Planet Skorch is a desert planet that appeared in A Dark Apotheosis (Part 1). It has one moon and orbits two stars. 


Planet Skorch is usually incredibly hot and dry,implied by it's name. The planet is mostly covered in canyons and gigantic deserts. Along with dry,rocky mountains. There are often terrible sandstorms on the planet. 

There a few,small forests on the planet however. 


Skorch orbits near the edge of it's stars' habitable stars. It orbits an orange dwarf and a smaller yellow dwarf.

It's days last 48 Earth hours. The planet has 2 moons. 


The planet is located in the system of Genericus-45.


  • This planet is the location of an attempted Nightmare Irken Invasion
  • There is a small,stable rift on it's biggest moon. 

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