Spittle Runners are the smallest and most common Irken Vehicle.         

A Spittle Runner.



Spittle Runners are given to almost all to almost all Invaders, depending on the current supply. The ship is also often owned by non-military Irkens who are able to afford them. The ship can be purchased through various methods.

Despite being the smallest Official Irken ship, it is the most technologically advanced ship, next to the massive.

The Spittle Runner is extremely fuel-efficient, and is built to run for days straight.

Many Irkens, especially scientists and engineers, have modified Spittle Runners.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • The Spittle Runner usually costs 25,000 monies.
  • It is owned by 64% of Irkens.
  • It is the fastest ship in the Irken Empire.

List of Notable Spittle RunnersEdit

Slash Runner

Slice Runner

Blade Runner

Tak Runner

Shadow Runner

Zyl Runner

Moodge Runner

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