The Irken Civil war was extremely damaging to the Irken Empire, and it created several features of the Irken Empire, and also completely destroyed other aspects of it.

Causes of The WarEdit

There are many MANY reasons why the Irken Civil War happened, but the main reasons are: slavery, industry, and leadership.

The people of Shlookatpoox were angry at the empire because they were being enslaved, so they eventually planned a war. The creatures on Forestopia were extremely angry at the empire because they turned ALL of the forests into Industrial plants! Several other planets were angry because their leaders were just the tallest Irkens! Inevitebly, war was declared.

Effects The War had on The EmpireEdit

First of all, the tallest were replaced by the Control Brains, and became nothing more than a figure head. Slavery was also abolished (mostly, I'm looking at you Planet ?), and most of the industry was taken off of Forestopia and moved to, again, Planet ?. Planet ? were by FAR the biggest losers of the war, but they don't even know it. (that's why the Irkens move everything over there)

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