Invader Vile on Clorx.

The Irken-Clorxian War is the mighty war between Irk and Clorx. It lasted 1 Irk year. It was one of the most dangerous wars ever. 10,000 lives were lost from each side. We had to call in the Irken Special Forces. Invader Vax did a huge part in fighting off the Clorxians.


With the enemy forces starting to outnumber us, we were preparing to get back at them. When suddently, the filthy Vasatox Army started to attack. The Tallest were arguing with Emperor Maximum on what to do about them, until Rarl Kove Imperial Advisor suggested they work together. We eventually agreed to work with the Clorxians. With both of our forces coombined, the Vasatox didn't stand a chance, and retreated. The war was now over and our alliance with the Clorxians had started, and we knew it would last possibly till the end of the Universe.

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