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When the day's done, your ship's broken, and you just can't seem to catch a ride home, there's almost always the bus.

Unfortunately, for the unlucky souls dropped on the middle-of-nowhere asteroid that is the DS9 Rest Stop, that bus doesn't seem to be coming for a long time. Thus, when all else fails, the Tales from the Bus Stop are born.


Set in the future and of debatable canonicity, Tales from the Bus Stop is a series of shorts centered around the hijinks that ensue while the changing cast of characters wait around for a bus. Not a serious RP, mostly.

Participating Users Edit

  • Cravitus - Averii, Entra - Original Participant, Co-Creator
  • Long Time (Mario) - Mario, Hatbot, Vok - Original Participant, Co-Creator
  • Mysteriousjillguy (Lurk) - ??? - Original Participant

Additional Facts Edit

  • N/A

Gallery Edit


Story Edition Edit


Transcript(s) Edit

Prologue - 8/26/2015, Cravitus Recording Edit

·  ·  4:11 Long Time *One day at some random bus stop (that's apparently more like an empty airport terminal or something)*

·  Hatbot: Mariooooo, WHEN'S THIS BUS GONNA GET HERE?

·  4:12 Mysteriousjillguy ( is kreb going to record

·  4:12 Cravitus (if is gud, ye

·  4:12 Long Time Mario: *His antennae twitch* *Has a blank expression on his face*..

·  Mario: For the LAST time, Hatbot.

·  Mario: I have NO. IDEA.

·  Hatbot: Well, yeah I didn't either, that's why I was asking you.

·  Mario: But I already---... *sigh* whatever.

·  Hatbot: We've been waiting at LEAST 3 minutes.

·  Hatbot: That's WAYYYYY too long!

·  Mario: More like 6 hours, but whatever..

·  Hatbot: WHAT? 6 HOURS!?

·  Hatbot: That's even worse.

·  Hatbot: Wait, waaaaaaaaaait.

·  Hatbot: *has a puzzled look on his face*... how did we get here anyways?

·  Mario: You don't remember?

·  4:15 Cravitus *Suddenly, you hear a massive mechanical thumping!*

·  4:15 Long Time Mario: Vok apparently "accidentally" messed with our vehicle, cutting the--..

·  Mario: *His antennae perk up, surprised by the sudden noise*...

·  Hatbot: OOOOH, is that cyborg-cat killer guy?

·  4:16 Mysteriousjillguy ( hhh

·  4:16 Long Time Mario: I doubt it..

·  4:16 Cravitus *One of the large hangar doors opened, and a block-like vehicle resembling a city bus with rocket engines slid in on a track before their bench.*

·  4:16 Mysteriousjillguy ( pm not working

·  ( lurk was going to ask if rp can be extended to tomorrow so lurk can join in for backstory telling or something

·  (h

·  ( chatt delllayyy

·  4:17 Long Time Hatbot: Is that the bus? WOO!

·  Mario: *Sighs in relief* ...finally...

·  4:18 Cravitus AI: "NOW ARRIVING: DS9 REST STOP." AI: "END OF LINE."

·  *The doors to the bus groan open, and some steam hisses out as you hear coughing from within.*

·  4:18 Long Time Mario: You've GOT to be kidding me, right..?

·  Mario: This isn't the bus we're waiting for... greaaaaat..

·  Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat.

·  4:19 Long Time Hatbot: Aw man, this really sucks!

·  Mysteriousjillguy has joined the chat.

·  4:19 Cravitus ???: "-Swear I'm going to kill the person who put Steam Lines in the door system..." Growled a familiar voice.

·  4:20 Long Time Hatbot: Oh hey, a new person! Maybe we could be ultra-best-friends with him!

·  4:20 Cravitus With that, Invader Averii clanked out of the bus, covered in blood and scorchmarks, squinting.

·  4:20 Mysteriousjillguy ( lurk was going to ask if rp could be extended to tomorrow so lurk can join in during flashback telling

·  4:20 Long Time Hatbot: ..nevermind

·  4:20 Mysteriousjillguy ( chat ate messages

·  4:20 Cravitus (is gud, lurk

·  4:21 Mysteriousjillguy ( ok

·  4:21 Long Time Mario: Greaaaaat.. it's Averii..

·  4:21 Cravitus ???: "I doubt you'd actually be able to

·  4:21 Long Time Mario: Faaaantastic.

·  (brb skype things

·  4:22 Cravitus *???: "I doubt you'd actually be able to track them down, Ave," Sighed a feminine voice. ???: "That and you're covered in enough blood for one day, anyway."

·  4:24 Long Time (back

·  4:24 Cravitus AI: "DISEMBARK!" The Bus barked, and the sound of servos could be heard from within as it's engines spun up. Then, it unceremoniously tossed a labcoat-clad female into Ave, sending them both sprawling.

·  With that, the Bus slammed it's door shut, and sped out the other hangar door.

·  4:24 Long Time Hatbot: Oooh, looks like he brought his girlfriend.

·  Mario: Ave, what are you even doing here?

·  Mario: Just when I thought things couldn't have gotten worse.

·  4:25 Cravitus Ave: "...Shut up, Mario." He groaned.

·  The female rolled off of him, and dusted herself off as she scowled.

·  4:26 Long Time Hatbot: Oooooh, get sassed boy.

·  Hatbot: Waaait, who's that other person, Avey?

·  4:26 Cravitus Ave grunted, and pushed himself off the ground, still in full armor.

·  Ave: "-A friend," He answered quickly.

·  4:27 Long Time Hatbot: Is she your girlfrieeeend? *giggling*

·  4:27 Cravitus He glared at the machine suddenly, and if one strained their ears or other auditory organs,

·  They'd hear weapons being prepared.

·  Meanwhile, the female stood up and shook her head.

·  4:28 Long Time Mario: I'm surprised your robot isn't following you around like usual, Ave.

·  4:28 Cravitus Ave: "Things aren't usual."

·  The female offered her hand to him, and he took it as he got back to his feet.

·  4:29 Long Time Hatbot: WELP! Looks like we're all gonna be bus-buddies now.

·  Hatbot: We've been waiting for like 30 MINUTES! It's insane out here!

·  Mario: Six hours, Hatbot...

·  4:29 Cravitus ???: "Great..." She sighed.

·  She shook the hand she had touched him with for a moment, a few specks of blood-like fluids falling from it before she wiped it on her labcoat.

·  4:30 Long Time Mario: Ave, your "friend" seems strangely... familiar to me.

·  4:31 Cravitus ???: "We haven't met, I can guarantee that," She paused.

·  Then, the looked to Ave.

·  ???: "Have we?"

·  4:31 Long Time Hatbot: Weeellll, what's your name?

·  Hatbot: I'm Hatbot! The grumpy guy who's wearing me is Mario.

·  Mario: I'm not grumpy, Hatbo--

·  Hatbot: Like I said GRUMPY!

·  4:32 Cravitus The female allowed herself a small grin. ???: "Call me Entra, then, Grumpy, Hat." She nodded.

·  Ave raised a finger, interjecting. Ave: "To answer your earlier question, Enn, yes and no, it's complicated and I'll tell you never, mmkay?"

·  4:33 Long Time Mario: *Sighed, and shook his head* The name's Mario.

·  Mario: Entra.. Entraa.... ehhhhh.. wait a minute.

·  4:33 Cravitus Entra crossed her arms, leaning on a pillar as Ave clanked over to one of the automated snack vendors.

·  4:33 Long Time Mario: Ave--.. *chuckles* THAT'S the girl form that one simulator?

·  4:34 Cravitus Entra narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

·  Entra: "What simulator?"

·  4:34 Long Time Mario: You know, the one you cried about, for like.. hours.

·  4:34 Cravitus Ave: "Shut up, Mario," He shouted.

·  Entra: "...Cried?"

·  4:35 Long Time Mario: Whatever, I'm sure you boyfriend can explain it for you.

·  your*

·  4:35 Cravitus Entra: "Indeed. He already had plenty of explaining to do, but..." She shrugged.

·  Entra: "So what's your story then, Mister Mario?"

·  4:35 Long Time (brb

·  4:36 Cravitus Ave groaned audibly.

·  Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat.

·  Mysteriousjillguy has joined the chat.

·  4:39 Long Time (back

·  4:39 Mysteriousjillguy ( i like how ave groaned after mario went brb-

·  ( rp pausing even haunts the characters

·  4:40 Cravitus (perfect timing itus

·  4:40 Long Time Mario: Not trying to be rude or anything, but I'd rather not talk about stories right now.

·  Mario: I'm kind of... exhausted.

·  4:40 Cravitus Entra: "That's fine, by my count most of us are, then."

·  4:41 Long Time Hatbot: Oh that's right! I completely forgot about that really fun simulator.

·  4:41 Cravitus Ave: "Don't even start, you horrible talking tophat!"

·  4:41 Long Time Hatbot: *Giggling* I can't believe Ave thought I was some sort of murderer!

·  4:41 Cravitus Entra seemed to glare at Ave for a moment, and he stopped.

·  4:41 Long Time Hatbot: That was pretty funny.

·  4:42 Cravitus Ave: "Herm died!"

·  Entra gave him a look again.

·  4:42 Long Time Hatbot: Herm's perfectly fine.

·  4:42 Cravitus Ave: "I mean, he did get better..."

·  Ave: "He still mostly died, though."

·  4:42 Long Time Mario: Yeah HE got better, but man, you didn't.

·  Mario: So upset over a hologram dying.

·  4:43 Cravitus Ave: "Shut up-" Entra gave him a look again.

·  4:44 Long Time Hatbot: *awkward cough*

·  4:44 Cravitus Entra mouthed something to him, and he reluctantly nodded.

·  She cleared her throat.

·  4:44 Long Time Hatbot: I can't even naturally cough, but I think that moment deserved one.

·  4:44 Mysteriousjillguy ( entra: u aint gonna git the b00ty if u dont stop

·  ( ave: k

·  4:44 Cravitus Entra: "Indeed." Entra: "Anyway, I apologize for my friend's... Less than friendly attitude."

·  Entra: "It's been quite a day."

·  4:45 Long Time Mario: He's always like this towards me.

·  Mario: Nothing new.

·  4:45 Cravitus Ave groaned once more, but more in resignation.

·  Entra: "You mean he's always this stubborn and exhausted with people?" She deadpanned.

·  4:46 Long Time Mario: Mostly towards me, and me only.

·  Mario: But yeah,

·  4:46 Cravitus Entra shot Ave another look. Ave: "What did I do this time?!"

·  4:47 Long Time Hatbot: Oh YEAH! He ALSO shot Mario right in the foot.

·  Hatbot: One than one, too. I think..

·  4:47 Cravitus Entra's eyes widened.

·  Entra grit her teeth, and shot him a furious look.

·  4:47 Long Time Hatbot: Ohhh and there was this one time when he threatened to kill everyone over nachos spilling on something.

·  4:47 Cravitus Entra: "Ave! What have we talked about?"

·  4:47 Long Time Hatbot: OH! And that one time he kept threatening me! Oh wowww.. man, those times.

·  4:48 Cravitus Ave: "They deserved it!"

·  4:48 Long Time than once*

·  4:48 Cravitus Ave: "Especially the hat!"

·  4:49 Long Time Mario: *Snickers*..

·  4:49 Cravitus Entra: "Tallest, I go missing for a few years, and you go around shooting people in the foot, acting rude all the time..."

·  Ave grumbled angrily.

·  4:51 Long Time Hatbot: Wait, Ave's supposed to be a nice person?

·  Hatbot: That's new.

·  Hatbot: *another forced awkward cough*

·  4:52 Cravitus Entra: "I admit he isn't the... Nicest. At least, at first..."

·  4:52 Long Time Hatbot: SO, how was everyone's day?

·  4:52 Cravitus Ave: "I was eaten by at least six different aquatic animals.

·  4:53 Long Time Hatbot: Sounds fun.

·  4:53 Cravitus Ave: "Well of course the psychotic hat finds it fun..." He grumbled.

·  4:53 Long Time Hatbot: I'm not psychotic!

·  Hatbot: I read outdated comics for a living, sheeesh!

·  4:54 Cravitus Entra: "Ave. You know what was fun? Not grumbling all the time."

·  Ave: "Oh, next thing you know you're going to call that whole episode with those damned monkeys fun..."

·  Entra: "But it was!"

·  Ave: "No it wasn't!"

·  Ave: "The screeching was in my brain, Enn! IN MY BRAIN!"

·  Entra: "That's BECAUSE  they were PSYCHIC!"

·  4:57 Long Time *A familiar fiery portal opens up* *Vok rolls out of it, laughing* Vok: Oh THERE you guys are! How's it going pals? Wait, nevermind--... I don't really care. Save me some time, and don't answer that, kiddo.

·  4:57 Cravitus Entra: "...That man just rolled out of a Portal, didn't he?"

·  4:57 Long Time Mario: *Eyes widen*.. VOK you almost got me KILLED!

·  4:57 Cravitus Ave: "I don't even know any more."

·  4:58 Long Time Vok: Eeeh calm down cupcake, you're always overreacting over things. Let is sliiide...

·  Vok: *looking at Entra* Oh, well HELLO! Since when did this chick hang out with you guys?

·  Mario: *Sighs*

·  4:59 Cravitus Entra's antennae perked in confusion, and she narrowed her eyes. Entra: "Wait, what?” She stared for a moment, and then glanced towards the vendors. "…Yeah, I'm just gonna go get a coffee…"

·  With that, she turned and walked off towards one of the autovendors.

·  4:59 Long Time Vok: *floating, in a lounged-back position*

·  5:00 Cravitus Meanwhile, Ave continued to lean on a wall next to a vendor.

·  5:00 Long Time Vok: *Floats over to Entra*

·  Vok: Hey cupcake, what's your name?

·  5:00 Cravitus Entra: "Er, En-“ She paused. “-Nona."

·  5:01 Long Time Vok: Nona, eh? Well, then, Nona-

·  5:01 Cravitus Entra: "Nona as in ‘None’a your business’, sir."

·  Ave smirked for a moment. Ave: "Now who's being rude?" He chuckled quietly.

·  Entra's antennae twitched, and she tossed a sugar packet at his eyes as she grabbed a handful.

·  5:02 Long Time Vok: Ohhohoh, so you're one of those hard-to-get types, huh?

·  Vok: *Puts his arm around Entra* ..So.. uh, now let me ask again, cupcake, what's your name?

·  Mario: *staring at the situation, blank expression*

·  Mario: ..

·  5:03 Mysteriousjillguy ( mario must find this incredibly awkward

·  5:04 Long Time (yup

·  5:04 Cravitus Ave's eyes widened, and he stepped in, attempting to push Vok away. Ave: "She gave you an answer, sir, and we'd appreciate if you'd respect it." Entra shifted uncomfortably, and squirmed out of Vok’s arms.

·  5:05 Long Time Vok: Yeah, push the floating guy, reaaaaal smart.

·  Vok: Braaaavo, give yourself a pat on the back, soldier.

·  Vok: *simply floats over Ave, and back to Entra*

·  Vok: Anywaaays, seriously--.. like, what's your name.

·  Mario: ...

·  5:07 Cravitus Entra: "Not happening," She muttered, and slid out of his grasp.

·  Ave grabbed her shoulder. Ave: "Enn, let's just go find someplace else."

·  5:09 Long Time Vok: Enn, then! You're honestly declining THIS? *pointing at his face, smirking* You're-- you're kidding right? Vok, me, this guy right here, I mean GOD, just LOOK at me.

·  Vok: You know, I can do faaar more then just looking handsome, cupcake.

·  Mario: ..........

·  Hatbot: I bet you regret all of this, don't you Mayo?

·  5:10 Cravitus Entra: "I got my memory back for this..." She groaned quietly, her palm meeting her face. “Floating, egotistic white-eyed males harassing me.”

·  5:10 Long Time Mairo: *slowly nods with the same blank expression*

·  5:11 Cravitus Ave: "...Mario, help me with this!" He half-whispered.

·  5:11 Long Time Mario: *Walks over to them*

·  Mario: Oh yeaaaah, isn't Entra like some sorta lesbian, right?

·  Mario: *nods towards Ave*

·  5:12 Cravitus The female in question's antennae perked up, and Ave looked somewhat confused for a moment.

·  Entra: "Wha-" Ave clamped a hand over her mouth for a moment. Ave: "Er, riiiight. Completely."

·  Ave: "What's a lesbian?" He whispered.

·  5:13 Long Time Vok: Really? Dang... that's... dang.. great looks wasted, I guess.

·  Mario: *whispering back "A female attracted to other females, Ave"*

·  5:14 Cravitus Ave released his hand, and Entra shot them a look.

·  Ave: "...I see."

·  Entra: "But I’m not-“ She suddenly paused.

·  5:15 Long Time Vok: *Smirks* Ahh well... *lounging back, again*

·  5:15 Cravitus Ave: "I don't owe you anything for this, do I?" He whispered once more.

·  5:15 Long Time Mario: Ohhhh, I have some things in mind... *whispering back*

·  5:16 Cravitus Ave sighed in resignation to whatever ominous fate awaited him.

·  5:16 Long Time Hatbot: WAIT, WHY ARE WE WHISPERING AGAIN?

·  5:17 Cravitus Ave and Entra cringed at the sudden shout.

·  5:17 Long Time Mario: ..

·  5:17 Cravitus Entra: "Ugh, I have coffee to tend to." The female stormed off, blushing somewhat.

·  5:17 Long Time Vok: *Chuckles* Anyways,

·  Vok: How'd you chumps end up in such a place like this?

·  5:18 Cravitus Ave looked to the floating, white-eyed nonirken for a moment.

·  Ave: "Long story."

·  5:19 Long Time Vok: I've got some time, pal.

·  5:20 Cravitus Ave: "And just who are you, anyway?"

·  5:20 Long Time Mario: He's my-- Vok: I'm Mario's father.

·  Vok: I know, I know. You're probably surprised that such a handsome fellow is related to someone so... less-handsome.

·  Mario: ..

·  5:21 Cravitus Ave glanced to mario. Ave: "...Er, right."

·  5:21 Long Time Mario: At least I can keep a stable relationship, Dad.

·  Vok: Wooow, you SURE are a joker, huh? Man you really took some time to think up that one, you're sooooo funny.

·  5:22 Cravitus Ave glanced to Mario again.

·  Ave: "You're in a relationship?"

·  Ave: "You know, I kinda find this hard to believe."

·  5:22 Long Time Mario: *Stares at Ave*..

·  5:23 Cravitus Ave stared back.

·  5:23 Long Time Mario: Yes, I'm dating a guy named Kiziklu. Mario: Someone far better than you'll ever get.

·  Mario: Now please, be quiet.

·  Vok: *Snickers*

·  5:23 Cravitus Entra: "Should I take offense to that?" She shouted, half-serious.

·  5:24 Long Time Hatbot: Well you're just his friend, right?

·  5:24 Cravitus Ave grumbled quietly.

·  Ave: "Yeah, well..." His cheeks turned a bit pink. That, or the blood was catching the light.

·  5:24 Long Time Hatbot: *Gasp* Or did AVE LIE TO US THAT ONE TIME!?


·  5:24 Cravitus He raised his fist, and grit his teeth, uncertain.

· Ave: "Well, I, er… DODGE!"

·  5:24 Long Time Mario: Wait, what--

·  5:24 Cravitus Ave's fist connected with Mario's face in a tired instant..

·  5:25 Long Time Hatbot: OHHH SNAP

·  Mario: *Stumbling back a little bit from the impact*...

·  Mario: Argh, cheap-shot, niiice...

·  5:26 Cravitus Ave: "Well… Er, I said Dodge!" He protested. “I mean, back on Hobo 13, you really needed to work on your dodging-“

·  5:26 Long Time Mario: *Raising his fists* Do you honestly want to FIGHT again?

·  5:26 Cravitus Entra stared, and an eye seemed to twitch with irritation as she walked back.


·  5:26 Long Time Hatbot: Yeaaaaah Ave!

·  Hatbot: Be a nice guy for once.

·  5:27 Cravitus Ave: "But he's asking for it!"

·  Entra: "What is with you and picking fights with this guy?"

·  5:27 Long Time Mario: You're kidding, right? You insulted me, and expected me to say nothing back.

·  5:28 Cravitus Ave: "It wasn't an insult, I was just saying!"

·  Entra growled, and stormed behind him.

·  5:29 Long Time Vok: Man, I was gonna laugh at Mario getting punched--... but wow... woow.. that punch pfff was pffffhaaaah... preeeeetty weak PFFFFHAAHAAHAA... that's the only laughable thing about this.

·  (brrb skype

·  5:29 Cravitus Then, Ave screeched as a cup of hot coffee was poured on his head.

·  5:29 Mysteriousjillguy ( my eyeesss

·  ( sleeep

·  5:30 Cravitus Ave: "HOT, ACK, HOT, HOTHOTHOT!"

·  5:30 Mysteriousjillguy ( mother

·  ( y

·  5:31 Long Time (back

·  Vok: Oh, OH THAT'S TOO-- PFffff that's PRICELESS PFFFHAHAHAAAA AH, ahh.... ahh man that's some good stuff, right there.

·  5:31 Cravitus Ave clawed at his head as the burning fluid dribbled off of it and onto the floor, mixing with some of the still-wet blood on his armor.

·  5:32 Long Time Vok: I'm glad I decided to follow you chumps.

·  5:32 Cravitus Meanwhile, Entra stood with another cup in hand., the empty one discarded.

·  5:32 Long Time Mario: *Chuckling* Good job, Ave.

·  5:32 Cravitus Ave growled, and one of his boots began to whine quietly.

·  Then, with an explosive burst of speed, Ave launched a rocket propelled kick into Mario's groin.

·  5:34 Long Time Mario: *Eyes widen, clenches his fists* .... Ruaahh.... that--... that really *collapses to the ground*... hurt.

·  5:35 Cravitus Groaning in frustration, Entra suddenly yanked the angry, pained, and exhausted male by his antennae towards one of the deserted corridors.

·  5:35 Long Time Mario: *curls up like an armadillo* rauhgg... rnn..

·  Vok: PFFFFHAAAAHAHA OH MAN NOW THAT'S-- That's absolute ..pffhaaahahaa...GOLD right there

·  5:35 Cravitus Ave struggled and complained as he went around the corner rather vocally.

·  5:35 Long Time Vok: *Wiping tears out of his eyes, his laugh calming down*..

·  Vok: Man, I am REALLY glad I am not you, Mario.

·  5:36 Cravitus (ave should've gone for the foot

·  5:36 Long Time Mario: Rnhhn... gee.. thanks...

·  (rip foot gag

·  5:36 Cravitus Suddenly, Ave's complaints suddenly silenced with a dull thud, a groan, and the clanking of a body in armor plating against the ground.

·  5:36 Long Time (soiled it (soiled it (soiled itttt

·  5:37 Cravitus Entra reappeared, sipping her coffee, and Ave remained in the corridor.

·  She looked at mario for a moment, and narrowed an eye in concern.

·  Entra: "...You're going to live, right?"

·  5:38 Long Time Mario: .. Of course I am, I'm just in terrible pain right now.

·  5:38 Cravitus (brb

·  5:39 Long Time Vok: *shrugs* You're nothing like me, like geeeeeez...

·  5:39 Cravitus (free ham to whoever guesses what happened to ave

·  5:39 Long Time (got kicked in the groin area

·  (where'd my free hammm

·  (where's*

·  5:40 Cravitus (totes being shipped

·  5:40 Long Time (woo

·  5:41 Cravitus Entra: "In that case, would you like some coffee?"

·  Entra: "I do apologize for his behaviour."

·  5:41 Long Time Mario: Sure, and thanks...

·  Mario: You're a lot nicer than certain.. other people.

·  Mario: *Gets up, and sits back down on the bench*

·  5:42 Cravitus She strode to the counter, and grabbed another cup.

·  Entra: "I swear, he's never like this... I mean, I haven't seen him in years, but still."

·  5:43 Long Time Mario: This is how I've always known him.

·  5:43 Cravitus She topped it off, and strode over, handing the styrofoam cup of fluid to Mario.

·  5:43 Long Time Mario: *Grabbing the cup, and nods* Again, thanks.

·  5:43 Cravitus Entra: "No problem."

·  Entra: "Now, do you have any idea why he's like this?"

·  5:44 Long Time Mario: *Shrugs*

·  5:44 Cravitus A low, pained groan came from the corridor, and Entra glanced to it for a moment with concern.

·  Entra: "Well, did you do anything to get in his way?"

·  Entra: "That tends to irritate him, especially when you do it when in the field."

·  5:45 Long Time Mario: I suppose, but most of it was only responses to him being harsh, or rude.

·  5:45 Cravitus She sighed.

·  Entra: "Where'd you meet him, anyways?"

·  5:46 Long Time Mario: Hobo 13, against my will.

·  Mario: The first day I meet the man, he shocks me, and shoots me in the foot.

·  5:46 Cravitus Entra nodded.

·  Entra: "Hobo 13 is the Military Training planet, right?"

·  Entra: "What was he doing there?"

·  5:47 Long Time Mario: *Shrugs, yet again*

·  ( i feel like this would be enough for a "short"

·  (it's starting to get pretty long

·  5:48 Cravitus Entra: "Well, that talk we're going to have is going to be longer and longer..."

·  (can probably cut in a moment

·  5:49 Long Time Mario: ..What's that talk going to be about anyways?

·  5:50 Cravitus She shrugged. Entra: "Well, covering about 120 years of my life to make sure I'm not remembering anything wrong, to start,"

·  Entra: "Then about 50 years or so of filling in the blanks."

·  5:50 Long Time Hatbot: That sounds REALLY boring! No offense, though.

·  5:50 Cravitus She sipped her coffee.

·  5:50 Long Time Vok: Yeah-- uh, yeah. Gonna have to agree with the calculator here.

·  Hatbot: HEYYY, I'm not a calculator!

·  5:51 Cravitus Entra: "Well, when you get stranded on a planet with a crazy old scientist and lose your memory,"

·  5:51 Long Time Vok: Whatever.

·  5:51 Cravitus Entra: "You kinda get thrown out of the loop."

·  5:51 Long Time Mario: *Taking a sip from his coffee*

·  ·  6:01 Cravitus (pm

·  Another groan, this time rather sickening, emanated from the corridor.

·  6:04 Long Time Vok: Sounds like the wimps dying over there, better yank him over here, eh?

·  wimp's*

·  6:04 Cravitus Ave: "Up yours..." Grumbled the Invader.

·  Ave: "I think my body is trying to die-"

·  6:05 Long Time Vok: You're funny, kiddo.

·  6:05 Cravitus Entra: "Stop whining and get over here, Ave, before I really make your body try to die."

·  6:05 Long Time Vok: *floats over to Ave, and starts dragging him towards the others*

·  Vok: *looking at Ave* Echhhh.... take better care of your suit, man. It's covered in weird creature... fluids... and blood..

·  6:06 Cravitus Ave: "Is this why Talbolt told me to get a groinplate?" He muttered quietly, oblivious and doubled over.

·  6:06 Long Time Vok: *throws him onto the bench*

·  Vok: There. Good as new... even though he wasn't good to begin with, even when he was "new"...

·  6:06 Cravitus Ave: *Unintelligible groans of pain*

·  Entra: "Just get on the damn bench, Invader."

·  6:08 Long Time *20 minutes later*

·  Mario: *Blank stare* ...

·  6:08 Cravitus Ave groaned, and settled down on the bench, finally.

·  6:08 Long Time Hatbot: Mariooooo, when's the bus gonna get here? MARIO? MAYO? MAYO ARE YOU LISTENINGGGG? *His arms are flailing*

·  6:08 Cravitus Ave: "Can you tell why I hate the robot yet?"

·  6:08 Long Time Vok: *Lounging back, fixated on the purple fire that's on his palm*

·  6:09 Cravitus Entra sighed in resignation, and nodded.

·  6:09 Long Time Mario: *His eye slightly twitched, and continued staring, attempting to ignore Hatbot*

·  Vok: Well, this sure was fun, pals.

·  6:10 Cravitus Thus, Entra crossed her legs, sipped her coffee, and waited as she hesitantly leaned against Ave.

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