"NOOO! NOT INTO THE PIT! IT BURRRRNSSSSSS!"-Pinkie,after being temporarily sent to the fanfiction filled depths of the LSD to be imprisoned.Edit

Pinkie is a horrifying hat created from the firey depths of the vohhedrion dimension. He is an alternate counterpart of Hatbot,Mario 's robot.


his horrifying true form

Pinkie(His real name cannot be pronounced by mere mortals)
Biographical information

Voheddrion dimension


(Cannot be measured with conventional methods of counting)

Physical description

Male(Most likely)

Eye Color

an indescribable shade of blood red

Additional information

demon powers,possession,the power to enter dreams,laser eyes


fedora and shades

Number of Planets Conquered

5 billion(not including dimensions)



Notable Facts

the most horrifying thing in the universe,not scarier then Gaz of course (He is terrified of her)



Pinkie loves to eat souls. This causes him to do anything he can to feed on the bio-energies of any living thing near. No matter how stupid his attempt is. He often makes loud agressive gibberish noises when ready to attack. When he isn't hunting for souls he prefers to speak in a poorly made computerized voice,and annoy people. 


  • Pinkie is based off a horrible poorly made ROBLOX hat.
  • This article is mostly a joke.
  • He is good friends with Isosceles,and even allows it to wear him as a hat. 
  • Vok is terrified of him,for good reason.
  • It is unknown how he was created,only that he originates from a deep region of the vohhedrion dimension that resembles hell. 
  • He has a counterpart for every dimension that are all connected through a hivemind.
  • Lurk and LIR temporarily imprisoned him in the LSD,but he broke out somehow. 

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