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Elite SIR Unit

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Additional information

all STARE Unit weapons and shoulder mounted cannon


all STARE Unit equipment


The Irken Empire, Commander Thresh


STAB is a STARE Unit whose master is Commander Thresh. He is equipped with all the standard STARE Unit features, plus a shoulder mounted cannon capable of firing rapid fire plasma bolts as well as a large bore missile. STAB is an incredible asset to Thresh's legion, and has taken out many enemy troops.


STAB looks like any normal STARE Unit, but with red features and a shoulder mounted plasma cannon. He has black and grey metal plating, four antennae on his head, a standard STARE body and legs, and arms that were engineered for heavy lifting, capable of lifting approximately five times STAB's weight. This feature was designed specially for STAB.


STAB is much less of an artificial intelligence unit and more of a brutal war-programmed machine. While STAB does contain a decisive motivator unit designed to help him be versatile, he shows no real emotion both when killing enemies and celebrating a victory with his legion. This was in part due to Vex's designing of him in this manner and in part due to an accident on Planet Clorx where his processor was damaged in a rockfall.

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