Planet Ludicrous is a dusty, mars like planet. It is located in the BOR-ING binary star system.


Planet Ludicrous's atmosphere is very dusty and thin. The sky there is dark orange. It's atmosphere is very thin, making it toxic to most lifeforms. 


Planet Ludicrous is mostly covered in dull, lifeless canyons and deserts, along with tons of boulders and rocks. This planet is assumed to be completely lifeless. However, there is said to be strange dome like structures hidden somewhere on the planet. These structures are said to be impossibly smooth and clean, suggesting that they are not of natural origin. The only proof of these structures existence is a strange photo in the great galactic museum, taken by an alien named Mc'Hoggulorb. No one has ever found these structures however, and it is assumed to be a myth.


  • LIR seems to strangely feel at "home" on this planet. 

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