Afriss is a planet located in the far reaches of the Irken Empire. It's inhabitants, the Afrissians, love peace.

Planet Afriss.


Afriss was the first planet in the Universe. It existed before the Universe was even created. They were great allies of the Irken council before it was the Irken Empire. The Afrissian race has the goal of creating an era of peace in the Universe. Krenzo, the Afrissian senator (Also the Galactic senator) Tried to stop the Irkens from creating their era of fear, but he was blasted back to the other side of the Universe.

The Afrissian TreatyEdit

After learning that the destruction of the Afrissians could result in the destruction of the Universe, the Irken Empire sent a peace treaty stating that they would guard Afriss for help on wars in exchange. (How else do you think the Irkens got away from the Alemus?) The Afrissians accepted the treaty. The Irkens have been guarding Afriss ever since.
Afrissian skeleton

An Afrissian skeleton.

Notable AfrissiansEdit

  • Krenzo
  • Ionia
  • Doria
  • Aeolia
  • Lydia
  • Mixolydia
  • Phrygia
  • Locria
  • Irnest
  • Irkenetio
  • Derntesto
  • Healia

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