PACT (Plasma Armed Calculator Thing) is an Irken android from the same project which made SORA and SICC.

History Edit

PACT was not designed to be hyper realistic like the other androids in the project, but was supposed to be an Irken law enforcement machine/convenient information dispenser. However, his creators programmed him with the knowledge of something absolutely horrific, which is why he always has a worried look on his face. They planned to call upon him when the Irken Empire would need to know about it. He is currently on the streets of Irk, patrolling the area and conveniently giving information.

Personality Edit

PACT acts very peculiar, for he never seems to show emotion, yet always has a worried look on his face. He often stutters on words, and is known to question orders. He is highly intelligent, and highly capable.

Appearance Edit

PACT has grey eyes, is 5'5, wears a blue invader uniform, has pale green skin, and antennae with blue lights on them. When in battle, razor blades come out of his mouth, his eyes become green grids on a black background, and his left arm opens up to reveal a drill-like object which is actually a laser.

Biographical information





Battle/Knowledge android

Physical description

Male in programming

Eye Color

Grey when normal, green grids on a black background when in battle



Additional information

The ability to open up his arm, revealing a special laser, laser eyes, razor blades in mouth


Rocket boots, high intelligence


Irken Empire

Notable Facts



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