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a bunch of blue ships appear to come out of the portal*

the Plague Runner starts shooting at them*

They are revealed to be a fleet of blue Irken amarda ships*

A bunch of shuvvers fly towards the plauge runner,and surround it*

LIR: O.o

the Plague Runner cloaks, and it seems to disappear*

A spittle runner shoots a blue streak of light at the plauge runner*

It causes the cloaking to glitch*

  • More ships begin to come out of the portal*
  • the Plague Runner is hit, but the shields hold and they only feel a shake*

Vex: Alright! I need a task force to get into the Nark dimension and get that portal shut down for good! Once signal is lost, we can pick these ships off.

LIR: K. I volunteer!

Vex: I can teleport you out myself as long as you don't move after you cut off the portal.

Jib: I'll go.

  • radio* Attention worthless counterparts. If you want to see Lurk ever again,bring Jib,Vex,and LIR.

NT-001: I can go. I helped build that portal.

  • THe shuvvers begin to fire lazers at the ship*
  • the ship isn't there anymore*

lasers hit shuvvers on the other side of the cluster*


a bunch of shuvvers explode*

LIR: Well, let's go! Vex, you heard Nark.. you need to go, too.

some Irken Armada ships come out of space and start firing at the Nark fleet*

Pilot:Gaurghhh! Quickly,hold them off!

Vex: I will shoot you guys into the portal using an airlock. Get to the pod station. I need to tell the navigators what to do in the meantime.

LIR: *gets into a pod*

Jib: *Runs to the pod station, along with FLIR and Mep*

NT-001: *gets in the pod LIR is in*

Jib: *Gets into a pod, along with FLIR and Mep*

  • The shuvvers and spittles hold off the ships*
  • the pods fire into the portal and fly into the walls of Nark's palace*

King Nark:What the blazes?!

LIR: *jumps in, and a crazy fionna mutant runs by*

NT-001 gets out and flies up above the goo flowing through the halls*

NT-001: *walks over to and breaks off the door of Jib's pod*

FLIR's propeller acitvates*

NT-001: Don't touch the goo, Jib...

Jib: How do I get out..?

LIR: the giant red lever.

NT-001: You can hang onto the bottom of my saucer. *flies high enough for Jib to be able to hang on safely*

Jib: Okay..*Grabs on*

Mep is apparently on Jib's back*

LIR: So.. where's Nark? And we need Vex, too!

they start to fly down the halls to the throne room, and NT-001 drops Jib off at the door.*

Jib: *Opens the door and charges through, FLIR following him*

LIR: *runs There and follows Jib*

NT-001: *waits outside the door, nervously and out of sight*

FLIR: ...This palace is stupid!

they see the broken tank and a tube leading into the wall with a light coming from down the tube*

LIR: Now what?

King Nark is in a sphere shaped room,hidden in the palace*

King Nark:Grgghh..curses...Plixx is dead..

Plixx's dead body is next to King Nark on the floor,Nark is sitting in a chair infront of computer monitors*

King Nark:He could've been a good test matter..I shall destroy them all...they all jusrt need to die together....

The body is half-mutated and looks really creepy, his PAK leg still in his skull*

King Nark:It's only a matter of time...

  • meanwhile, back in the Dome Room*

King Nark presses a button on a control panel attached to the wall,a trapdoor opens under plix*

Plixx's dead body falls in it,the door closes*

NT-001: Lurk isn't here... He must've escaped... um... He must've gotten out through that pipe...

everyone is on a floating podium,the room is almost completely flooded*

The pipe is covered in mutagen*

NT-001: That pipe leads to the acid and fuel room...

Jib: We're gonna have to find a different way through...

LIR: Yeah..

  • Everyone sees a vent at the top of room*

NT-001: I know how to get there. Grab on. We can get there through the ventilation shafts.

LIR: *grabs on*

Jib: *grabs on, and FLIR flies, Mep still on Jib's back*

NT-001 flies up into the duct, and starts flying through the duct*

FLIR flies through it behind him*

The mutagen soon reaches the podium,it grows metallic bunny ears and hair,it begins to sink into the mutagen*

Meanwhile,in the portal room*

  • NT-001 takes out a grate, and flies down to see a huge missile*

NT-001: There it is... We need to empty the mutagen or defuse the explosive...

  • they all hear a roar*

NT-001: I helped build it, so... Hmm..... Jib, go take that tank out of the midsection and- What the...?

    • THe supar Nark bot is standing infront of a portal*

Supar Nark bot:*loud roar*

The others see Alt jib,Lurk,and KNSD*

NT-001: Um... I.. I can't really... Fight........ So.................. *lets Jib off on a platform, and crouches in a corner*

Mep: Hostile AI detected. Strength level of...oh...

Lurk:Oh...ermm...where did you guys come from?

KNSD: Savey people!

Supar Narkbot:*roars louder*

The Supar Nark bot throws it's "fist" at them*

LIR: LURRK!!! *tackles Lurk in joy, and then looks at the super Nark bot*

Mep: Recommended action: Leave immediatly.


Lurk jumps out of the way,holding LIR*

BLRASH* *The arm of the Narkbot slams onto the ground*

NT-001: Guys? If this is anything like a Nark Bot, its weak points are at the joints, eye sockets, and back of the neck. Just thought I'd ..... Let you know...

LIR: There is a laser wall over the portal..

bMep: *Starts climbing up the Nark bot*

FLIR flies high above, and starts charging his canons*

9:38 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark bot's torso disk launcher opens up,energy disks come out*

9:39 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices some of the energy disks with Trio Gem SworD*


9:39 Mysteriousjillguy Supar Nark bot:*humming noise* *soundwaves come out of it's mouth*

9:39 LIRLIR LIR: Whoa..

9:39 Mysteriousjillguy *They head for FLIR*

9:40 Invader Jib FLIR: *FLIR's canons finish charging. He fires them at the Nark bot*

9:40 Mysteriousjillguy *THe lazers blast the Narkbot in the back of it's head*


9:40 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot roars*

THe Nark bot fires missles at FLIR*

9:41 Invader Jib FLIR: AH! *His propeller suddenly folds back into his head, causing him to smash into the floor*

FLIR: Dang it..

9:41 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk's PAK jetpack activates,he flies up to the Nark boty's shoulder*

Lurk lands on it's shoulder*

9:42 LIRLIR LIR: *blows up the missiles*

9:42 Invader Jib Mep: *Sticks spear in the Nark bot's joints*

9:42 Mysteriousjillguy *A tenetacle arm grabs Lurk,it swings him toward LIR*


9:42 LIRLIR LIR: *jumps*

9:42 INVADER VEX *NT-001 flies over to the back of the Nark Bot and starts to crawl into his internals*

9:43 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk hits the ground* Lurk:GNGH!

9:43 LIRLIR LIR: You OK?

9:44 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Urgh..yeah...

9:44 Invader Jib FLIR: I'm of my eyes is broken...

9:44 LIRLIR LIR: *turns back to the super Nark bot*

9:44 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot lifts it's head up,and then rage roars*

soundwaves go all over the room,damaging any heraring organs*

9:45 INVADER VEX NT-001: *reaches the AI brain of the machine, a large cavity in the center of the head that is full of electricity*

9:45 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark bot shakes it's head around widly*

9:45 Invader Jib Mep: *Continues to stick his spear through the Nark bots joints, pulling out wires*

9:45 Mysteriousjillguy *It's tentacles head for alt jib and FLIR*


9:46 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires rifle at the tentacles*

9:46 Mysteriousjillguy *The lazers deflect off the teneacles*

9:46 Invader Jib Alt Jib: What?!

9:46 INVADER VEX NT-001: *takes out a wrench and starts to unscrew bolts on the AI brain's casing, revealing a mess of wires*

9:46 Mysteriousjillguy *the tentacle slams Alt jib into a wall*

9:47 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices the tentacle with Trio Gem Sword*

9:47 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark bot roars again*

9:47 INVADER VEX NT-001: Erm.... Um...... Whew.............. *starts ripping wires out until he reaches the computing unit*

9:47 Mysteriousjillguy *the teneacle claws fly off*

THe Nark bot rage roars*

Lurk:URGHHHH! *covers ears*

9:48 Invader Jib *Sparks fly from the Nark bot's joints, and Mep climbs further up the Nark bot*

9:48 LIRLIR LIR: Gah..this thing is hard to kill ..

9:48 INVADER VEX NT-001:*starts smashing the AI processing unit with the wrench*

9:48 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot spazzes around widly,trying to shake mep off*

The Supar Nark bot roars in pain from NT-001 messing with his circuits*

9:48 Invader Jib Mep: *Reaches the Nark bot's neck, and sticks his spear through it*

9:49 Mysteriousjillguy *THe supar nark bot punches it's own head*

9:49 INVADER VEX NT-001: *rips the AI unit out, and a bolt of electricity shoots from the wall into NT-001's saucer*

9:49 Mysteriousjillguy *the 2nd teneacle slams into it's head,going through it*

THe head sparks*

THe Nark bot fires missles rapidly*

Lurk:*Spider legs come out of PAK*

Lurk crawls to the Nark bot's feet*

9:50 INVADER VEX NT-001: AAG! *misses the tentacle, but his eye, arm, and saucer turn off and he falls into the circuits of the Nark bot*

9:50 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk fires PAK lazers at it's neck*

9:51 Invader Jib Jib: AH! *Ducks, trying to avoid the missiles(

9:51 Mysteriousjillguy *the lazers deflect*

9:51 Invader Jib Mep: *Continues sticking spear through the nark bot's neck*

9:51 Mysteriousjillguy ( WAit nvm )

THe Neck's armor is damaged,wires are exposed*

THe Nark bot spins it's head around rapidly*

THe Neck begins to bend*

Lurk:*fires lazers at it's neck*

9:52 INVADER VEX *NT-001 falls through the wires, ripping some of them out on the way down, weakening it more*

9:52 LIRLIR LIR: *flies up and begins to convert the neck into oxygen to help Mep*

9:52 Mysteriousjillguy *THe neck snaps in half*

9:52 INVADER VEX *NT-001 falls to the ground below the portal and right next to the missile*

9:53 LIRLIR *it begins to fall toward the *

9:53 Mysteriousjillguy *THe head falls off the neck stub,it hits the platform and falls down into the dark void of the bottom of the room*

9:53 LIRLIR *missile*

LIR: Oh.. no..

9:53 Mysteriousjillguy *THe missle explodes* *Dark blue energy flys everywhere*


9:54 INVADER VEX *NT-001 rolls into a corner, avoiding the blast*

9:54 Invader Jib Mep: *Jumps down from the Nark bot*

9:54 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:There should be mutagen flying everywhere....!

9:54 LIRLIR LIR: *hides*

9:54 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:THAT ISN"T THE MISSLE!

THe Nark bot begins to glow blue*

It's neck stump sparks*

9:54 Invader Jib Mep: I killed the Nark bot, by the way..

9:55 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot stands up,without a head*

Mechanical gears in the daaged nark bot grind,producing a loud grinding noise*


LIR: Good. The Nark bot is getting up..*

9:57 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot throws its fist at LIR and Mep*

LIR: WGASGNS *dodges*

9:58 Mysteriousjillguy *Suddenly a big panel opens up on the ceiling,a second missle comes out*

Another panel opens up on the right wall of the sphere room,a third missle comes out*

Another missle comes out of a panel on the left*

Lurk:Nark's trying to confuse us!

9:59 LIRLIR LIR: Uhhhhh...

9:59 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:KNSD? Do you know any other weaknesses on the Supar Nark bot?

INVADER VEX has joined the chat.

10:00 INVADER VEX (Sorry! Chat crashed!)

10:00 Mysteriousjillguy *Another panel opens up on the back of the room,a FIFTH missle comes out*

10:01 LIRLIR KNSD: Well.. i gave one a cookie and it tried to eat it and blew up

KNSD: That's all i got.

10:02 INVADER VEX *NT-001 rolls over in pain, revealing that he is still holding the gyroscopes and logic processors of the Nark Bot*

10:02 LIRLIR KNSD: Sometimes components can work wirelessly..

10:02 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Wqait..

Lurk sees a glass oval on it's chest*

Mechanical gears and wires are inside it*

10:03 INVADER VEX (Um... Gyroscopes would never work wirelessly... That just... isn't really possible...)

10:03 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*PAK jetpack comes out*

10:03 LIRLIR (Oh. OK.


10:03 Mysteriousjillguy *He flies toward the glass oval*

10:03 LIRLIR "

10:03 Mysteriousjillguy *It's lazer hips fire all around the room randomly*

10:04 INVADER VEX *It seems to be really off balance*

10:04 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot throws it's fist around widly,in agressive fury*

Lurk:TAKE THIS! *Lurk's njetpack quickly goes into his PAK his Spider legs quickly come out and fire lazers*

THe lazers deflect and go back at Lurk*

2 of his spider legs are hit,they fly off*

10:05 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Ha ha.

10:05 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:ARGGH! *falls toward the floor*

Lurk:SHUT UP JIB! *His Jetpack reactivates*

The 2nd teneacle of the Nark bot whacks Lurk*

10:06 Invader Jib Jib: I didn't say anything..

10:06 LIRLIR LIR Oo.

10:06 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk spins around because of the attack,he flies toward the floor*

Lurk:AHHHH! *hits the ground*

10:06 INVADER VEX NT-001: The back of the neck.... Hit it there... You have to destroy the regeneration module in the chest...... Ugh...

10:07 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk rolls onto the ground,he slides toward the edge of the platform*

Lurk:!! *Lurk's head hangs off the platform*

Lurk looks down and sees a dark abyss*

Lurk stands up slowly and backs away from the edge*

Lurk:WELL?! Attack his chest!

Lurk's jetpack comes out,it's damaged*

Lurk:Darn it!

10:09 Invader Jib *Jib climbs up the Nark Bot with PAK legs*

Jib: *Slices Nark bot's chest with Trio Gem Sword*

10:09 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmmm *takes out block shaped grenades*

The glass shatters*

Jib sees a sphere shaped interior in the chest,full of wires*

There's an energy battery in it*

10:10 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices through the wires*

10:10 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk throws a block grenade at the 2nd teneacle*

Deet deet det* *the grenade explodes,the teneacle flys off into a wall*

10:10 Invader Jib Jib: *Tries to pull out the energy battery*

10:10 INVADER VEX *NT-001 starts pulling himself towards a missile that he notices is pointed just so that if launched, it would hit Foodcourtia*

10:11 Mysteriousjillguy *The tentacle flys toward the abyss*

THe energy battery sparks,it becomes disconnected*

10:11 INVADER VEX *NT-001 starts attempting to pull himself up to the tank of mutagen, but cannot do it with only one arm*

10:11 Invader Jib Jib: YES! *Pulls it out of the Nark bot, falling back onto the floor*

10:11 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark bot suddenly haults,it's lights shut off*

It falls toward NT-001*

10:12 INVADER VEX NT-001: *to Alt. Jib* JIB! Ugh.... Help me over here!!!!

10:12 LIRLIR LIR: *catches NT-001*

10:12 INVADER VEX NT-001: You need to disarm that missile!!! THAT ONE!!!!

10:12 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Pushes him up, getting him further up the tank*

10:13 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot falls onto the missle,it explodes,sending a red shockwave*

THe Nark bot vibrates*

10:13 Invader Jib Jib: G


10:13 LIRLIR LIR: *hides*

10:13 Invader Jib Jib: I GOT THE BATTERY! IT'S DEAD!

10:13 LIRLIR LIR: Uhh.

10:13 Mysteriousjillguy *the circular hatches on it's arms open* *Nark bots fly out*

Grape bots:HAHAHA *high pitched laughs*

10:14 LIRLIR LIR:: Eeyup..

INVADER VEX has left the chat.

INVADER VEX has joined the chat.

10:14 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:You've got to be kidding me?! *throws grenade at a swarm of grape bots*

10:14 Invader Jib Mep: *Swings at the grape bots with spear*

10:14 Mysteriousjillguy *They explode,sending parts everywhere*

10:15 Invader Jib *NVM

10:15 INVADER VEX *NT-001 is able to get high enough to start disarming the missile, and soon the mutagen tank has been disconnected*

10:15 LIRLIR (Vex, it already blew up)

10:15 INVADER VEX (That was a decoy, right?)

10:16 LIRLIR (IDK. Ask Lurk.)

10:16 Mysteriousjillguy ( Yep )

10:16 INVADER VEX (Ok.)

10:16 LIRLIR (OHH. ok.)

10:16 Mysteriousjillguy ( His missle will be revealed once his last robot comes

10:16 LIRLIR (K :3 )

10:17 INVADER VEX (Wait, how may are they and where are they?)

(In the room, where are they relative to the portal?)

10:18 LIRLIR (Presumably, they all point towards it..)

10:18 INVADER VEX (Yeah...)

(Presumably, they all point towards it..)

10:18 INVADER VEX (Yeah...)

10:19 LIRLIR (…)

10:19 Mysteriousjillguy ( THere are atleast 7,the 6th one is hidden)

10:19 INVADER VEX (Okay.)

10:19 Mysteriousjillguy *A 6th missle comes out,it replaces the one that was destroyed*

10:20 INVADER VEX NT-001: *finishes disarming, and crawls over to that missile*

10:20 Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of poker spikes come out of the minion hatches*

POker spikes:HMPLHMPLHMPLHMLPGGGGGGALA *deep distorted voices*

10:20 INVADER VEX *with the help of alt. Jib, NT-001 reaches the missile's mutagen tank and starts disarming it*

10:20 LIRLIR LIR: I think all of these are decoys.

10:21 Mysteriousjillguy *THe tank is filled with green energy*

Suddenly an alarm blairs off*

an alarm blairs

10:21 INVADER VEX NT-001: This... I think this is it- Whoa!

10:21 Mysteriousjillguy *THe panel on the ceiling that supar nark bot was in opens up*

10:21 LIRLIR LIR: Great..

10:21 INVADER VEX *the tank disconnects, and falls backwards, rolling towards the abyss*

10:21 Mysteriousjillguy *A giant podium floats down*

10:21 INVADER VEX *the tank drops into the hole*

10:22 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Fion queen is revealed to be on it*

THe fion queen makes a loud roar* HRRRNNNNGRAHHH*

10:22 INVADER VEX NT-001: AAGH! What the?!? *falls behind the disarmed missile*

10:22 LIRLIR LIR: O_O that's one big mama..

10:22 Mysteriousjillguy *THe missle fallling toward the floor explodes,sending green energy everywhere*

10:22 Invader Jib Alt Jib: AAAAH *Pushed back by NT-001 falling*

10:23 Mysteriousjillguy *THe fion queen opens it's freakish mouth,it swallows the energy*


10:23 INVADER VEX NT-001: *moans, seemingly having a broken rib*

(BRB, you guys continue.)

10:23 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Fion queen vibrats with charged energy*


The Fion queen's battle theme starts*

10:24 Invader Jib Jib: *Takes out a fire grenade and aims it at the Fion queen*

INVADER VEX has left the chat.

INVADER VEX has joined the chat.

10:25 Mysteriousjillguy *THe fion queen slams it's hand onto the floor,causing the ground to shake*

10:25 INVADER VEX (Back)

10:25 LIRLIR KNSD: *does this*

10:25 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Wooahh!

10:25 Invader Jib Jib: *throws the fire grenade*

10:25 Mysteriousjillguy *The fion queen slides it's hand across the podium*

Lurk jumps over the hand*

10:26 LIRLIR LIR*jumps*

10:26 Invader Jib *The fire grenade attaches to the fion queen*

Jib: *Jumps

10:26 Mysteriousjillguy Fion queen: *high pitched distorted voice* I WAS CREATED AS AN ULTIMATE WEAPON! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!

10:26 Invader Jib Mep: *Sticks spear into a wall, and hangs on to it*

10:26 Long Time (I'm so borrrreeeeddd urhg)

10:26 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Fion queen's eyes flash,blinding us*

10:26 LIRLIR (Watch.)

10:27 Mysteriousjillguy ( The Fion queen )

Lurk:GAURGHH! *covers eyes*

The Fion queen opens it's mouth,it begins it's suction process*

10:28 LIRLIR LIR: eurghh. *covers eyes*

10:28 Invader Jib Jib: AH! I'M BLIND!

10:28 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk gets pulled toward it's mouth*

Lurk:*opens eyes* *he looks back at iit's mouth*

Lurk:GAH! *takes out a block genade*


Lurk throws a grenade at it's mouth*

the grenade flys into it's mouth*

Fion queen:*makes choking noises*

THe grenade explodes,it's teeth shatters and peices fly out in all directions*

10:29 Invader Jib *The fire grenade attached to the Fion queen explodes*

10:30 Mysteriousjillguy Fion queen:AURGGHH! YOU"LL PAY FOR THAT,YOU INSECTS!

The Fion queen's hair lights up*

10:30 INVADER VEX *one piece of tooth hits another decoy missile, launching it into the ceiling above the Fion queen, raining huge pieces on it*

10:30 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*falls onto the ground,the mouth ceases it's sucxtion process*

THe Fion queen's right hand goes up the ceiling and holds all the peices on the ceiling*

Lurk:Hmm..I admire it's design...

Lurk:But nne the less,it must be destroyed!


10:32 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Fion qwquween's hair shoots a giant energy projectile shaped like it's hair*

10:32 Invader Jib Jib: I dunno...I think it's hideous...

10:32 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh yea-

THe energy hits Lurk,he's burned*


10:32 LIRLIR LIR: WHAAAAH *dodges*

10:32 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk is covered in burns*

10:32 Invader Jib Jib: *Ducks*

Alt Jib: *Fires rifle at the Fion Queen's eye*

10:33 Mysteriousjillguy SCUM! YOu're going down! *Lurk runs toward the fion queen*

It's left eye is damaged* Fion queen:AUGHHH!

THe fion queen 's ears vibrate,the circle ewmitters fire hypno waves*

Lurk covers his ears*

10:35 Invader Jib Jib: Euugh! *Coves ears8

10:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk stumbles,feeling dizzy*


10:35 Invader Jib Alt.Jib: AAAAH! *Falls to the ground*

10:35 LIRLIR LIR: *covers whatever*

10:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk sees a hallucination*

10:35 LIRLIR (Antennae, not ears..*

10:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hello...Fionna...hey....hello Vexy...

( Lurk's disguise mode was locked during his crash on Mobius,remember?

( I'll add that to the his page soon..


10:36 Mysteriousjillguy *A poker spike thrashes it's tail at Lurk,sending him flying*

Lurk imitates the act of kissing*

Lurk:Huhhh huhh

Lurk flys toward the edge of the platform*

10:37 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Wha...

10:37 Mysteriousjillguy *Lukrk's confused state wears off*

Lurk:HUH?! *blinks*

Lurk is kissing a grape bot*

Grape bot:*HISSs* Lurk:GAHH! GET OFF ME! *Lurk kicks the grape bot*

Lurk:*sees he's falling of the edge*

10:38 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices the grape bot*

10:38 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:! *grabs onto the Grape bot's claw,he holds onto it*

10:38 LIRLIR LIR: *sits up*

10:39 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:NOOO! JIB,YOU FOOOL! *Lurk falls*

Lurk activates his jetpack,it's still damaged&*

Lurk falls toward the abyss*


10:40 Invader Jib Jib: Welp, he's doomed.

10:40 LIRLIR LIR: *flies down and lifts Lurk back up*

10:40 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*hops out of LIR's arms and onto the podium*

Lurk:Hmmm..! Quick! TRy to take down it's right hand!

10:41 LIRLIR LIR: *lands*

10:41 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Right hand is on the ceiling,holding the debris on the ceiling*

Lurk throws block grenades at it's hands*

10:41 LIRLIR LIR: *fires a sticky bun at the hands with his food gun*

10:41 Mysteriousjillguy *A poker spike gets in the way,and is hit by the grenade*

It flies into the right hand,smashing it inhaalf*

the grenade explodes*

Debris falls from the ceiling*

THe debris hits it's three head crests,exposing it's generators*

Fion queen:GRAHHH!

Lurk throws block grenades at one of it's crests,they explode*

The 1st head crest is damaged*

10:44 LIRLIR LIR: *fires more sticky buns at the gears*

10:44 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires Rifle at the middle crest*

10:44 Mysteriousjillguy *The generators spark*


THe Fion queen sparks horribly*

THe sticky buns jam up it's gears*

Fion queen:GAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *screams*

Invader Jib has left the chat.

10:45 Mysteriousjillguy *The top part of it's head explodes*

Invader Jib has joined the chat.

10:45 Mysteriousjillguy *sending metal flying everywhere*

10:45 INVADER VEX *A peice of the debris hits the portal, completely decimating it*

10:45 Mysteriousjillguy *The eletric gate shuts off,and the portal becomes unstable*

The fion queen's last eye pops out,it falls onto the ground*


10:47 Mysteriousjillguy *suddenly,the panel on the ceiling opens up*

10:47 Long Time (Have you heard sonic's voice in "Sonic Lost World"? To me it sounds pretty weird.)

10:47 LIRLIR (Watch.)

10:47 Mysteriousjillguy ( Ikr

( I liked Jason griffth better.

INVADER VEX has left the chat.

10:48 Long Time (Yea.)

10:48 LIRLIR (Let's just continue)

LIR: That was intense..

10:48 Long Time (Uhg, Amy's voice is all wrong! -.-!)

10:48 Mysteriousjillguy *a huge green lazer comes out of the panel*

it vaporizes the Fion queen*



10:50 Mysteriousjillguy * final boss music starts *

a huge robot slowly hovers down the panel*

It is revealed to the The Nark king *

We all suddenly hear evil laughter*

Invader Jib has left the chat.

10:51 Mysteriousjillguy *King Nark is in the cockpit on it's head*

King Nark:AHHAHAHAHAHAAAA! *insane laugh*

Invader Jib has joined the chat.

10:52 LIRLIR LIR: Oh.. noo..

10:52 Mysteriousjillguy King Nark:Did you think you could stop my EMPIRE?! Did you think you could stop my INVASIOn?! DiID YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ALMIGHTY KING NARK?!

10:52 Invader Jib FLIR: Yeah, cuz your DUMB!

10:53 Mysteriousjillguy *King Nark's arms flail randomly* King Nark:WELL MR"I"LL BARGEW INTO NARK"S GLOBBIN CASTLE" PREPARE TO BE DDECIMATED!

THe Nark king gets in an agressive pose*

10:53 Invader Jib FLIR: Ok, you own a dictionary. Stop showing off@


10:54 Mysteriousjillguy *Cirecular hatches on it's arms open up,an army of nark bots swarm out,Grape bots,poker spikes,and butterfly bots*

10:55 Invader Jib Mep: *Swinges spear at some grape bots*

10:55 Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of fion slimes and missle waddles fall to the ground* *the missle waddles reload their missles*

10:55 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires rifle at the fion slimes*

10:55 Mysteriousjillguy *A cylinder tube on the ceiling pops out of the ceiling,a normal narkbot comes out,it lands on the ground with a crash*

Lurk:This isn't good..

10:56 LIRLIR LIR: GAURGHH THIS IS CRAZY!! *smashes many grape bots*

INVADER VEX has joined the chat.


10:56 Invader Jib Jib: *slices some missile waddles*

10:56 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmph,no matter. You're going down Nark,for impersonating me and runing the name of fionna! You're going to DIE!

( JUst in time for the final battle

Lurk charges at the missle waddles*

10:57 Invader Jib Mep: Well, he also killed a lot of people...

10:57 Long Time (Everyone's voice in "Sonic Lost World" sounds really awkward and weird. )

10:57 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:GRAHHH! *LUrk tackles a missle waddle,he angrily rips it open and tears out it's circuits*

( Knuckles is okay though. I like Tails.

10:57 Invader Jib Jib: *slices the missile canons off of some missile waddles*

10:58 Mysteriousjillguy *A bunch of fion slimes jump onto Jib*

10:58 INVADER VEX *A missile waddle waddles over to NT-001, and he pushes it into the abyss*

10:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( Is Vex here too?

10:58 INVADER VEX (No.)

10:58 Invader Jib Jib: AAAH! *Tries to slice at them*

10:59 Mysteriousjillguy *THe fion slimes cover Jib*

10:59 LIRLIR (Vex should be there.. )

10:59 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk continues to kick and punch waddle dees*

10:59 Invader Jib Jib: Gah!

10:59 INVADER VEX (He's commanding the Plague Runner, LIR...)

10:59 Mysteriousjillguy *The waddle dees all fire missles at Lurk*

10:59 LIRLIR (Oh.. Yeah.)

11:00 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:AURGHh! THere"S TOO MANY!

11:00 Invader Jib Mep: *Stabs some of the grape bots with spear*

11:00 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark bot kicks Lurk and a bunch of waddle dees at LIR*

A poker spike whacks Mep with it's tail*

11:00 LIRLIR LIR: *jumps over them*

11:00 Invader Jib (Waddle dees? lol typo?)

11:00 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk hits the floor*


11:01 LIRLIR (LOL)

LIR: Uhh. We really need help..

11:01 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark king hovers down,it's floating over the abyss and infront of the podium*

Lurk:NT-011! Can you call reinforcements?! Elites? VEx?! ANYTHING?!

Grape bots fire fireballs at Nark*


11:02 INVADER VEX NT-001: Ugh.. Not since the portal closed...

11:02 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:OH HOHOHO! THIs IS SO FUN TO WATCH!

11:02 LIRLIR LIR: I might know some friends..

11:03 Invader Jib Mep: AH! *Turns around and stabs the poker spike*

11:03 LIRLIR LIR: *covers Nark's windshield with molten cheese*

11:03 Mysteriousjillguy *THe poker spikes fdire fireballs at Mep*

Nark:GURAGH! *presses a button*

11:03 INVADER VEX *A blue Shuvver is seen hovering above the battle, and it begins to aim its guns at the battle*

11:03 Mysteriousjillguy *windshield wipers wipe it off*

11:04 Invader Jib Mep: Fire resistance, dudes! *Stabs them*

11:04 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Where did that come from?


11:04 Mysteriousjillguy *THe poker spikes wail in pain,they fall onto the podium*

THey smash grape bots and fion slimes*

11:04 INVADER VEX *The shuvver starts to fire a huge blast right at the Nark king*

11:04 Mysteriousjillguy *They all fall onto the floor*



THe Nark king stabs the shuvver with it's hand claws*

It slams the shuvver onto the podium*


11:05 INVADER VEX *the shuvver starts to blast his face with its engines*


11:05 INVADER VEX *The Nark King's face starts to glow and melt a bit*

11:06 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:THAT"S..E...NOUGH!!!!

THe Nark bot hovers onto the platform,and falls onto it,creating a shockwave*

11:06 INVADER VEX *The Shuvver starts to carry the half-melted Nark King into the air*

11:06 LIRLIR LIR: *blasts some narkbots with molten cheese, they explode*

11:06 Mysteriousjillguy *nark bots and everyone flys toward walls*

THe Nark king grabs the shuvver with it's claws,the claws start to heat up*

11:07 INVADER VEX *the claws fuse to the Shuvver's metal, lockiing its hands together*

11:07 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires rifle at the Nark King*

11:07 Mysteriousjillguy *dramatic music plays *

11:07 Long Time (Lurk do you think this would be good battle music for my FC? )

11:08 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark king smashes it's hands onto the podium* *the shuvver gets crushed*

11:08 INVADER VEX *the pilot of the ship jumps out with a parachute, and is revealed to be Alt. Shiv*

11:08 Long Time (I'm not too great at selecting battle music .-. )

11:08 LIRLIR LIR: Hm.

11:08 Mysteriousjillguy ( It seems a little bit dark for Mario.

11:09 INVADER VEX *the ship explodes, making the Nark king's arms get blown up a bit*

11:09 Mysteriousjillguy Nark's face turns red*

Nark:GAUGHHH! YOU..WILl..DIEEE! *spit goes all over the cockpit glass*


11:09 INVADER VEX *Alt. Shiv lands on the ground, and starts shooting at the cockpit*

11:09 Long Time (Not mario, the Dark clone one...)

11:09 Mysteriousjillguy *THere Nark king's arms flail in ANGER,DAMAGING THE SHUVVER*

11:09 Invader Jib Alt Jib: I didn't wanna use this..but whatever.. *Pulls out a grenade launcher8

11:10 Mysteriousjillguy ( oH. thEN it seems fitting for him.

11:10 Long Time (k)

11:10 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires the grenade launcher at the Nark King*

11:10 Mysteriousjillguy *THe chest oval fires a tractor beam,it takes alt jib into the air*

THe tractor beam slams alt jib onto the ground 2 times,then throws him into Lurk*

11:11 LIRLIR LIR: *shoots explosive muffins at the Nark King*

11:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:?!

11:11 Invader Jib Alt Jib: OW

11:11 INVADER VEX *The metal of the shuvver from the explosion is noticed to be empaled in the fuel tank of the Nark king*

11:11 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark king fires energy bullets at LIR*

Nark:*looks at NT-001*


THe tractor beam fires at NT-001,it takes him up*

11:12 INVADER VEX Alt. Shiv: *grabs the grenade launcher and fires it at the sheet of metal, blowing it loose and spraying flame all over*

11:12 LIRLIR LIR: WHAUGHH *Partyfies the blasts with the Tinkerod, they turn into confetti*

11:12 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:LEAVE HIM ALONE! *Lurk jumps onto the Nark king's ffeet*

THe Nark king fires soundwaves at Lurk*

11:12 Long Time (Lurk, how about this battle music for Mario? )

11:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:AAAARGGHHHHH HUHGAAAA *screams in pain*

11:13 INVADER VEX *The Nark King starts to run out of immediate fuel, and starts to slow down*


11:13 Mysteriousjillguy ( THat seems good for when Mario is fully charged.

11:13 Invader Jib Jib: *Throws a fire grenade at the Nark King*

11:13 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk's ears bleed red blood*

11:13 Long Time (Okay, I'll title that one for when I'm charged.)

11:14 INVADER VEX *NT-001 starts to fall from the sky, now that the tractor beam isn't working*

11:14 Mysteriousjillguy Computer:90% fuel.

11:14 INVADER VEX NT-001: AAAH!!!!!!!

11:14 Invader Jib FLIR: *Flies toward N1-001

FLIR: *Catches him*

11:14 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark king's missle hips fire,they head for NT-001 and FLIR*

KIng Nark bangs on his control panel*

11:15 INVADER VEX (Lurk, did you read the part about the fuel tank blowing up?)

11:15 LIRLIR LIR: *scrambles more nark bots*

11:15 Mysteriousjillguy ( Yes

11:15 INVADER VEX (Okay.)

11:15 Long Time (Oh I found an even better one for when I'm fully charged.)

11:15 Mysteriousjillguy ( THe Nark king still has some fuel left.

11:15 INVADER VEX (K.)

11:15 Long Time (I'll send it in PM)


11:16 Mysteriousjillguy ( Also the dark matter reactor is in it's back

11:16 LIRLIR (Ironically i think the Nark King has been the easiest robot to blow up )

11:17 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark king stomps on the ground,creating a shockwave*

INVADER VEX has left the chat.

11:17 LIRLIR LIR: WHOAAA *flies into a wall*

11:17 Mysteriousjillguy ( WEll,I GTG soon..

( THere was also a final battle,where Nark turns into a mutant..

11:18 LIRLIR (We can TBC this..)

11:18 Mysteriousjillguy ( WE can finish the Nark king battle,but we'll haveto pause when Nark mutates


(All right then.)

11:19 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk falls over,blood spills from his ears*

He passes out*

11:20 LIRLIR LIR: *hides Lurk*

INVADER VEX has joined the chat.

11:20 INVADER VEX (Back)

Alt. Plag: *fires more grenades at the Nark King's legs, making them weaker*

11:21 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:GGGRRGGH!

11:21 Invader Jib (Wha?)

(Alt Plag?)

11:21 INVADER VEX (Shiv, sorry...

11:21 Invader Jib FLIR: *Sets N1-001 back on the ground*

11:22 INVADER VEX I get them mixed up a lot for some reason...)

11:22 Mysteriousjillguy ( Alot of the counter parts were killed in King Nark's invasion

( Not EVERY counter part is still alive..

11:22 INVADER VEX (Mhm,)

11:22 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark King trips because of the grenades*

11:23 INVADER VEX Alt. Shiv: The mech is almost out of fuel! Just keep it down for a bit longer!

11:23 Mysteriousjillguy *It hits one of the nukes,it fires into the portal*

THe portal swallows it*


11:23 LIRLIR (... wasn't thE portal closed?)

11:23 Invader Jib Jib: ...Did you see that? Th-the nuke..

11:24 INVADER VEX (I thought the portal closed already.)

11:24 Mysteriousjillguy *a nuke missle hits a prehistoric,grey cloudy Earth*

( IT became unstable


11:24 Mysteriousjillguy ( It's become so unstable,that the other end of the portal shuffles,so it could lead to any universe..

11:24 INVADER VEX (Okay)

11:25 Mysteriousjillguy *THe nuke explodes,sending mutating goo everywhere*

It covers the alternate Earth,mutating plants*

Some dinosaurs gain intelligence and mutate*

Along with animals*

11:26 INVADER VEX Alt. Shiv: *sees the Nark King crashing down, but cannot escape it, so he is crushed by the huge mass of metal and dies*

11:26 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Nark king gets up*

THe Nark king hears a loud crunch* Nark:HA!

11:26 LIRLIR LIR: eww.

11:26 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:Another rebel crushed! YOu"RE NEXT NT-001!

11:26 Invader Jib Mep: This dimension is..depressing...


11:27 Mysteriousjillguy *A big bloody plup is on Nark's back*


11:27 INVADER VEX NT-001: *manages to get his cyborg parts working, and starts flying again* Uhhh... Or we could NOT do that, LIR...

11:27 LIRLIR LIR: o_o

11:27 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark reloads his cannons aND AIM THEM at ecwetone*


Nark raises his foot over them as well,his missle hips charge*

11:28 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires grenade launcher at the Nark bot*

11:28 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:So long,friernds! *Nark presses a buton*

The Nark bot topples over,due to the grenade*


11:28 INVADER VEX NT-001: *grabs the grenade launcher of the dead Shiv, covered in blood, and fires it right into the barrel of the cannon*

11:29 Mysteriousjillguy *THe missles fire in all directions,along with his energy projectiles*

11:29 INVADER VEX *the cannon fires, and that area of the mech explodes

11:29 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark king's arm cannons explode*


11:29 INVADER VEX NT-001: Shoot at the weapons!

11:29 LIRLIR *The Nark King smashes into a nuke head-on*

11:29 Mysteriousjillguy *A missle gets hit by a missle* *it explodes,mutagen spills*

green energy fires everywhere,the mutagen gets on Nark's cockpit*

Nark:GAHH! *the mutagen seeps through&

11:30 INVADER VEX NT-001: *fires another grenade into the hole made by the nuke, making the whole Nark King explode*

11:31 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark's cockpit fills with it,Nark's gurgled screams are heard*


11:31 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:NNGGLLONOOOO!

THe Nark king's arms fly off,it's leg blow up*

11:31 INVADER VEX NT-001: Wait! He might mutate! We need to destroy him once and for all.

11:31 Mysteriousjillguy *The Nark king knocks into the left nuke,it falls into the abyss*

11:31 LIRLIR LIR: Well, let's wait..

11:31 Mysteriousjillguy *a loud boom is heard*

green fire comes up from the abyss*

Lurk:IT"S THe NUKE!!!!


11:32 LIRLIR LIR: OH NO!!!

11:32 Mysteriousjillguy *LUrk looks up to the panel on the ceiling*

11:32 LIRLIR LIR: *hides*

11:33 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:THe only way out is the portal..or the ceiling..

Lurk:It's could send us into an entirely strange dimension..


11:33 INVADER VEX NT-001: Your vex can teleport us out, remember? We just need to kill Nark!

11:34 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk jumps up and throws grenades below him,they explode,throwing him up into the air towards the panel*

Lurk:It"S TOO LATE! *flies into the panel*

Lurk grabs onto the ledge,he crawls into it*

11:34 Invader Jib Jib: Wait! We have to destroy the portal, remember?

11:34 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:LIR! GET INTO HERE!

THe green fire begins to engulf the podium*

11:34 LIRLIR LIR: *flies up and joins Lurk*

11:35 INVADER VEX NT-001: *floats over to the portal and shoots it with the grenade launcher! then grabs Jib and Alt jib and gets into the shaft*


11:35 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk runs down a long hallway,it leads to the top of the palace*

the portal closes,fire engulfs the room*

11:35 LIRLIR LIR: *follows*

11:35 Mysteriousjillguy *the panel closes*

Lurk and LIR enter a strange room with windows*

11:36 INVADER VEX NT-001: I destroyed the portal. Should I call Vex.


11:36 Invader Jib Jib: Yeah..

11:36 Mysteriousjillguy *LUrk looks outside,he sees a giant green mushroom cloud,it has a pink heart made of gas in it's center*

11:37 Invader Jib Jib: Wait! What about FLIR and Mep?

11:37 Mysteriousjillguy *suddenly a trap door opens in the front of room*

11:37 LIRLIR LIR: If Nark is alive, then destroying the portal does nothing, it could open again..

11:37 Mysteriousjillguy *JIb sees the mushroom cloud,showing that the nuke went off already*

THey hear a gurgled distorted voice*

11:37 INVADER VEX *NT-001 tries to call Vex, but there is too much interference with the nuke*

11:37 Invader Jib Jib: *Gasps, looking at the mushroom cloud*

11:37 Mysteriousjillguy Voice:Glrfggahgghh

11:38 Invader Jib Jib: T-they're..d-dead...

Jib: Broken..


11:38 INVADER VEX (Jib had FLIR and Mep with him, right?)

11:38 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk rises up out of the trapdoor on a podium*


11:39 Invader Jib (No..he had no way of taking them when NT-001 grabbed him)

11:39 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:No.. *his pupils turn into triangles*

11:39 LIRLIR LIR: Gonem.

11:39 INVADER VEX (Ok.)

11:39 Mysteriousjillguy

11:39 INVADER VEX NT-001: We need to kill him.... This cannot happen again...

11:39 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:THanks for the compliment.

11:39 LIRLIR (FLIR can return.. he's weird that way..)

11:39 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk looks up in surprise,a mutant Nark is on a podium*

( File:King Nark-soon.jpg Mutant Nark

11:40 INVADER VEX *NT-001 looks at the blood on the grenade launcher, and then looks really angry*

11:40 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark has oversized arms*

11:40 INVADER VEX NT-001: *fires a huge volley of grenades at Nark* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

11:40 Mysteriousjillguy ( ) *music plays*

Nark slaps them away effortlessly with his oversized arms*

11:41 Invader Jib Jib: *Charges at Nark with Trio Gem Sword*

11:41 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:*distorted deep voice* destroy my world..

Everyone sees that the outside is now a barren wasteland,covered with giant rock fionna heads*

THe stars in the sky are in the shape of fionna's head*

11:42 INVADER VEX NT-001: *flies up to see that the portal is still open slightly, and starts to try to force Nark through it with grenades fired close to him*

11:42 LIRLIR *Fionnas are running everywhere*

11:42 Mysteriousjillguy *THe entire universe has been Fionna-i-zed*

( THe Portal was in the battle room...

11:43 INVADER VEX (That's where they are, right?)

11:43 LIRLIR LIR: That nuke never worked right..

11:43 Mysteriousjillguy ( THey're in the top of the palace,the battle room was where the nuke went off..

11:43 INVADER VEX (Nvm that, then.)

11:43 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:LOoks like your portal was destroyed...

Nark:Haha..looks like Lurk is staying with me then..

11:44 Invader Jib Jib: That was the idea! Oh, wait..

11:44 Mysteriousjillguy ( ) *music plays*

Nark:LOoks like you're not going back to Mobius are you,little Lurky.

Lurk:Mobius..what are you-!


Lurk:THat's the...

11:44 LIRLIR LIR: *points to his head*

LIR: Last resort..

11:45 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:Yes..hmph..that's right..that so called "secret" planet you're on...

Nark:Looks like your "secret" is revealed now..ehh..hehe..

Lurk:You...the entire's..destroyed..

11:46 INVADER VEX NT-001: No... Just your universe. *throws the grenade launcher at Nark, who grabs it*

11:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I don't care if I'm never going home. You wqill pay for runing the name of Fionna. You will pay for killing KNSD.

Lurk:You're going to die Nark...

Nark:We'll see about that,LURKY!

11:46 INVADER VEX *NT-001 shoots the grenade launcher, blowing it and all the grenades up*

11:46 Long Time (Hey this rp could interact with mario somewhat, because he's on mobius at the moment! :o)

11:47 Mysteriousjillguy ( It's almost over..

11:47 Long Time (aw qq)

11:47 LIRLIR LIR: And FLIR and mep, and many more..

11:47 Invader Jib (That could be a plotpoint for later, though. )

11:47 Mysteriousjillguy ( I guess Nark could show a video of Mario on Mobius.

11:47 Long Time (:l)

11:47 Mysteriousjillguy ( Yeah,like the growing Darkness

11:47 INVADER VEX (That'd be really random and off topic, though...)

11:48 Mysteriousjillguy ( I was planning for NYlus the hedgehog to end up in the growing darkness somehow,Mario could come in too..

11:48 Invader Jib Jib: FLIR..Mep...NAAAARK! *Throws Trio Gem Sword at Nark*

11:48 INVADER VEX (Um... Growing Darkness is over, Lurk...)

11:48 Mysteriousjillguy ( WHAT?!

11:48 Invader Jib (I think he meant Growing Insanity, Vex.)

11:48 Mysteriousjillguy ( was an important rP! I thought-


11:48 INVADER VEX (Yeah... I think so...)

11:48 Mysteriousjillguy ( Oh...

( Got the name wrong..


11:48 INVADER VEX (Okay.)

(can we just continue?)

11:49 LIRLIR (YUP)

11:49 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark grabs his sword effortlessly,he throws it back at Jib with super human strentgh*

Nark:THis mutation is looking good for me..

11:49 Invader Jib Jib: *Grabs it back* ARRGH! *Charges at Nark*

Jib: *Slashes his arm*

11:50 INVADER VEX NT-001: Cut his arms off!

11:50 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark smacks Jib into a wall with a huge fist*

The sword has no effect*

11:50 Invader Jib (wat?)

(No effect?)

11:50 Mysteriousjillguy *THe Fionna head on Luk's forehead pulsates,it slowly starts to form into Fionna's complete head*

11:50 LIRLIR (When i think of podiums, i think of marble poles. )

11:51 INVADER VEX (Yeah, the mutagen doesn't make you invincible, it just makes you Fiona, right?

11:51 Mysteriousjillguy ( HIs mutation has rendered his skin to be thicker and stronger,also giving him strentgh...

11:51 Invader Jib (It's a legendary sword,'s gonna have an affect...)

11:51 INVADER VEX (Mhm...)

11:51 LIRLIR (Then why didn't it? )

11:51 Mysteriousjillguy ( WEll,Nark added another component to one of the missles,the same component that alloweded the dinosaurs and creatures on that alternate EArth to mutate..

( THat component turned Nark into a half Fionna half mutant.

11:52 INVADER VEX NT-001: *remembers something about the mutagen, and is able to escape the room and flies into the acid storage room*

11:52 Mysteriousjillguy ( THe component caused the mutation of..plants and animals..creating...anthrmotrphic vegatation..on an Earth that would soon be..

NT-001: *hands a bucket to Jib*

(did you record it all, Lurk?)

11:53 Long Time ( :T)

11:53 LIRLIR (Aww. Night.)

11:53 Mysteriousjillguy ( Nark is gawd. *troll faic*

Jib: *Dumps the buck over nark*

11:54 Mysteriousjillguy ( Wait,before I go

Outside the palace*

a pile of rubble is seen*

a metal fist pops out of it*

a silouthette of Mario comes out of the rubble* will pay for what you did to me...

11:55 LIRLIR (O.O)

11:55 Mysteriousjillguy *A black vortex opens up,the silouthette flys through it*

11:55 LIRLIR (Ah. That works.)

11:55 Invader Jib (..wat)

(eh, ok)

11:55 Mysteriousjillguy ( THe counter part of Mario

11:56 INVADER VEX (That makes... Um... Very little sense...)

11:56 LIRLIR (K BYE)

11:56 Mysteriousjillguy ( Nark had him encased in a hardening substance..he used him has a trophy for years...

11:56 Long Time (wat)

11:56 Mysteriousjillguy ( When the nuke exploded,the machine that held Mario broke

( Setting him free

11:57 Invader Jib (How did that Mario get there in the first place? That's the question.)

11:57 INVADER VEX (Um... )

11:57 Long Time (er)

11:57 Mysteriousjillguy ( A side effect causes the person encased in the trophy to gain a organic like metal skin..

( It's the alternate version of Mario

11:57 INVADER VEX (This sounds like it's gonna make this RP about five times longer...)

11:57 Mysteriousjillguy ( NO

Srry caps

11:57 Invader Jib (How

11:57 Mysteriousjillguy ( IT's just a sneak peak...

11:57 INVADER VEX (Okay.

11:57 Mysteriousjillguy ( For a future RP

11:58 Invader Jib (Would alt. Mario end up at Planet FI?)

11:58 Long Time (oh)

11:58 Invader Jib (Why would he be there?)

11:58 LIRLIR (K. Bye)

I thought it was gonna be a whole new sub plot in this. RP...

11:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( Mario is one of Lurk's clostest friends,I think he would try to talk Nark out of ruling Irk

11:59 LIRLIR @

11:59 Mysteriousjillguy ( Of course..Nark ignored him...and had him tortured and turned into a trophy..

IR: *stands There boredly*

10:32 INVADER VEX NT-001: *dumps a bucket of acid on Nark's arm, making it bubble and smoke*

10:32 Invader Jib Jib: *Dumps the acid bucket N-001 gave him over Nark's head as well(

10:33 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:AURGGHH

10:33 INVADER VEX NT-001: *grabs the grenade launcher again and fires it at Nark, now weakened.*

10:34 Mysteriousjillguy ( Is the mutgagen or regular acid?

Nark flies into a wall*

10:35 INVADER VEX (It's an acid that is made to stop the mutagen in case of accident)

10:35 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark's head tentacle is blown off*

10:35 INVADER VEX (Not kill, but stop.)

10:35 Mysteriousjillguy *He drips blood*

10:35 Invader Jib Jib: *Charges at Nark once again, slicing him*

10:35 INVADER VEX NT-001: Kill him now! He's weak! *fires again*

10:35 Mysteriousjillguy *The acid burns have caused his skin to become weaker*


10:36 INVADER VEX *a grenade explodes, burning off half of Nark's face and shoulder*

10:37 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:GAURGHHH!


10:37 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:ENOUGGH! *Nark smashes the ground with his fists,causing a shockwave*

It blows everyone back*


10:37 Invader Jib Jib: *Sticks his sword in the ground to regain balance*

10:37 INVADER VEX NT-001: *flies back a bit*

10:37 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Aims rifle at Nark8

10:38 LIRLIR LIR: Oof!

10:38 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk hits a busted pipe,it breaks in half and mutagen sprays out of it*

10:38 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires*

10:38 Mysteriousjillguy *It lands on Nark*

Nark screams in pain* GAURGGHHH!

10:39 INVADER VEX NT-001: Nark, you killed so many of our friends... You destroyed all of the Irken empire. You will die with them, you will end what you started! *blows the mutagen away before it hits Nark with a grenade*

10:39 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark begins to shiver*

He holds his head in pain*

Nark's head begins to morph*

10:40 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Ha...what?

10:40 Mysteriousjillguy ( File:King Nark mutation.jpg )


10:40 Mysteriousjillguy ( DRew some battle damaged pictures of Lurk,Jib,and LIR as well...

Nark's hands pulsate and grow larger*

his head becomes horribly mishapen,a long strand of hair comes out of him*

10:41 INVADER VEX (Ok.)

10:41 Mysteriousjillguy *His legs grow larger,creating large human thighs,his feet grow claws*

His pants bursts,because of his legs*

10:42 LIRLIR (So.. They aren't THAT damaged, right??)

10:42 Mysteriousjillguy *two bunny ears srpout from his head*

( Well,I suppose their custs have healed,but not their burns...

10:42 LIRLIR (K.)

10:42 Mysteriousjillguy ( Lurk still has bald spots in his head and his mouth is still cut

( THe goo looking stuff on LIR are nanobots

10:43 INVADER VEX NT-001: *shoots more grenades at Nark*

10:43 LIRLIR (... they're practically invisible)

10:43 Mysteriousjillguy ( Oh.

A fionna head sprouts from his chest,it's frowning*

Nark stands back up and roars*



Nark has a distorted deep voice*

Lurk:*gets in a battle stance*

10:44 LIRLIR (Like a silvery liquid that flows over the damage and stuff, it can look different, though, so it's fine..)

10:44 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark throws his fists at NT-0001*

10:45 Invader Jib Jib: *Holds his sword in front of him, angrily*

10:45 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk is behind him*



10:45 INVADER VEX NT-001: *flies out of the way, and tries to shoot more grenades, but runs out*

10:45 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Aims his rifle*

10:45 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Guys...Nark is no longer male...

10:45 LIRLIR (Also, the mandibles can fold inside his cheeks, so he can have a normal SIR mouth..)

10:45 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:He's turning into a Fionna...

10:46 Invader Jib Jib: What..? Grosss...

10:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Is this what human biology looks like?! e_e

10:46 LIRLIR LIR: Eww... i guess so..

10:46 Mysteriousjillguy *The Fionna head begins to sprout a human neck*

10:46 LIRLIR LIR: Forget that and kill him-her, erm, IT!

10:46 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark's hair begins to sprout more blonde hair*


INVADER VEX has left the chat.

INVADER VEX has joined the chat.

10:47 INVADER VEX *?

10:47 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark smacks Lurk with his fist*

10:47 INVADER VEX *chat glitch*

10:47 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk flys into a wall*


10:47 INVADER VEX NT-001: Umm... How do we kill this thing now?!?!

10:47 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk jumps onto Nark,he bites his arm*

Lurk:His skin is too tough!

Nark roars at Nark's face,green goo goes all over him*

10:48 LIRLIR (Any who, the drawings were OK, but his mandible s can fold into his cheeks..*

10:48 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:AHHH! MUTAGEN BLOOD! GET IT OFF MEEE!

10:48 INVADER VEX NT-001: Then... Uh... Push him into the reactor, or... Something.

10:48 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:We're in a room..full of windows...

10:48 Invader Jib Alt Jib: *Fires rifle at Nark*

10:49 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:! Quick,try pushing him to the window!

Lurk kicks Nark in the "chin"*

Nark falls on the Office desk behind him*

10:49 INVADER VEX NT-001: *throws his grenade launcher into Nark's eye*

10:49 Mysteriousjillguy *His eye explodes,pink juice flys everywhere*


10:49 Invader Jib Jib: *Kicks Nark while he's on the ground*

10:50 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark takes out cube grenades and throws it at him*

THe grenades explode,pushing him toward the window*

10:50 LIRLIR LIR: *just Watches*

10:50 INVADER VEX NT-001: *throws a metal pole into Nark's other eye*

10:51 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:THIS IS FOR FIONNA! AND KNSD! *Lurk punches Nark into the window*

10:51 LIRLIR LIR: What do we do when he becomes Fionna?

10:51 Mysteriousjillguy *THe metal pole gets stuck in the empty eyesocket that used to Nark's right eye*

Nark crashes through the window*


Nark falls out of the building,into the back yard*

Lurk:! WAit! THe portal! THere was a portal that Nark used for his amarda!

Lurk points to the portal at the backyard*


10:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:We'll have to jump...

Lurk:My spider legs are broken...

10:54 INVADER VEX NT-001: Or... Um... *little handles pop out of the bottom of his saucer*

10:54 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmmm

Lurk:Oh nevermind then.

10:54 INVADER VEX NT-001: Anyone need a lift?

10:54 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk grabs hold of the handles*

10:54 LIRLIR LIR: Yay.. *grabs a handle*

10:54 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:We'll have to hurry though. This Fion radiation will mutate us if we stay out too long.

10:55 Invader Jib *FLIR comes bursting through one of the windows, Mep riding on him*

10:55 INVADER VEX *NT-001 floats down*

10:55 Mysteriousjillguy *The sky is filled with green glowing clouds,there's a huge crater infrot of the palace,that extends to the edge of the backyard*


10:55 Invader Jib *FLIR floats down as well. Jib uses his PAK legs to climb down th ewall*

10:55 Mysteriousjillguy *A giant heart shaped cloud is floating in the sky*

10:56 INVADER VEX NT-001: Oh.... Crap... *looks all around him*

10:56 Mysteriousjillguy *Thunder booms,green lighting is seen*

10:56 INVADER VEX *they see a portal in the sky and the corpse of Nark*

10:56 Mysteriousjillguy *THere are green puddles of mutagen everywhere,Nark's statues have bunny ears now,they're also ruined*

Lurk looks at the corpse*

Tophats4ever has joined the chat.

10:56 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:Ughh..ngh...

10:57 LIRLIR *There are thousands of dead mutant Fionnas too*

10:57 Mysteriousjillguy Nark:Fionna....why....ugh...

Nark:I just wanted to love you...

Nark raises his fist slowly*

Lurk looks at the fionna head on his chest*

Lurk's eyes widen,looking gulity*

10:58 LIRLIR LIR: Let's go..

10:58 Mysteriousjillguy *Nark's fist falls*

His face turns pale*

Tophats4ever has left the chat.

10:58 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk picks a peice of a statue*

10:58 INVADER VEX NT-001: *suddenly becomes really angry, flies over, and starts smashing Nark's body with a metal pole*

10:58 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:NO! *blocks NT-001*

10:59 INVADER VEX NT-001: accidentally whacks Lurk*

10:59 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk takes the statue and stabs it into Nark's arm*

Lurk ignores the whack,but grinds his teeth*

Tophats4ever has joined the chat.

10:59 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Uh...are you that obsessed with the final blow, Lurk?

11:00 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:He's me....

11:00 Tophats4ever (Meeeehhhh.)

11:00 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I could end up like him someday...

11:00 INVADER VEX NT-001: *whacks Lurk out of the way, and continues with his fit of rage*

11:00 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Or should I say..Nark! He is you! Why shouldn't we kill you now!

11:00 LIRLIR ( )

11:00 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I'm him. So I could cause this...

11:00 Tophats4ever Audience: BOOOO!!!

11:00 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk kicks the pole out of NT-001's hands*

11:00 INVADER VEX (Brb

11:00 Tophats4ever *audience throws tomatoes everywhere*

11:01 Invader Jib (Don't screw up the mood, Zara)

(This is spam and I WILL kick you if needed.)


11:01 Tophats4ever (It's raining tomatoes...Ok.)

Lurk:Leave Nark alone...

Lurk:Lets just leave...

11:19 LIRLIR LIR: Yeah.

11:19 Tophats4ever (This is the part where Zina grows wings.

11:19 INVADER VEX NT-001: THE REIGN OF NARK IS OVERRR!!!!!!! *starts stabbing Nark's corpse with a pole*

11:19 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk elbows NT*

11:19 Tophats4ever (MORE INFO:

11:19 LIRLIR LIR: That looks wrong.. *Watches*


Alt Jib, not Jib


11:20 INVADER VEX NT-001: I have waited SO MANY YEARS FOR THIS MOMENt!!! Jib knows what I feel...

NT-001: *looks at Lurk, the bloodied and bent pipe in his hand*

11:20 LIRLIR Let's just go!!!!


11:21 Invader Jib Jib: You know, the other me has a point...can we really trust Lurk?

11:21 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh no you don't!

11:21 INVADER VEX NT-001: Of course, of course... *shakes his head* we need to get out... It... Er... It must be the fumes...

11:21 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I wqon't end up like Nark. I WILL FIND FIONNA SOMEDAY!

11:21 INVADER VEX *They all look at the portal in the sky and see Foodcourtia*

11:21 Tophats4ever (The Obessiodia always come up at random times.

11:21 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I'll make you all see...


11:22 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:SHUT UP!

11:22 INVADER VEX NT-001: That's just what Nark said!


11:22 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk grabs LIR and opens his head,he manually activates hit leg rockets*


11:22 INVADER VEX NT-001: You are.... Becoming him! *looks at Lurk and then Alt. jib*

11:22 LIRLIR LIR: *flies through the portal*

11:22 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk and LIR fly up into the portal,Lurk's bubble hel,met goes over him*

11:23 Invader Jib Alt Jib: Gah..I will get him...I will destroy him..

11:23 INVADER VEX NT-001: *handles come out of his saucer for Jib, alt Jib, Mep, and FLIR*

11:23 LIRLIR LIR: *through local comm* Whew..

11:23 Mysteriousjillguy *meanwhile,on planet X-zy-Artficial planet*

11:23 Invader Jib (Hey! No meanwhiles!)

11:24 INVADER VEX (Can we end when they close the portal? This is too long already.)

11:24 Mysteriousjillguy ( JUst until Lurk and them get to the plauge runner...

11:24 Invader Jib Alt Jib and Jib grab onto the handles*

11:24 Mysteriousjillguy Mark:Quick! SEt up the shields!

vortian scientists press random buttons* * huge shield goes obver the artficial planet* *blocking the "Fion radiation*

11:25 INVADER VEX *NT-001 puts up his bubble helmet and flies through the portal*

11:25 Mysteriousjillguy Vortian:Sir....with the Fion will we survive?

11:25 Invader Jib *FLIR flies through the portal, Mep still hanging on to him*

11:25 Mysteriousjillguy Mark:I don't know soldier.

meanwhile on the plauge runner* "I just don't know.."

11:26 INVADER VEX *they come out in orbit of foodcourtia*. *there hundreds of destroyed blue ships, and dozens of destroyed Irken Empire ships*

11:26 LIRLIR LIR: Well, that happened.

11:26 INVADER VEX Vex: They're out! Close the breach!

Long Time has joined the chat.

11:26 Long Time (Hello)

11:26 LIRLIR (Hi, )

11:27 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hm...

Lurk:So I guess this means you know what planet I live on.....

11:27 INVADER VEX *technicians in the plague runner fire a huge blue wave at the portal, making it collapse in on itself*

11:27 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk looks left and right*

11:27 INVADER VEX *in the Nark dimension, the portal in the sky explodes violently*

all the crew of the plague runner start cheering*

11:28 Invader Jib Alt Jib: I may be able to do nothing, Lurk..but I will find your filthy planet, and I will end you before you take another dimension like your predecessor did.

nothing now

11:28 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmph.

Lurk:I'll be waiting...

11:28 LIRLIR LIR: And I'll be watching..

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