The Human candy bar "Poop Cola Candy" can now come to your very own filthy home! Just download this picture and print it half size, tape accordingly (instructions below) and insert six squares of filthy Hershey's brand chocolate. Then tape shut or enjoy on the spot!



  • Print the picture at half size
  • Fold the paper to make a rectangular main section, and tape at the seams
  • Insert chocolate
  • tape the light green ends shut
  • Eat
  • choke on sawdust
  • Thank Invader Vex for bringing the great flavor of Poop Cola wrapped in a layer of chocolate badness into your home.
Poop Zim

Made entirely out of sawdust!

If ya like the great flavor of Poop Cola candy, you might love Poop Cola or Chocolate Covered Ninja Star Cookies! Contact me on my talk page to get the printable versions!

Poop life

It really does work!

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