Reant [Rint] is an Irken who was started out like everyone else. Be born, PAK installed, go to training. But he was taken to the recovery center after a horrible laser accident. He had to be given a robot chip. 3 years later, someone spilled Irken Red Bull on his chip. This turned his chip into a worthless mind of nonesence. He was sent to the Loony Bin Planet (where he created Wepa), and found a strange orb. After a year of studying the orb, Reant found that it was a mind capsule, and so he hooked it up to his PAK, and transported his mind into it. In this, he had the ability to create horrible, mutant creatures out of Irkens. And so he escaped his cell, and built a base under the surface of the Loony Bin Planet.


He had blue eyes, a purple uniform, and a custom PAK that had pink spots on it. He now appears as a floating silver orb.


He is, as obvious, insane. He is very cruel and often tests people if they really are willing or not willing to do things which they would never do. There is a savage beast living deep inside his heart.

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