Planet Forostrol is a planet covered in lush forests and swamps. It was conquered by Invader Slant in 2012(Irken Time )






Camping planet

Notable Facts

Home to a secret race of paste mutants

First Appearance

Season 4



Planet Forostrol is used as a gigantic park planet. Many species come to this planet to have picnics. There is also a famous amusement park in the planets equator.


Planet Forostrol is an earth like planet with 2 moons. It is 56% water.

Atmosphere Edit

Its atmosphere is breatheable,and is green in color. Unfortunately it is very oxygen thick,so wildfires are extremely dangerous. 


  • Despite its thick atmosphere,the empire barely warns vistors about the possibility of a awful wildfires. This often leads to the death of campers with campfires.
  • It is the home of a race of rare bigfoot-esque mutants,that are made entirely of paste. They are sworn enemies with Lurk.

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