
    • 10:29 INVADER VEX *The eyes blink, turning a royal blue*
    • 10:29 Invader Jib Mep: Ahem..I don't appreciate being picked up, you know.
    • 10:29 Mysteriousjillguy ( THe longer the better,the more time I have before I wake up and find out I have to go into that..ffilthy school...
    • 10:30 LIRLIR (We'll do the Kyrosos 4 one when you leave, then )
    • LIR: Who are you?
    • 10:30 Mysteriousjillguy ( Sevn was supposed to be in it..
    • 10:30 INVADER VEX *the figure steps out of the shadows, and is revealed to be a SIR Unit with a machine gun, blue eyes, two black antennae, and darker grey cutouts in his face*
    • 10:30 Mysteriousjillguy ( YOu guys can go ahead and do planet Unnu once I leave...
    • 10:30 LIRLIR (Well he can join later..)
    • 10:31 INVADER VEX Vex: Yes, the body is functioning well... Begin full data download.
    • 10:32 Mysteriousjillguy *a tiny blue object comes out of the portal*
    • 10:32 INVADER VEX *The SIR unit flinches, and seems to slouch a bit*
    • 10:32 Mysteriousjillguy *a tiny pink streak of fire is on the end of the object*
    • 10:32 Invader Jib Mep: Hmm...*Resists the temptation to scan the SIR unit*
    • 10:33 INVADER VEX SIR Unit: Hello... Mep..?
    • 10:33 Mysteriousjillguy *the object slowly goes toward the plauge runner*
    • 10:33 LIRLIR LIR: Hi.. VIR..
    • 10:33 Invader Jib Mep: Nice to meet you, um..who are you?
    • LIR: I am LIR. You'll get to know me later..
    • 10:34 INVADER VEX SIR Unit: I am VIR... We were speaking not two hours ago aboard this very ship...
    • VIR: Why do you two look so... Confused?
    • Invadervax has left the chat.
    • 10:34 Invader Jib Mep: Oh..Greeting, VIR. You just look, well, different..
    • 10:34 LIRLIR LIR: Because.. you died before. Or, i dunno.
    • 10:34 Invader Jib *greetings
    • 10:35 Mysteriousjillguy *the object appears on a screen as a truck sized sized blue cylinder*
    • 10:35 INVADER VEX VIR: Hmm I.. I do remember that...
    • 10:35 Mysteriousjillguy *it softly hits the plauge runner's roof*
    • 10:35 LIRLIR LIR: You look different..
    • 10:35 INVADER VEX Vex: All cannons fire on that... Thing!
    • 10:35 LIRLIR LIR: Huh?
    • 10:35 INVADER VEX *The Plague runner's cannons start shooting the object*
    • 10:36 Mysteriousjillguy *the cylinder sends a encrypted message,it says "WE COME IN PEACe"
  • the clyinder swerves out of the way of the shots shot by the cannon*
    • 10:36 LIRLIR LIR: O.o
    • 10:36 INVADER VEX NT-001: That thing is lying.
    • Vex: I imagined so.
    • Invader Jib has left the chat.
    • 10:37 Mysteriousjillguy *the cylinder goes to the bottom of the ship*
    • Invader Jib has joined the chat.
    • 10:37 LIRLIR LIR: Hm. Well we should hear it out at least
    • 10:37 Mysteriousjillguy *it hooks onto the bottom,a long blade pops out of the top*
    • 10:37 Invadercowlord (HEY WAIT A SECOND)
    • 10:37 INVADER VEX *A tractor beam holds the thing a bit away from the ship*
    • 10:37 LIRLIR (Hm?)
    • 10:37 Invadercowlord 9What about Vax?)
    • 10:37 INVADER VEX (What do you want, Cowlord?)
    • 10:37 Mysteriousjillguy *it cuts a hole into the surface,a long tube goes into the ship*
    • 10:37 INVADER VEX (Vax isn't in this part.)
    • 10:38 Mysteriousjillguy (Vax said he's doing chores
    • 10:38 Invadercowlord (Ok)
    • 10:38 Mysteriousjillguy *the cylinder is hooked,preventing the tractor beam from pulling it*
    • 10:38 INVADER VEX Vex: All personnel to battle stations! We are being boarded!
    • 10:38 Mysteriousjillguy *a bunch of multicolor objects go through the tubes*
    • Invadervax has joined the chat.
    • 10:39 Mysteriousjillguy *the cylinder falls apart*
    • 10:39 Invadercowlord (Yay ypu're back)
    • 10:39 LIRLIR LIR: *readies the Food Gun and the Tinkerod*
    • 10:39 Invadervax (BACK)(
    • 10:39 INVADER VEX *a bunch of Irken guards surround the multicolor objects*
    • 10:39 Invader Jib Mep: *Spear folds out*
    • 10:39 INVADER VEX Vex: Do not engage. We need to figure out what this is...
    • 10:39 Mysteriousjillguy (THey're somwehere at the bottom of the ship
    • 10:39 LIRLIR LIR: Vax! We are being boarded!
    • 10:39 INVADER VEX *Vex scans the objects*
    • 10:40 Invadervax (What did I miss?
    • 10:40 Mysteriousjillguy ( I"d say the prpulsion system room,or "the engine room")
    • 10:40 Invader Jib Mep: Yes. I'm just preparing for the possibility.
    • 10:40 Mysteriousjillguy (propulsion*
    • 10:40 Mysteriousjillguy ( plauge runner*
    • 10:40 INVADER VEX (The engine room is in the middle of the ship, Lurk.)
    • 10:40 Mysteriousjillguy (Oh.
    • ( THere aren't any rooms at the bottom,are there?
    • 10:41 LIRLIR (Then whatever the bottom level is..)
    • 10:41 Invadercowlord (Wait I need to ask you somthing, Vex)
    • 10:41 Mysteriousjillguy ( I guess the tube leads to the engine room
    • 10:41 INVADER VEX There are, but there is a huge armored section. What is it, Cowlord?)
    • 10:42 Mysteriousjillguy ( THe tube leads to the engine room..I guess..
    • 10:42 INVADER VEX I guess it could be an energy shaft to the repulsorlifts, sure.
  • ()
    • 10:42 LIRLIR LIR: *observes the objects*
    • 10:43 Mysteriousjillguy *a screen says "ENGINE DAMAGE*
    • 10:43 INVADER VEX (This is ok as long as the ship doesn't blow ok, ok?)
    • 10:43 LIRLIR LIR: *looks at the screen*
    • 10:43 Mysteriousjillguy *the objects are revealed to be tons of nark robots trashing the engines*
    • ( OK.)
    • 10:44 INVADER VEX Vex: Destroy them!
  • The guards start shooting the Nark bots*
    • 10:44 LIRLIR (Where would the power source be?)
    • 10:45 Mysteriousjillguy *a bunch of grape bots fly over the guards,they shoot fire balls at them*
    • 10:45 INVADER VEX (There is a power core in the middle of the ship. It has an incredibly strong inverse epicenter, though. They couldn't ever get onto the core itself.)
    • 10:46 LIRLIR LIR: *Randomizes a Grape Bot, which turns pink, spins uncontrollably, and blows up*
    • 10:47 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices one in half with Trio Gem Sword*
    • 10:47 Mysteriousjillguy *a bunch of fion slimes morph into naked irkens with fangs,they leap onto the guards*
    • 10:47 INVADER VEX Vex: *shoots two, making them implode*
    • 10:48 Mysteriousjillguy Nekid irken:*HISs*
    • 10:48 INVADER VEX Vex: *shoots a bunch of Nark bots in the wiring behind the shoulder blades, making them implode*
    • 10:48 Mysteriousjillguy *a naked irken bites a guard,causing him to scream in pain*
    • Invadervax has left the chat.
    • 10:48 Invader Jib Jib: These things are weird..*slices another Grape bot in half*
    • 10:48 INVADER VEX Vex: *shoots the fionslime on the guard*
    • 10:48 LIRLIR LIR: *sets the Tinkerod to Scramble and blasts some more Narkbots)
    • 10:49 Mysteriousjillguy Grape bot:HAHAHA! *high pitched laugh* *swipes JIb with a claw*
    • 10:49 INVADER VEX Vex: Yeah... Keep killing them, though! *shoots some grape-bots*
    • 10:49 Invader Jib Jib: *Ducks and kicks it down*
    • Invadervax has joined the chat.
    • 10:49 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices it*
    • 10:49 Mysteriousjillguy *four missle waddles fire missles at various parts of the room,damaging wires and pipes*
    • 10:49 Invadervax (BRB)
    • 10:50 INVADER VEX *Cannons come out of the walls and start destroying droves of Nark minions*
    • 10:50 Mysteriousjillguy ( King Nark's minions just incsase )
    • 10:50 LIRLIR *Scramble causes the target to be ripped apart, and each part zips around in a mazelike fashion*
    • 10:50 Mysteriousjillguy *a butterfly bat fires soundwaves onto the cannons*
  • grape bots and swarming all over the room*
    • 10:50 Invadervax (BACK)
    • 10:51 Mysteriousjillguy *a froggy hops onto LIR* Froggy:Ribbit. *it stares at him*
    • 10:51 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices the missle launchers off of the missle waddles one by one*
    • 10:51 LIRLIR LIR: *Scrambles the butterfly bat*
    • 10:51 Mysteriousjillguy *the froggy bot remains motion less,it keeps staring*
    • FRoggy:Ribbit.
    • 10:51 Invadervax (BRB, dinner.)
    • 10:52 LIRLIR LIR: Uhh. Hello there. *ignores it*
    • 10:52 Mysteriousjillguy *the missle waddles are now useless*
  • a 2nd butterfly bat sends soundwaves to JIb*
    • 10:52 INVADER VEX Vex: *jumps into the core room, and starts running around killing things*
    • 10:53 Mysteriousjillguy *tons of grape bots and frroggys are destroyed by Vex*
    • 10:53 LIRLIR LIR: *sets the Tinkerod to Slice, and slices a Narkbot in half*
    • 10:53 Invader Jib Jib: Euugh...*Turns and fires laser gun and the buttterfly bat*
    • 10:53 Mysteriousjillguy *a froggy stares at Vex* FRoggy:Ribbit.
    • 10:53 INVADER VEX Guard: *gets shot down by a Nark Bot*
    • Vex: Uh... *shoots the Froggy in the face*
    • 10:54 Mysteriousjillguy *the butterfly bot is damaged,it shoots lazers at jib and LIR*
  • the butterfly bot crashes into a wall,damaging machinery*
    • 10:54 LIRLIR LIR: *blasts the butterfly bat with lightning*
    • 10:54 Mysteriousjillguy *a fion slime jumps over JIb,it lands behind him*
    • 10:55 INVADER VEX Vex: *shoots it*
    • 10:55 Mysteriousjillguy *when he turns around,a naked jib double is seen*
    • 10:55 Invader Jib Jib: EEUUUUGH WHAT THE
    • 10:55 Mysteriousjillguy *the jib double's arm is shot,it falls all*
    • Jib double:BLAURGGHHKFFf
    • Jib double:J-J_JIB...DIEE!
    • 10:56 Invader Jib Jib: BUT I..I JUST..EUUUGH
    • 10:56 Mysteriousjillguy Jib2:BLAUHGHFFG
    • Jib2:JIB-JIB-...D-DIE...
    • 10:56 LIRLIR LIR: *torches a froggy*
    • 10:56 INVADER VEX *a wall cannon shoots it down*
    • 10:56 Invader Jib Jib: *Kicks the Jib double*
    • 10:56 Mysteriousjillguy *the jib double explodes into green slime*
    • 10:56 Invader Jib Jib: Euuhg...that was weird..
    • 10:56 INVADER VEX (BRB)
    • 10:56 Mysteriousjillguy *a vex double jumps onto JIb's head*
    • 10:56 LIRLIR LIR: Tell me about it..
    • 10:56 Invader Jib Jib: EWW! *Wipes green slime off of his uniform*
    • 10:56 Mysteriousjillguy Vex2:GGUARGGHHh
    • 10:56 Invader Jib Jib: AH! WHAT THE?!
    • 10:56 Mysteriousjillguy *the vex double bites jib's head*
  • it pulls on his antennae*
    • 10:57 Invader Jib Mep: *Pokes spear through the Vex double's chest*
    • 10:57 Mysteriousjillguy Vex2:EEEEHHHH! *falls over*
  • a keef double is seen behind LIR*
    • INVADER VEX has left the chat.
    • 10:57 Mysteriousjillguy Keef2:HIYA BUDDY! WANNA BE FRIENDS?!
    • 10:58 LIRLIR LIR: Nerp! *torches it*
    • 10:58 Mysteriousjillguy Keef2:AHHH!
  • keef combusts randomly into slime*
    • ( I GTG :I
    • Vex: Hmm... Cannons, fire at full power! We need to stop those robots before they reach the surface!)
    • 10:18 Mysteriousjillguy ( LIr,look up bIll cosby,itll explain it.
    • Grape bots:HAHAha!
    • 10:18 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices a grape bot in half*
    • 10:18 INVADER VEX *The cannons of the Plague Runner start blowing up robots outside the ship, while small ones are blowing up the ones inside*
    • Vex: *kicks the head off of a grape bot*
    • 10:19 LIRLIR LIR: *zaps one with electricity, which sparks and explodes*
    • 10:19 Mysteriousjillguy *A BUNCH OF combine together*
    • fion slimes*
  • they form into an organic version of LIR*
    • LIr copy:*roars*
    • 10:20 INVADER VEX Vex: Cannons, fire depolymerization solution at those things!
    • 10:20 Mysteriousjillguy *the LIR copy smashes one of the cannons*
    • 10:20 Invader Jib FLIR: *Laser canons fold out of shoulder*
    • 10:20 LIRLIR LIR: What.. the... banana squashes...
    • 10:20 INVADER VEX *The cannons are heard clicking, and start spraying the Fionslimes
    • 10:21 Invader Jib FLIR: *Charges his laser canons*
    • 10:21 Mysteriousjillguy *THe LIR copy stomps around,it smashes some of it's fellow Narkbots,uncaring for them*
  • THe LIR copy screams in pain*
    • 10:21 INVADER VEX *It slowly starts falling apart*
    • 10:21 Mysteriousjillguy LIR copY:UNNNKKKKKRRRk UNKKIIIRKK UNNIRRKKKK *melts and falls apart*
  • the copy melts into a huge puddle of slime*
    • 10:22 LIRLIR LIR: Eww..
    • 10:22 Invader Jib FLIR: *Canons are fully charged*
    • 10:22 INVADER VEX Vex: We need to keep them out of the corridors! VIR, make it so!
    • 10:22 Mysteriousjillguy *All the nark bots are destroyed*
    • 10:22 Invader Jib FLIR: Aww...I didn't get to blow stuff up..
    • 10:22 INVADER VEX *VIR flies over to the airlock to the room and starts blasting all the minions that come close*
    • 10:22 LIRLIR LIR:*stares at the destruction everywhere*
    • 10:23 Mysteriousjillguy *FLIR and LIR see a group of 10 or 16 froggy bots,they all ribbit and stand there motionless*
  • They didn't even bother to fight*
    • 10:23 LIRLIR LIR: that.. was.. hard..
    • 10:23 INVADER VEX Vex: We need to seal the bottom of the ship! VIR, LIR, FLIR, get to it! Quick!
    • 10:23 Mysteriousjillguy *The froggybots fire lazers at the wreckage,cleaning it up*
  • THe wreckage instantly vaporizes*
    • 10:23 Invader Jib FLIR: Boring...*Runs to the bottom*
    • 10:24 LIRLIR LIR: Got it! *runs*
    • 10:24 Mysteriousjillguy Froggybot:Ribbit.
  • The froggybots stand there and randomly stare at things*
    • 10:24 INVADER VEX *VIR flies down and starts fixing the bottom of the ship*
    • Vex: Odd... *walks up to one of the Froggybots*
    • 10:25 Invader Jib FLIR:*eyes turn green* *Starts sealing the bottom of the ship with cement-ish stuff*
    • 10:25 LIRLIR LIR: *waits on standby*
    • 10:25 Mysteriousjillguy FRoggybot:Ribbit. *hops onto Vex's head*
  • The froggybot jumps off his head*
    • 10:25 INVADER VEX Vex: Hmm... This is strange... Nevertheless, we need to get these things out of here.
    • 10:25 Invadervax Alt. Vax: *Bites a froggybot's head off*
    • 10:26 Mysteriousjillguy *the froggybots look at Alt Vax*
  • They see Alt vax destroying one of them*
  • All the froggybots turn to vEx,they all bow down to him*
    • 10:26 Invader Jib Jib: Couldn't we just throw them out the airlock or something?
    • 10:26 INVADER VEX Vex: Hmm.. Wait a second...
    • Vex: Froggybots, go help the SIR units repair my ship.
    • 10:27 Invadervax Alt. Vax: *Spits it out* EH! YOU THINGS TASTE HORRIBLE!
    • 10:27 Mysteriousjillguy *THe froggybots keep bowing,as if tthey're waiting for commands*
    • 10:27 INVADER VEX Vex: Umm... Please?
    • 10:27 Mysteriousjillguy *THe froggybots nod,they all rocket to where the SIR units are*
    • 10:27 LIRLIR Froggybot: Mibbit! *rolls around adorably
    • 10:27 Mysteriousjillguy *The froggybots begin repairing the ship*
    • 10:28 Invader Jib FLIR: PSSST SOME GLITTER HERE AND A GLUED ROCK THERE *repairing the ship*
    • 10:28 INVADER VEX Vex: Well... I assume this is a trap, but they are doing well... VIR, try to supervise them.
    • VIR: Yes sir.
    • 10:29 Mysteriousjillguy *meanwhile in KIng Nark's castle*
    • King Nark:Gaurghh! Where are your stupid friends,loathsome copy!
    • KIng NArk:I want them to see you DIE HORRIBLY!
    • King Nark:I'm at my limit,I have no choice!
    • 10:30 INVADER VEX Guard: Sir, your meat-muffin-pie-cake is ready... *hands Nark a weird looking food thing with a picture of Fiona grilled into the side*
    • 10:30 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark:SEnd in the Nark fleet! CHARGE!
  • KIng Nark grabs the cake and narfs it down*
    • 10:30 INVADER VEX Guard: *cowers* AAH! *runs out*
    • 10:30 Mysteriousjillguy *he spits chunks of it onto the guard* *muffling* SEnd mf the Amfrda!
    • 10:30 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Watches Nark from a hallway, holding a rifle*
    • 10:31 Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of ships land in the palace's backyard*
    • 10:31 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: *is standing next to Alt. Jib, holding a small handgun*
    • 10:31 LIRLIR KNSD: Aurgh. What shall i do for you, muffin pie- er, Nark?
    • 10:32 Mysteriousjillguy *The ships are basically the Amarda,but with Blacvk Fionna symbols on them,they're also painted blue*
    • Nark:*looks over to Lurk and smirks* Prepare the test subject..Heheheh...
    • 10:32 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: *to Alt. Jib, whispering* Wh-what are we... Um.. gonna do?
    • 10:32 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:*rubs hands together* Aheheh...AHAHaha...HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAAAAAA!
    • 10:32 LIRLIR KNSD: I'm sorry?
    • 10:32 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark does his signature creepy laugh*
    • 10:33 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Aims rifle toward the tube Lurk is in* Give him a distraction, and we can rush to the portal..
    • Alt: Jib: I'll..shoot something. I dunno.
    • 10:33 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:?! Prepare my copy to be dunked into the mutation pool,you fool!
  • A guard passes by alt jib*
    • Guard:*sees alt jib* HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
    • 10:33 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: *walks in* My king..? You are needed in B wing. There is a... New snack bar than needs.. sanctioning!
    • 10:33 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:? *antennae go up*
    • 10:34 LIRLIR KNSD: Oh. OK. *walks over to Lurk and begins to do this*
    • 10:34 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark looks at alt jib*
    • Nark:*he sees his rifle*
    • Nark:HEHAHAHA! Starting a rebellion aren't you?
    • 10:34 Invader Jib Alt Jib: AAAAAH! *Shoots the tube Lurk is in*
    • 10:34 Mysteriousjillguy *the lazer deflects*
    • 10:34 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: Um... Sir? The snack bar?
    • 10:34 Mysteriousjillguy *it hits Nark in the stomach*
    • Nark:GGAHHH!
  • Nark holds his stomach in pain*
    • 10:35 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: Aah! *ducks for some reason*
    • 10:35 LIRLIR KNSD: *gasps and runs over to him* Are you ok?
    • 10:35 Mysteriousjillguy *A robotic arm comes out of Nark's PAK,he grabs Plixx with it*
    • 10:35 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: AAH!
    • 10:35 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Runs to the staircase and starts running up it*
    • 10:36 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:You had better not be in cahoots with this traitor!
  • A bunch of grape bots surround alt JIb on the staircase*
    • 10:36 LIRLIR KNSD: My king? Do you need medical care?
    • 10:36 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: NO SSIR!!! N-NEVER! *manages to slip his handgun into his PAK's laser disposal*
    • 10:36 Mysteriousjillguy *A metallic tube goes over Nark,knocking Alt Plixx onto the ground*
    • 10:37 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Shoots some of the grapebots while running backwards*
    • 10:37 Mysteriousjillguy *THe tube goes into the ground*
    • 10:37 INVADER VEX *Alt, Plixx runs out of the room*
    • 10:37 Mysteriousjillguy *the tube bursts out of the stairs behind alt JIb*
  • King Nark whacks Alt jib in the back of the head with his staff*
    • 10:38 Invader Jib Alt Jib: HEY!
    • 10:38 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: *runs into that corridor and backs away down another one, watching from around a corner*
    • 10:38 Mysteriousjillguy *KIng Nark presses a button his staff,it sparkles with eletrcity*
    • 10:38 Invader Jib Alt Jib: SPPJPJPGTJGJRPGRP
    • Alt Jib: OW *Falls to the ground*
    • 10:38 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark jabs the staff onto Alt jib's stomach,it tazes him again*
    • 10:38 LIRLIR KNSD: Eh. *keeps preparing Lurk*
    • 10:38 Invader Jib Alt Jib: EJJFOERTPGP$%OGO$KKGOP$KGP$GO%GJ
    • 10:38 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:You're like my LIR Right? YOu wouldn't do this..ermm..Right?
  • Nark whacks alt jib with the staff repeadtly*
    • 10:39 INVADER VEX *Alt. Plixx sneaks back into the throne room where KNSD is*
    • 10:39 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:*grabs JIb by the neck* Foolish rebel. I crushed your rebellions years ago. I am your ultimate master. I am...
    • 10:39 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Sure, but you're also a HUMAN LOVER
    • 10:39 Mysteriousjillguy *KIng Nark presses a button on his staff,a sharp sythce comes ouut of it*
    • 10:40 LIRLIR KNSD: Yup. I switched the input source to something a lot less dangerous than acid..*whispers*
    • 10:40 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark:KING NARK! *slices alt jib in the stomach with it*
    • 10:40 Invader Jib Alt Jib: GAAAH
    • 10:40 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:THis stuff isn't acid..whatever it is...
  • Lurk tries to unlock PAK*
    • Lurk:Hmmm
    • 10:41 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Gets up and rolls down the stares*
    • 10:41 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: AAAAAAAH!!!! *whacks KNSD in the back of the head with a wrench, and then attempts to smash the glass tank*
    • 10:41 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:LIR? DOes antthing you know of having any teleporter or something?
    • 10:41 LIRLIR KNSD: I hate the king.. Yeah.. it's suspended animation and life support gel colored green..
    • 10:41 Mysteriousjillguy *THe glass is to hard*
    • Lurk:NO! YOU FOOL! HE"S AN ALLY!
    • 10:42 INVADER VEX *Alt. Plixx starts whacking the tank a bunch more*
    • 10:42 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:LIR! Do you know anything that teleports stuff?
    • 10:42 LIRLIR KNSD: Not really..
    • 10:42 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I could teleport a tool in here to unlock my PAk.
    • 10:42 Invader Jib Alt Jib: AAAAAAH! *Throws an old grenade at the tube*
    • 10:43 Mysteriousjillguy (WAsn't Alt jib at the stairs?)
    • 10:43 INVADER VEX Alt, Plixx: Well... If we get to the acid tanks.. We can drop your tool in and get it to you from there*
    • 10:43 Invader Jib (He rolled down them)
    • 10:43 LIRLIR KNSD: Stop, whoever you are! We can't just break it, Nark would be alerted, the room would close off!
    • 10:44 Invader Jib Alt Jib: So what do you plan on doing?
    • 10:44 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:THis things made of some high quality glass,it's pretty difficult to break..
    • 10:44 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: Ok.. Well I know how to get him his too... So... what is it?
  • tool
    • 10:44 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Teleport a tool in here..
    • 10:44 LIRLIR LIR: I switched the input to suspended animation and life support gel..
    • 10:44 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Anything that can break this metal PAK bracelet...
    • LUrk:LIR! SEt it to it's orgional setting. I have an idea...
    • 10:44 LIRLIR *KNSD
    • 10:45 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: ON IT! *runs to the Engineer prep room*
    • 10:45 LIRLIR KNSD: Are you sure?
    • LIRLIR KNSD: Are you sure?
    • 10:45 INVADER VEX *Alt. Plixx grabs a huge circular saw*
    • 10:45 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Yews!
    • Yes*
    • need a way to teleport it into this tube..
    • 10:45 INVADER VEX *he runs into the acid tank room and drops the tool in*
    • 10:46 LIRLIR KNSD: Okay. *switches back to the acid*
    • 10:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:NOOO!
    • 10:46 INVADER VEX *The tool travels down the pipe and eventually comes out in Lurk's tank*
    • 10:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:You were supposed to teleport the tool into my TUBE! So I could unlock my-
    • 10:46 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: *smiles smugly*
    • 10:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh nevermind. *it flys out of the tube in Lurk's tank*
    • 10:46 Invader Jib Alt Jib: ...We don't have magical teleporting spells, idiot.
    • 10:47 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk catches it* Lurk:OW OW HOT!
    • Lurk:I meant maybe a teleportation guy...
  • LUrk bvlows on it*
    • 10:47 LIRLIR KNSD: Yeah... *closes the acid valve*
    • 10:47 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk puts the wrrench on his PAK,it breakis the lock*
  • Lurk takes out his control panel device*
    • 10:48 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: *looks at Alt. Jib* Oh my... What happened, Jib?
    • 10:48 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk presses a button,a small cable comes out and goes into the acid*
    • Lurk:Analyzing the acid...
    • Lurk:Complete! *Lurk looks at the screen*
    • 10:48 Invader Jib Alt Jib: They sentenced me to eternal torture, just for trying to rebel..
    • Alt Jib: I'm lucky I'm still alive.
    • 10:48 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Lurk's pupils become triangles,he looks shocked* 0_0
    • Lurk:Uhh..guys...
    • 10:49 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: uuh... What is it?
    • 10:49 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:This isn't acid...
    • 10:49 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: Then what is it?
    • 10:49 Mysteriousjillguy has mutagentic properities in it...
    • Lurk:Mutagen...
    • 10:49 LIRLIR KNSD: Uh.. oh..
    • 10:49 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: Oh my.. Don't let it get on you...
    • 10:50 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I think Nark is planning to...oh no...he's trying to mutate my world!
    • 10:50 LIRLIR KNSD: Ah. His silly plans..
    • 10:50 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:If I calculate the properities of this mutagen on the auitomatic calculator on this control panel..*presses buttons*
    • 10:50 INVADER VEX *Alt. Plixx imagines pretty much exactly what happened in the Wishworld RP* Uh oh...
    • 10:50 Mysteriousjillguy THe outcome should be...
  • Fionna appears*
    • Lurk:*has a flash back*
    • 10:51 Invader Jib Alt Jib:
    • 10:51 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: 0_0 Yeah...
    • 10:51 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:Soon..I will have the perfect Fionna world...
  • Lurk's flashback ends*
    • 10:52 LIRLIR KNSD: That's what's in the missile..
    • 10:52 Invader Jib Alt Jib: ahahhaha..jeesh, these evil guys just get dumber and dumber.
    • 10:52 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:THis isn't funny JIb.if Nark suceeddes,not only living things willl be turned into Fionna,but the entire universe! PLanets will become Fionna shaped! STars will have bunny ears!
    • 10:52 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: We have to destroy the missle! And the tank leading to this pod!
    • 10:52 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:It'll create a Fionnaverse!
    • 10:52 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Why should I care? I'm doomed either way.
    • 10:52 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:HE"LL HAVE 2 WORLDS TO RULE!
    • 10:52 LIRLIR KNSD: *looks at Alt. Jib* Then why is he posing a threat?
    • 10:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk*
    • Lurk:He won't just stop here,if he's gone insane. He won't stop at this world and mine. He'll travel the multiverse..rthen the omniverse...
    • Lurk:He'll nuke and pillage...he won't stop until EVERYTHING and Fionna...
    • 10:54 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: Turns off the valve to Lurk's tank* Lurk, you need to crawl up that pipe! I cut off the stream, and it's the only way to get out!
    • 10:54 Mysteriousjillguy everything is*
    • 10:54 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: Eep!
    • 10:54 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark steps on a podium,he floats above them*
    • Nark:I knew PLixx...and you LIR...I read you my best stories...*sniff*
    • 10:54 LIRLIR KNSD: Aurgh. I can't stop them, my mind..
    • 10:55 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:I..I sort of actually cared for you...
    • 10:55 LIRLIR *king
    • 10:55 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:*smirks*
    • 10:55 LIRLIR (LURK, ITS KNSD!)
    • 10:55 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:Bleh,you were a useless robot anyway. I'll create a LIR 2.0. A life like Fionna bot! Heh
    • ( Oh right,sorry
  • KNSD
    • 10:56 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: *gestures for Lurk to start climbing up the pipe*
  • through
    • 10:56 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:GUards,I've changed my mind. I want them ALL tested.
    • Nark*
    • 10:56 LIRLIR KNSD: Werent you going to nuke everything with Fionna mutagen?
    • 10:56 Mysteriousjillguy *THe guards taze KNSD and the others*
    • 10:56 LIRLIR KNSD: Guarrgghh
    • 10:56 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: OOW!
    • 10:57 Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of grape bots grab them and put them into stronger,metal tubes*
    • 10:57 INVADER VEX *Alt. Plixx breaks free and runs into the mutagen storage room*
    • 10:57 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:My amarda should bring your version of VEx and his friends here..I want them to see your demise...
    • (It's made of a harder metal)
    • 10:57 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Was already climbing up the pipe Lurk was supposed to climb up*
    • 10:58 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:?!
    • Nark:GUARGGHH! JIb! I"VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU! *he presses a button*
    • 10:58 Invader Jib Alt Jib: BYE, LOSERS! *Is out of sight*
    • 10:58 INVADER VEX (he got out before it closed.) Alt. Plixx: You want a test?!? TEST THIS! *he shoots a brace off of the tank, making it collapse, sending the mutagen all throughout the palace*
    • 10:58 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark fires an energy ball at Jib with his staff*
    • 10:58 LIRLIR KNSD: Uhhhhhhh. *blows up his tube and follows Jib*
    • 10:59 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:WHAT?! *mutgen floods the dome rome*
  • THe exit doors to the dome rome close*
    • 10:59 INVADER VEX *the doors close, but it is spread out a lot*
    • 10:59 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark flies up with his PAK jetPAK*
    • Nark:GUargghhh,my palace,covered in goop!
    • 10:59 INVADER VEX *Nark sees a figure that used to be Alt. Plixx lying in the mutagen*
    • 11:00 Mysteriousjillguy *A guard is hit by mutagen*
  • THe guard belches pink smokethe smoke covers him*
    • 11:00 Invader Jib (What does the pipe lead to?)
    • 11:00 Mysteriousjillguy *the smoke clears,revealing A fionna guard*
    • ( THe air vent system)
    • 11:00 INVADER VEX Alt. Plixx: AAGGGHHHHHH!!! *starts turning into a Fionna, but takes a PAK leg and stabs himself through the head first*
    • 11:01 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:! HE's suiciding?!
    • 11:01 INVADER VEX (BRB)
    • 11:01 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Reaches the air vents and starts crawling through one*
    • 11:01 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark flies down and grabs Plix by his new blonde "hair"
  • Alt jib finds mutiple passageways in the air vent*
    • Invadervax has left the chat.
    • 11:02 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Hmm..*Takes the middle passageway
    • KNSD:*follows Jib*
    • Invadervax has joined the chat.
    • INVADER VEX has left the chat.
    • 11:02 Mysteriousjillguy ( Brb )
    • 11:02 LIRLIR (..)
    • 11:04 Invadervax (What did I miss?)
    • 11:04 Mysteriousjillguy ( GAURGH,I have 5 mintutes - _m-
    • ( :B I can't wait for school tomrrow!
  • THe FIonna guard lies motionless,he stands there*
    • 11:05 LIRLIR (We can do the unnu roleplay when you leave)
    • 11:05 Mysteriousjillguy Guard:*drools spit bubbles*
  • THe rooom continues to flood with mutagen*
  • Guards exvacuate,an alarm goes off*
  • Lurk climbs up the pipe KNSD went into it,through the tank*
  • The room completely floods with mutagen*
    • 11:07 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Agh..where is the exit?!
    • 11:07 Mysteriousjillguy *the pipe to the air vents begin to melt and grow bunny ears*
  • Lurk climbs faster,he enters the vents*
    • Lurk:*yells* JIb? KNSd? WHERE ARE YOU?
  • The mutagen begins to fill up the air vent entrance*
    • Lurk:Oh's starting to flood the air vents!
    • Invader Jib has left the chat.
    • Invader Jib has joined the chat.
    • 11:08 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk crawls faster in the air vents,he takes the middle passage*
    • 11:08 LIRLIR KNSD: *simply yells to show where he is, right behind Jib*
    • 11:08 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:JIB?! KNSD? WHERE ARE YOU?
    • Lurk sees KNSD*
    • 11:09 Invader Jib Jib: Gah..I don't want that guy following me..*Burns part of the vent with gun, creating a gap in it. He continues further*
    • 11:09 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:WQHAT?! Why you little!?!
    • Lurk:*PAK jetpack statsx up,he flys through the vent and over the cap*
    • gap*
    • 11:10 LIRLIR KNSD: You, sir, are antisocial..
    • 11:10 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Look here alternate JIb. Me and JIb in my world don't get along,infact we hate each other. BUt we have to work together..just this once...
    • Lurk:To get the heck out of this filthy place.
    • Invader Jib has left the chat.
    • 11:11 LIRLIR KNSD: Eeyup.
    • 11:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*sees a light futher into the passage way*
    • Invader Jib has joined the chat.
    • 11:11 Invader Jib Alt Jib: I don't need another Nark in wherever I end!
    • 11:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:THe exit!
    • 11:12 Invader Jib *end up
    • 11:12 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Shut up asand just head for the exit...
  • Lurk squeezes past Alt jib and KNSD*
  • Lurk punches the AIR vent cover off* *he jumps out of it*
    • 11:12 LIRLIR KNSD: Yeah. *scampers with Lurk*
    • 11:13 Mysteriousjillguy *he lands onto a giant podium in a dome shaped room*
    • 11:13 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *slides out the exit*
    • 11:13 Mysteriousjillguy *there's a pink nuke with a heart on it,there's a portal on the wall*
    • Lurk:! Our ticket home!
    • 11:13 LIRLIR KNSD: *falls onto the podium*
    • 11:13 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Tries activating the nuke*
    • Invadervax has left the chat.
    • 11:14 LIRLIR KNSD: NO!!!!!!
    • 11:14 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Why? It would destroy the whole palace.
    • 11:14 LIRLIR KNSD: *slaps Alt.Jib off nuke*
    • 11:14 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Hey!
    • 11:15 LIRLIR KNSD: It should shoot into the portal, idiot.
    • 11:15 Mysteriousjillguy *a massive panewl opens up on the ceiling*
    • A huge red Nark bot comes down through the panel and slams into the podium*
    • Invadervax has joined the chat.
    • 11:16 Mysteriousjillguy *orange letters on it's sides says "SUPAR NARK BOT"
  • THe red Nark bot roars*
  • It blocks the way to the portal*
    • 11:16 LIRLIR KNSD: That's not good. RUN FOR THE PORTAL!!!
    • KNSD: Uh oh.
    • 11:16 Mysteriousjillguy *an eletric fence activates,covering the portal*
    • Supar Nark bot:GRAHHHHHHH! *loud roar*
    • ( I wanted the normal versions of us to fight Nark in the final battle
    • ( An inter dimensional team up
    • 11:17 LIRLIR (Ah. Got it.)
    • LIR: Is anyone thinking we should go in?
    • 11:18 Invader Jib (We should probably wait for Vex for the final battle.)
    • 11:19 Mysteriousjillguy ( I'll draw the supar Nark bot while we wait.
    • 11:19 Invadervax (And I have to go soon.)
    • 11:19 LIRLIR (.)
    • (K)
    • INVADER VEX has joined the chat.
    • 11:19 INVADER VEX (Back
    • 11:19 LIRLIR (OOH YAY)
    • 11:20 INVADER VEX (So can someone fill me in real quick? What happened?)
    • 11:20 LIRLIR LIR: Anyone thinking we should go in?
    • 11:20 Invader Jib Jib: I guess so..


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