Szar and Doobla have a cookie shop on Foodcourtia.

The shop

Here is the list of flavors:

  • Chocolate Zip
  • Mayo Mango
  • Kat Krunch
  • Downtown Club
  • Stupid Stank
  • Mind Controlberry
  • Pity Pit of doom
  • Super Duper Fudge
  • Pencil Cheesecake
  • Celebration
  • Super Celebration
  • Ultimate Celebration
  • Looper
  • Backwards sdrawkcaB
  • Electric Power
  • Zee Zaw
  • Super Ssand
  • Gnawing Gnat
  • Sphinxy Phat
  • Super Chef's
  • Robot Rocky Road
  • Rocket Boost
  • Flame Flavor
  • Comet Crash
  • Surely Shirley
  • Snack Attack

The 3 most popular

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