The Ozerian galaxy is the galaxy that planet Blaarg is located in,along with planet Dot Dot Dot and planet Dizeria. It is known for it's planets being incredibly strange, and it had a brief involvment with the Irken Empire due to it being rather close to it's galaxy. While Dizeria did have (albeit troubled) a complete conquest, the Irken empire gave up on it due many species within the galaxy being incredibly annoying. 

Known PlanetsEdit

  • Blaarg
  • Dizeria
  • Dot Dot Dot
  • A planet full of sandwhiches that eat people for lunch. 
  • A black, unindentified planet of which explorers mysteriously vanished from all radars. The empire decided this planet was way too spooky to continue investigation. 
  • An unnamed planet covered in horrifying humanoid sasuage people. The irkens sent there to explore were gruesomely killed by said sasuage people.
  • A planet covered in aliens that do nothing but scream and yell "OH YEAH".

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